This is my first story and probably the last I'll ever write. You can leave a review if you want. I just thought of this during the pandemic and I needed to get it out of my head.

The raven hair boy could see the village coming to view. He sighed in relief and moved closer to the group he was travelling with. They have been gone about 3 months in a diplomatic mission to Kumogakure and he was getting incredibly homesick. It been a while since he was gone from home and he fell with a severe case of nostalgia the last few days they been travelling, putting him in foul mood. The group of 5 have been traveling non-stop for the last 4 days, and decided for the last kilometres to take it easy by walking.

ChōChō noticed his pout as they moved away to the side of the main rode from an upcoming cart. She smirked and decided to poke fun at him. "Ne, you weren't kidding you were homesick." He turned to face her and you could tell he had an annoyed expression even though his mouth was covered by his high collar. She was a little taller than him as he was younger, her appearance relatively the same from his early memories when he was a kid. She was sheepishly waiting for him to say something while she stuffed her face with bbq potato chips. Before he opened his mouth, he was rudely interrupted.

"Pretty boy misses his big sisters" The pair turn to the ninja behind them. The pale blonde was reading a comic book and had a fake smile on him as he spoke. "You're spoiled rotten by your sisters so you miss the affection. Although…you weren't neglected since you received a lot of that in the Cloud village." The raven hair boy sticked his tongue out and Inojin didn't have time retort as he was interrupted by the ninja in front of the group.

"Inojin, ChōChō, play nice. We're almost at the gates of the village. I don't want to deal with you four at each other throats anymore. It's getting incredibly tiresome." Shikadai enthusiastically took out his pack of cigarettes and removed the lighter from inside his Jonin flak jacket. While he fixed his traveling cloak and lit his cigarette, Shikadai felt the piercing stare of a spiky white hair chunin next to him. He inhaled his first puff and the loud ninja protested after hearing the accusation of a 'fourth' troublemaker.

"Excuse me Senpai! I'm an innocent bystander! I wasn't even listening to the conversation!" Shikadai looked at him lazily, not even caring for the valid excuse. The energetic ninja felt verbally attacked as he was indeed doing nothing. He was just minding his own business and reading a book that had information about the early attacks on the Otsutsuki. "And!" The white hair ninja turned a 180 to face the shinobi behind him and continued to walk backwards "And! Sawao isn't the only one excited to see his older sisters, I'm also happy to see his sister!"

An audible 'tsk' could be heard from the middle of the group. The white hair boy smirked and turned around to face the upcoming village gates. "Oh? You're excited to see my sister? Have you forgotten the incident that happened before you left, you idiot?" The loud ninja turned red remembering the cringe worthy incident, but he recovered quickly.

"I do and let me remind you, I never received some kind of answer". The whole group felt some blood lust come from the middle of the group and sighed.

"Tsuchirama… even if sister likes you or not. I wouldn't feel bad killing you." A distinct sound of leather and metal was heard. Tsu turned around still with his book on hand and was startled by what his teammate was doing. Sawao grabbed his crossbow from his back and started to load arrow into the lock of the weapon, while smiling as at the ninja in front of him. There was stare down, both itching to start a fight.

At that moment, they arrived at the gates and the tension disappears. The troublemakers decided to drop the argument for a later time. The village had 3 entrance gates in front and had a crowd formed already. The group noticed there was two long lines to enter the village if you were just a visitor. One was for carts and vehicles and the other was for pedestrians. Someone in the group commented they're more people than usual while another explained that they did have an uptick of people moving into the village. The group passed the visitors lines as they needed to get to their destination.

"Your ID's please!" A ninja guard sees the approaching group. The group takes out their needed identifications while they get patted down.

"Hn…has security always been this uptight?" Sawao asks to his group but gets an answer from one of the gate keepers instead.

"Orders from the 8th Hokage!"

The raven hair ninja looks at his white hair comrade and they both shrug satisfied with the answer.

The group regroups passing the gates as ChōChō is the last one to be checked by security. Shikadai drops his cigarette in the ground and steps on it to extinguish it. "I need to go report to my dad and the 8th Hokage about the mission.

The two follow behind the trio, taking in their surroundings of the busy morning. They made their way to the Hokage tower to report themselves in, as proper procedure indicates. As they continue to walk passing the morning rush, the group hears a couple of girls giggling loudly to each other. The trio look behind, knowing that's what the girls were blushing at, and see the two shinobi waving at the girls across the street. The fans screech but don't move from their place, amazed to even be acknowledge by the famous pretty boys from Team 7.

"The tower always amazes me, but I think I prefer how it looked before" The duo overhear ChōChō, ignoring the blushing fans. Sawao and Tsu look up to the building coming to view. Funny, they think, because that's how the Hokage tower always looked like to the pair.

