Summary: Dadzawa Week 2020 Day Five: Underrated Characters Squad. When Kouda's bunny goes missing, he starts to freak out looking for her but runs into Aizawa instead, who in turns helps him look for his bunny.

Pairings: Shouta Aizawa/Toshinori Yagi


He was panicking. He was absolutely in full panic mode. He had accidentally left his dorm room door cracked and his bunny had somehow managed to get out of the room. Kouda combed through every inch of Heights Alliance looking for his beautiful little creature, using Anivoice to try and locate her but his attempts were in vain.

"Hime." He called out, hoping that his bunny would hear him call her name. He was ready to break down into tears. If she had gotten out of Heights Alliance, who knows what would happen to her. He had Hime since practically the day she was born. The little snow white bunny could easily be classified as his best friend. He talked to her about everything. She would cuddle him after a long day of training or when he was feeling down. He had to find her.

The rest of his classmates were either off hanging out with friends or off campus, leaving him completely alone in his mission to find Hime. That also meant he couldn't ask if she had managed to sneak into someone's room. None of his classmates would come get her without his permission either and no one would have access to his room had he closed the door.

"Hime! Can you hear me?" Kouda called again. Still he couldn't hear her.

Kouda felt the tears well in his eyes as he slumped down on the floor. He couldn't give up but where else could he look? She had to be here somewhere.

"Kouda?" The boy jumped at the sound of Aizawa's voice. He looked up, seeing the concern written on his teacher's face, that broke the dam that had been holding back his tears and he wailed. "Koji?! What's wrong?" Aizawa questioned, kneeling down next to him, his warm hand now placed on Kouda's shoulder.

"Hime.. my bunny got out of my room and I can't find her." Kouda whispered.

Aizawa nodded, making soft shushing sounds. "I'm sure she didn't wonder off too far. Have you checked outside?"

Kouda shook his head. Aizawa reached forward, wiping his thumb over the tear tracks on the boy's face.

"Now dry your tears. I'm sure she wouldn't leave you. She probably doesn't know how to get back in. She has to be nearby." Aizawa muttered. "C'mon, let's go get her."

Kouda nodded, pushing himself on the floor and following after Aizawa towards the outdoors.


They searched the bushes, decks, and all around the outdoors of Heights Alliance. But still no sign of Hime.

Kouda was ready to break down again but if it wasn't for Aizawa standing next to him and reassuring him that they would find her, he probably would have.

"Young Kouda!" All Might hollered.


Kouda felt the relief go through him from the tiny voice that followed All Might's. Kouda turned with a large smile on his face to see the former hero walking over with his bunny in his arms. "Hime!" He exclaimed and dashed forward.

"Koji! I was so scared! I couldn't find my way back! I followed Todoroki out and couldn't get back in. So I went to find sensei." Hime said as All Might placed her into Kouda's awaiting arms.

Kouda cried in happiness as he cuddled her close. "Please don't scare me like that again!"

Aizawa walked up behind him, a small smile on his face as he placed his hand on Kouda's back. "I'm glad she's safe."

"She went to find you cause she couldn't get back in." Kouda whispered.

Aizawa just gave a small smile, reaching over and scratching behind Hime's ear. "Next time, Hime, stay inside." Aizawa turned to look at All Might. "Where was she?"

All Might smiled. "Outside your door. I came to get you for our lunch date and found her instead, trying to get inside."

Aizawa nodded. Kouda's eyes widened as he looked between the two. "I didn't mean to make you miss your date!" He muttered.

Aizawa shook his head. "It's no problem. You needed help and I wasn't going to let you sit there and just cry. I'm happy to see she's safe. Now go back inside, she must be hungry."

Kouda gave a small bow of appreciation. "Thank you, sensei." and with that, he walked back towards Heights Alliance with Hime safely in his arms.