"Place another sensor to the left side." Sarada commands to her little sister via speaker. A litle ninja wearing white protective clothing gives her a nod and moves closer to the white floating orb. She places a sticker on it and looks up to her sister, getting a thumbs up of approval in return.

The two are in separate rooms, one room higher than the next. The only form of communication is by a one-way speaker in the lower room or by hand signs in front of the window in the higher room. "Is the test ready to initiate?" Sarada asks her teammate Mitsuki, who is sitting beside her pressing buttons and turning on switches.

"All scans are clear, we can begin at your signal." Sarada looks over to Metal, who is calibrating the power output. He turns around and nods enthusiastically and gives an 'ok' signal on his end. Sarada nods and goes over to turn on the speaker.

"Denki, Sawako, we will begin in 10 seconds". Both ninja give a thumbs up and move away to their command desk on the right side, away from the sphere. They hide behind a lead shield and hear Sarada count down to 1. A large sound of surging electricity is heard on the cables connected to the the sphere. There's a couple of dramatic electric sparks and x-rays flying through the room for a minute. After a couple of seconds, the electricity of the facility goes out. And then returns suddenly, as if nothing happened. Two figures move from behind their shield and up to the sphere. They inspect it and give each other a couple of frustrated hand waves before they seem to agree to go up to the command room.

The two ninja dis gown in a decontamination room and hang up their equipment before entering the control room. A tall skinny male with a man bun removes his glasses to wipe them clean. "Well that was a bust." A smaller shorter female with dark pink hair enters behind him. If you didn't know her personally, you would say she looked pissed. But her body language says otherwise. She doesn't say anything and sighs, agreeing with her senpai.

Sarada walks over to a computer and slowly reads the upcoming results. The pinkette stands behind her and quickly digests the information. She crosses her arms and leans on a table. "Hn"

Sarada finishes reading, fixing her glasses that moved to the tip of her nose, and looks at her younger sister. "Yeah… well, we did say there was a 20 percent chance of it working."

The sister frowns and sees Metal, Denki, and Mitsuki approach them. "No luck huh?" Denki shrugs his shoulders in defeat. Metal grabs his head in frustrating and exclaims how they almost died because the engine could have blown. Mitsuki reads the room and smirks.

"It's almost noon, shall we eat lunch?" As if magic, they hear a knock on the door. The group turns and Sarada yells an enter. Two very familiar chunnin walk in, carrying a large brown bag with a pack of tea and coffee.

"Whose hungry?" Tsuchirama smiles wide as he walks over with Sawao.

"Sawao! And Tsu! You're back already?" Sarada walks over and gives them both a large hug. The rest move closer to greet and welcome the duo back. They have a little chat of how the mission went and details about their travel.

The boys talked of their mission misadventures. Sawako, was still in the same space, looked over to her teamates. Her younger brother, Sawao, definitely had a growth spurt. When he left he was just an inch taller than her but now, it was almost a foot. She smiled, remembering the days when they were younger, making fun of him by being rather small and frail.

Sarada would often break up their fights. Their big sister would find it ridiculous that they would fight because of their apperiences usually ending their arguments by fliking their foreheads. Of course Boruto and Mitsuki would find it silly too. With Boruto commenting Sawao looks like Uncle Sasuke but with Aunt Sakura's personality, while Sawako is the opposite.

But now he grew so much in so little time. And this could be seen, as his olive green shirt with a high collar fitted quite well in his forearms and shoulders. Sawako noticed the clothes he left we're a little different from what he was wearing now but couldn't really recall. He was now wearing white pants, black arm warmers, and strapped up black shinobi sandals, bit still keeping his crossbow on his back.

"We arrived early morning. By the time we finished reported in, it was almost noon. And since we we're going to see you guys, might as well pick some lunch up." Tsu closes his left eye and rubs his upper lip arrogantly.

Her eyes move to her other teammate or lover, although she would never say something like that aloud. He was the complete opposite of her. He is charismatic, charming, aloof. Sarada even compared his personality to the seventh and Boruto. Because of his nature, any room of people would gravitate towards Tsuchirama.

"On our way here, we saw a new sandwich place. So we decided to try it out." Sawao smiles widely and starts to remove the sandwiches from the bag. He places them on a nearby table and the gang goes to grab their share.

"Incredible! Thank you for the meal!"

The pinkett waits for everyone to grab their sandwich before grabbing hers but Sawao reads her intentions. He makes eye contact with her emerald eyes and decides to come over with an extra sandwich and a two cans of coffee. He hands her lunch and drink over, she accepts, and whispers a thank you. They don't say anything as they both eat in silence watching the group interact. The raven hair boy studies his twin from the corner of his eye.

He bites into his sandwich and the first thing he notices is that she grew out her hair. It was shorter the last time he saw her and now it covered past her shoulders. A image of their mama crosses his mind and he gets a little sad. He pushes his feelings aside as he continues to eat and study her.