"Yeah the tower before had a certain character to it." Inojin exclaims. The group move to the entrance of the building while a pair of doors slide open. The cool refrigerated air immediately hits they're bodies, relaxing them as they make move to the elevators.

The lobby is pumping with action and the shinobi are almost overwhelmed by waves of different sounds. There's ninja and teams picking up missions in the desk in the front. Runners are moving from one office to the next with papers on their right hand and coffee on their left. Journalist and press are writing questions on notebooks and typing for their blogs while waiting for the next big story. All while there's ninja talking about their day and what they will be doing on the upcoming weekend.

The group bypass the organized chaos to the elevators and click the button for 7th floor. Upon exciting the elevators, they run to a very familiar unfamiliar ninja.

"Yo Iwabee, how is it goin?" The trio stop to look at their former classmate. The lean and dark ninja notice the group and smirks. The duo notice the jonin as he gets close. He was tall, and he was wearing a grey sleeveless shirt, a jonin flak vest, dark green pants, and black sandals. His complexion was handsome but his weird dark red cap ruined some of his features. They seen him before but not really interacted with him.

"It's goin', but hey! you guys are finally back! I was wondering where you been".

Shikadai speaks first, "We were on a diplomatic mission to the village of the clouds, for the new train routes. We just got back." More small talk happens but everyone chat is interrupted when by loud 'tsk' from behind them. The four grown-ups look and see the pair of chunin being obviously annoyed by this detour. Shikadai sighs but Iwabee speaks to them.

"Oh! You're Sarada's little brother and you're that exchange student!" He walks over and looks down on them. The two look up at the tall man and Tsu complaints.

"Senpai, I just want to report in so I can see my girlfriend-" Sawao punches Tsu in his ribs, rudely cutting him off. Iwabee chuckles and feels a sweat drop run down the side of his face.

"I like this kid, reminds me of Sarada's." Tsu is holding his left side of his body, using the wall to hold himself from falling. Sawao is holding his fist on his palm and smiling wondering if he should hit Tsu again. He feels an unfamiliar hand ruffle his hair and looks to up to the strange jonin. "You must be excited! Having your big sister as the ninth Hokage is something to be prideful has a ninja!" Sawao blushes and says nothing. After a few moments, Iwabee turns around and says his goodbyes to the group finally disappearing down the hall.

The shinobi get in front of the Hokage office and knock on the door. The anbu guarding the door don't move but simply stare at the team. An "enter" is heard from behind.

Konohamaru is behind a grand desk full of papers and notebooks. He stands up, reveling his typically white haori, signifying his status as Hokage. But with a personal detail of a dark blue scarf around his neck and regular shinobi asign uniform. Shikadai dad, Shikamaru, is next to the Hokage. The advisor has a couple of papers on his hand, obviously giving the Hokage more work for his desk. The group do a quick bow and form a line in front of the desk.

"So? How was the traveling from Iwagakure? Any trouble?"

Shikadai, whose in the middle, looks to the pair on his left. They tense up but the Jonin speaks.

"Nothing notible 8th and honorable first advisor… just the same old problems..." Konohamaru nods and takes a seat and extends his hand for Shikadai to continue. Shikamaru looks at the pair and whispers something of 'kids this days'. Shikadai clears his throat and speaks "Right, so the first week there, we had trouble with the supplier. There's was a miscommunication-"

Sawao doesn't pay attention to the mission report. He stares at the desk in front of him and thinks of his big sister inaguration that's going to happen in a couple of weeks. He thinks of his twin sister and wonders how her research has come along this past months his been gone. He thinks of his parents and how he hasn't seen them 'kami' knows how long. His thoughts are cut off by the 8th trying to catch his attention. The trio was already out the door. He must of missed the dismissal.


"Yes 8th?"

"You're sisters research location is here". Shikamaru gives the young Uchiha a paper with directions as well as a permit to enter said location. His confusion must have shown because Konohamaru read his thoughts.

"The location was moved from the regular lab for… safety reasons". Tsu looks at the paper that's on his teamates hands and was about to protest when Shikamaru gives him a paper of his own. "You guys go clean up and go see your family, they're waiting for you".

Tsu remembers something and asks "Hokage-sama, is Aunty Tsunade here?"

Konohamaru shakes in head for a no and opens his drawer. He takes out an envelope and throws it the white hair ninja. The boy easily catches it and looks at the contents.

"She said she was going to some casino's at the Land of Tea with Kakashi and your shishu. Here's the extra house key." The duo look at each other then politely bow and take their leave.

The pair go outside and travel to the lobby. Shikadai is waiting for them and lazily states "Finish your individual reports and handle them to me in three days". The Ino-Shika-Chō wave goodbye to the duo and with that, they're alone.

"Yush, let's go see your sisters!"