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His existence inside the datascape was an unexpected phenomenon. Was he a phantom? A glitch? Or perhaps he was among the ones who were deeply connected to the painful memories and feeling of "hurt" that still slept within Sora's heart. Whoever this mysterious black cloaked Organization member was standing before Namine in the tranquil surroundings of the pod room hidden in the data version of Castle Oblivion. Namine couldn't ignore him as she was overcome by the vicious aura that was coming off his body as he began to slowly approach her as his shoes echoed across the floor. "Are you the one who's responsible for this world?" The cloaked stranger asked her while walking up to her.

She then caught a glimpse of his face. It was mostly covered by his long dark blond hair as only the bottom half of his face was visible through the concealed view of his hood.

"Yes and no..." she told him truthfully. "This "world " that we're currently in was created by people outside of this datascape. We still need them to wait for them to arrive before an conclusion can be reached"

"Before the hurt can be undone" you mean?" He questioned her making her eyes widen at his words.

"How do you know about that message?" she asked him as he circled around her. Much like a predator trapping their prey.

"Sorry but that's a secret" he finally said, stopping right behind her, showing his clear resistance to deny any questions that he didn't want to answer to her.

Namine respected his wishes but that didn't stop her curiosity from spreading. "Can you at least tell me who you are?" she decided to ask him.

"Me? I'm what's left or maybe I'm all there ever was" He began to tell her. "However, I think you already know the answer to who I am" he confessed, placing his hand covered in black leather on the flowery designed pod that was resting behind them.

Namine then realized at that moment what he was but was hesitant to respond. "You're...Like me, aren't you?... A data replica" she answered him honestly.

He then nodded to her. "That's right! I'm nothing but ones and zeros made up of somebody else. It's really quite ironic...HAHA!" he said letting out a menacing laugh. Namine frowned hearing his ominous laugh as she felt the bitter taste forming in her mouth. The laugh may have sounded like he was enjoying himself in the obvious truth. Yet, Namine could tell it was a distraction to hide a more harsher reaction from being released within him.

His laughter died down as he turned back to face her. "Sorry I got a little carried away there. I appreciate you telling me the truth. I feel like you're someone that I can trust"

Namine couldn't explain why but she felt relieved and glad to hear him say that. "So why are you here?" she asked silently hoping to get him to open up more to her.

The hooded boy paused for a long moment. "For my own selfish desires" he finally said. "A certain hero needs to be tested and learn what real hurt feels like" he said as his voice turned back to his grating tone.

"Do you mean Sora?! Are you talking about Sora?" Namine responded to him with shock.

He then clenched both his gloved hands as the sound from the fabric was heard by the result of the pressure. "Sora… Yes it's him" he replied trying to restrain himself.

"Are you going to hurt him?" Namine questioned him as her hands went up to her chest in a worried manner.

The blond haired kid then walked back over to her. Before stopping right in front of her small figure as her quiet quivering was visible to his bang covered eyes. "Is Sora important to you?" he demanded from her as his casual grating tone changed to a tone full of weight. Namine then withdrew her arms from her chest and thought about her next set of words to him. A few minutes passed and Namine was able to find the words that her voice needed and replied to him.

"My relationship with Sora doesn't matter to our current situation at hand. My only goal is to pass on the message that my real self entrusted to me to deliver to both the data version and hopefully in return to the real Sora. I don't want you hurting him and I also don't want you getting hurt either. Sora is the key to end both our pain. So please just bear with it for a little longer? Please!" Namine pleaded of him.

The hooded boy then stepped back from Namine as his body language seemed to have reflected on her words. "Bear with it?" he repeated to himself tilting his head up to the misty blue roof above them. "...Fine, I'll give the hero some time to get used to his new surroundings and friends" he admitted, returning his hood back down to face her again. "However, when the time comes for the message to be delivered. I will need to test him beforehand, to see if his heart will truly be able to handle both our pain" he said with a sight of sincerity in his voice.

"Also speaking of our current situation, it seems like you're in need of a lord around this castle. I encountered some bugs like monsters lurking among the rooms inside the castle before arriving here" he then told her.

Namine nodded "Yes, I'm afraid those bugs and glitches... are part of my fault too" she confessed to him.

"Now that's a surprise! I never would've guessed they came from someone like you but now they're out of your control?" The hooded boy asked her.

Namine shook his head, "They were never in my control! However, I won't make excuses for myself. I don't really have the right too" she said lowering her head.

"Well then it's a good thing we met after all. Now, you just focus on keeping yourself and that message safe until Sora arrives. Leave those glitches and bugs to me and I'll wipe them out of this castle" he said cracked his knuckles. Before a ray of Light emitted from his right hand and a smug of Darkness rose from his left hand. He then made a X symbol with both of hands as they were now holding two Key shaped swords. The white blade design was angelic and divine, while the black blade design was demonic and fiendish.

Namine couldn't subdue her laughter seeing how eager and confident he acted now compared to his cold and closed off self from earlier. "Thank you" she told him smiling as she placed her hands over her heart again in relief.

"Don't mention it, anyways I guess that makes us partners now" The hooded boy said, dispelling the blades from his hands as Namine agreed.

"My name is Namine," she said, extending her hand out to him. He looked down at her hand before raising up both his own arms to remove his hood. Namine was left astonished by his tempting blue eyes staring back at her.

"...Roxas" Roxas smirked introducing himself as he gently accepted Namine's hand into his own. Neither of them noticed a small light shine dimly from their new bond.