Sawako was wearing a blood red long sleeve quipao shirt with a brown obi, and dark brown shorts. His onyx eyes move down and sees she's wearing knee high boots with metal protectors on them and her left knee is bandaged up. Sawao moves his head back to take a drink and his eyes fell on the Uchiha crest her back. He turns his head to look at the giant glass behind him and sees his own back reflection. He smiles as he filled with pride.

"Hey! You guys should be more enthusiastic now that Team 7 is back together."

The two Uchiha move their attention to their teamate. His in front on them and Sawako can tell he also grew both physically and mentally.

His hair is still the same spiky long white hair but the front of his face is covered by happuri-style forehead protector. He smiles and his dark red colored eyes close slightly, making his face creases lines more prominent.

Tsuchirama is wearing the same white shorts like her brother, with the exception of a kunai pouch strapped to his right thigh and dark blue strapped sandals. He has a long sleeve shirt with two different colors, one side dark red and the other dark blue.

Tsu takes a huge bite of his sandwich and hands over a small red bag to Sawako. "Here." She grabs it, looks inside, and her lip turns slightly upward. Sawao stares daggers at Tsu but he ignores him.


Suddenly the lights flicker, a white flash of light engulfs everything, then it's followed by an explosion in the room over. The three ninja are knocked over by the large glass shattering. Sarada, Denki, Metal, Mitsuki run next to them.

"You guys are alright?" Sarada quickly asks. The trio nod and get up. Tsu helps Sawako get up and remove glass from her hair.

"Sawako your head?!" Tsu and Sawao run up to her and look at her face. She has a gash wound on the right part of her face, blood running down covering her eyelid.

"It's fine! Onee-chan is everyone else ok?"

There's sounds of clashing and fighting. The group runs over to the shattered large window and look down. They immediately spot two shadows fighting where the orb used to be.

"Is that-?" Mitsuki can barely finish when Sarada runs past him. Sawako sprints then the rest of Team 7 closely follows and run down the stairs.


"Sarada nee-san!"


Sarada reaches the room and yells "Boruto! Is that you? What's happening?"

Boruto is fighting a masked otsutski soldier. How this scenario came to be is uncertain but Sarada didn't hesitate to start helping. She throws a couple of kunai but the alien easily dodges the projectiles. He retaliates by throwing a wave a pure force towards the shinobi.

Sarada and Boruto are pushed but they stand their ground. The rest join and take cover avoiding the debris still flowing around.

The walls of the room are getting pulled towards in the middle of the room, where the sphere used to be. The intruder floats up and glides above the condensed energy.

"Boruto… explain what's going on?" Sarada demands. She notices he has his Jogan activated and his injured. Boruto ignores her and tells her to pay attention to the matter at hand. Sarada's expression is hidden behind her glasses and looks up to the Otsutski. Mitsuki jumps next to his teammates and takes a quick glance at Boruto but doesn't say anything. Metal and Denki take their battle positions between old and new Team 7.

"Holy shit is that Boruto?" Tsu whispers in a hush voice, enough for only the twins to hear. Sawao looks at Sawako with a worrying look. The pink ninja turns to meet his eyes and her face is expressionless.

"Get ready!"

Everyone's attention turns to the alien still floating above their heads. The perpetrator then moves their hand up and starts to charge chakra to their palm. Lightning forms sporadically and overflows the room. Suddenly, the Otsutski shots a giant lighting bolt to the shinobi.


The ninja separate. Sarada, Denki, and the trio land on the right, while Metal, Boruto, Mitsuki take cover to the left. The soldier starts to charge up again.

"Our chance will be here soon!" Sarada commands the group to huddle behind the command board. Sarada looks over to Boruto, they exchange a few glances, she nods, then feels the hairs of her back stand up. The Otsutski shots another lighting bolt to the the left of the room.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Boruto summons two clones and runs the walls towards the enemy. Sarada and Denki take this as a signal and start flanking right. Metal goes mid and faces the alien. The trio stay behind as per Sarada instructions.

"Aaaaah!" Metal then opens the first three gates. He sprints and jumps up towards the intruder with such a speed that it looks like he teleported. He lands a couple of blows and hits a sucker punch. Unable to recover fast enough to defend itself, Metal takes the opportunity to get behind.

"Kage Buyo!" His about to land the enemy on the ground, but disappears in a puff of smoke. "Shit, substitution!" The enemy appears again back to same position, getting ready to initiate another attack.

Mitsuki jumps to get behind the intruder. He stretches his arms and grabs the the enemy. Mitsuki spins around and throws them up like ragdoll. He does a couple of hands signs and shoots small powerful wind blasts. "Gōkūhō!" The intruder hits the ceiling. Again, they appear in the middle having no signs of damage.

