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Down the river of Paris, multiple mechanical parts were scattered around in ruins, and caught in flames. Despite the damage they must've taken, each part looked fixable.

Behind one of the parts, air bubbles commenced before the head of the certain purple tigress Neyla appeared, gasping for air. Her black hair was all wet, and her red hood was missing. She looked around, confused of what just happened.

"I... I lost? And yet I survived?" Neyla herself was surprised that she was still alive. She remembered back when she entered Clockwerk's frame to gain immortality, becoming one with the great mechanical owl. Everything was going smoothly until the blasted raccoon and her former superior Carmelita fended her off.

She quietly swam away from the clockwerk part she was hidden behind of to take a look at the surface of the wreckage. Neyla noticed Sly Cooper and Carmelita, along with Murray carrying the injured Bentley. She couldn't remember what happened since the turtle took away her Hate Chip. But she did feel her body has taken a toll, so it must've been really painful.

Speaking of it, she turned to the Hate Chip being carried in Sly's hands. Her hearing may be a little sore from the explosion, but she could clearly hear them talk about what they should do about it.

With no other solution, Neyla watched as Sly dropped the Hate Chip to the ground, and then...


It was all over. Carmelita smashed the Hate Chip right below her feet. Neyla looked back to see the Clockwerk parts scattered around began to wither in smoke, slowly aging to scrap.

"It's all over." Neyla thought to herself calmly. While she herself survived, the others didn't seem to realize it. If someone should unfortunately notice her, she'll be deemed a wanted criminal all around the world. Even more so than even Sly Cooper. And Neyla knew that she had no way of sweet talking herself out of it.

She began to dive underwater to prevent being noticed, swimming towards the other side of the river.

Once there, she crawled herself back up to the surface. All of her violet fur was completely wet from the water.

In fact, she looked down to notice more than just her wet fur. Her blue top and brown pants were both missing. There was no sign of them anywhere in the river. Her furred breasts were visible as was her beautiful buttocks below.

Neyla soon realized she was completely naked.

Not wanting to expose herself as not only a fugitive, but now also a very naked one, Neyla was quick to run and hide behind a nearby staircase.

"Great. Not only did I lose my Clock-La body, but now I've lost all of my clothes too." Neyla wished that she at least had her whip alongside her, but to her dismay, it must've gone missing in the river as well.

Looking back to the other side of the river, Neyla noticed Sly being taken away by Carmelita in a helicopter while his two friends simply walked away from the scenery.

Not caring about them now, it seems like they has of yet to realize she survived. Neyla knew that she had no other choice.

"Going into hiding is the most logical choice now." She couldn't risk going public anytime soon now that they know of her crimes, and what she planned on doing when she was in the Klaww Gang. She betrayed each and everyone of them. Except for Jean Bison, but she would've done so sooner or later.

Not wanting to hide behind the staircase anymore, Neyla began to check her surroundings. It was still nighttime, and most civilians were too preoccupied by the remains of the former immortal owl. It was the perfect opportunity to escape.

She sneaked off, without causing alarm to anyone looking away. While running, she felt the cold air breezing right between her legs. Neyla wasn't entirely sure if it felt good or uncomfortable.

Neyla wasn't unfamiliar with that feeling. Almost the same as when she was a poor child running around the streets of India in nothing but a hood around her head. Only difference was that back then she was only a kid who would be laughed at by the other kids for her poor background.

Now she was a sporting and beautiful tigress with a decent pair of breasts, along with a perfectly shaped rear below her tail. She remembered taking advantage of it most of her life since her growth.

And right now it was her childhood all over again, quietly sneaking through the streets naked. But she was only a child when people used to laugh at her. Since growth came, people would be appealed instead. Not that Neyla would want them to see her naked.

Neyla remembered a couple of years ago a similar situation. Back when she was starting out as Constable Neyla, she was tasked with exposing a powerful crime boss named Ty Tyrant. Having to go undercover as one of his barmaids she could still feel the hands on her buttocks where he touched her for his own amusement. Neyla would've done more than just slapped his smug dirty face for that, but she let it slide for now. When she was finally alone in his office, she tore off her disguise, despite exposing her bra and panties, not that she cared because wearing a barmaid dress felt worse. She would then open up his safe, exposing his black market deals.

She escaped, showed Interpol everything, and Ty was sentenced a very long time behind bars. If he was still around, he really must've grown a grudge on her.

But the past wasn't important right now. Neyla had to find somewhere to take shelter for now. It was getting darker and darker, and she was still exhausted from the whole Clock-la failure.

Neyla soon noticed an empty looking building. Thankfully nobody has noticed her, and she ran towards it. She opened a nearby door which turned out to be open. Looking inside she found herself in an old abandoned church.

True it may not be the best place to hide, but it'll have to do for the time being. She needed to rest, recover, and a place to take shelter thanks to her lack of clothing.

"Tomorrow I'll figure out what to do." Neyla laid herself on one of the benches in the church. She soon held her arms and legs together to warm her body. Slowly her eyes closed and she was falling asleep.

Outside the church, a rat dressed in black was glaring towards the it from an alley. The rat then pulled out his phone, making the call.

"I've found her Ty." The rat whispered to the phone.

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