Tsu, Sawao, and Sawako are watching from afar. Tsu is finishing healing Sawako face injury. "This is bad, they keep throwing attacks but nothing seems to be working."

"Nee-san we should help, if we can-"

"Shut up idiots, Sarada specifically said not to interfere!" The two shut their mouths and the sounds of clashing engulf the silence. "Were just going to be in the way…" Sawako looks at the ceiling and sees it's about to collapse. "Besides, looks like the room can't take more hits. We're underground. We're going to get crushed."

Tsu pokes his head out in the corner of their cover. "Sawao, it's almost your cue."

To the right Sarada has her sharingan activated. "Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!" A giant fireball shoots towards the intruder. Denki throws a couple of projectiles hoping to use the fire as a disguise. Meanwhile, Boruto and his two clones jump to the enemy to the left. The enemy kicks off a corner and forms a invisible barrier blocking the fireball. They then kick the clones enough to disappear. The enemy is then taken by surprise a sound of rushing attacks.



"Omote Renge!"

"Sennin Mōdo!"

The enemy has no way to move. Sarada appears behind as she disguised herself in the shuriken that Denki threw and missed on purpose. Boruto appeared to the right as he switched places with his sword using his Jogan. Mitsuki appeared above having his sage mode activated. Metal appeared to the left waiting for his comrades to give him an opening. The enemy thinks and looks forward and sees a ninja with a crossbow aiming at them.

"Jinton: Kūkideppō no jutsu" The raven hair boy shoots his arrow. Nowhere to run, the alien looks up and shoots a lighting bolt to the ceiling. And then another to the condensed energy below. The energy absorbs the attack and quickly reacts by growing in size. The Otsutski is then sucked in into the orb. The four shinobi connect their attacks without being able to stop.

There's a flash of light and they're pushed back by a wave of force. Boruto faints and falls hard to the floor. The once orb was now a portal. The floating debris starts to accelerate, disappearing inside the condensed energy. The ceiling starts to fall off and giant chunks of concrete land everywhere. The portal starts to become unstable, and it starts acting like a vacuum. Boruto limp body is tossed to the middle, closer to the opening. Denki and Metal are able to move away, jumping near the trio. Sarada and Mitsuki run towards the unconscious Boruto. "Boruto!" A part of the wall separates from the building, hurling down neo team 7.

"Onee-san! Boruto!" The twins scream.

"This place won't hold much longer! We got to move!" Denki yells pointing upwards up to the exit. Sawako without thinking runs towards the middle of the room. Sawao and Tsu immediately follow her.

"Guys stop!" Metal tries to stop them but Denki holds him back. Chunks of ceiling and rock fall between them separating them, sealing the exit. Sarada and Mitsuki get up from the rubble. They're hurt and bruised, and slowly move towards the blonde. The vacuum becomes more aggressive, creating a vortex of debris. Boruto's body is picked up by the strong winds towards the energy, but his body gets impaled by rebair before touching it.

"Boruto wake up! I can't lose you again!" Sarada cries and crawls towards him. Tears start to fall from her red eyes. Mitsuki grabs her, preventing her from getting picked up by vortex. Mitsuki extends his arm a couple of feet and is able to grab his friends arm. He unattached him from the rod and slowly drags the blond closer to him. At that unfortunate moment, a boulder falls on his arm, breaking it. Mitsuki hisses and now can't move his arm. The trio arrive covering their face from the dust. They grab to for dear life on a giant bolder next to the Sarada and Mitsuki.

Tsuchirama sees what's happening. "I'm going to grab Boruto!" Hold my hand!" Sawao nods and grabs Tsu with his left and Sawako with his right. They form a monkey chain and Tsu hasty tries to take hold on Boruto. Tsu stretched as far as he could and almost has the blondes collar within his grasp. And that's the last thing he remembers as a giant rock hits the side of his head and he falls unconscious. He lets go of Sawao hand, his body falls into the portal and disappears. Boruto limp body follows him right after.

"No!" Sawako shouts.

"Tsuchirama!" Sawao screams.

"Boruto!" Sarada and Mitsuki cry out.

"Mitsuki! Let me go! I have to go!" But Mitsuki didn't budge. It was too dangerous. The building is already collapsing. There's no time to do anything else other than to take cover. Sawao looked at her sister and Mitsuki. Onee-chan is going to become Hokage in a couple of weeks. She's going to be the first Uchiha Hokage…. She can't die! Not like this! She can't leave! Sawako looks directly into her twin eyes. Sawao looks at her back. They both have the same idea.

"Me first!"

Sawao sprints behind the boulder and jumps directly into the portal.

Sarada and Mitsuki are without words. Their horrified. Sarada looks over to her younger sister. She sees her standing up. Sawako has expressionless face but her eyes are full of determination, she then raising two fingers pointing at her sister. I promise I'll be back. She then runs into the portal, before it closes.