Rey slowly opened her eyes, the light of room slightly dimmer than she thought it would be, but not at all dark. There before her sat a masked figure, the same person (she assumed he was human) that had taken her from the forest. What did he want from her? She was too petrified to even think about an answer. She spoke nervously "…why am I here?..." her throat dry.

Kylo Ren stared at her in amusement. She wasn't even properly awake yet, and already she felt the need to question, to challenge, to fight. Usually such determination would not be to his liking, but this girl, there was something about her that almost begged for his attention. He smirked "You're my guest."

Rey focused on the man before her, but all she could gather was that he was crouched down before her, and he had a black mask covering his face. He was just staring at her (or at least he was looking in her direction – she couldn't see if his eyes were in fact locked on her or not), and his voice was dark and deep, and more intimidating than she thought it would be. "Prisoner, you mean?" she tried to sound more confident.

Kylo couldn't deny how much her spirit (among other things) peeked his interest and he replied honestly, his voice almost kind "I have no intention of hurting you." It wasn't a lie. Yes, at first he had thought of torturing her for his own amusement, but that was before he had seen her for the first time. She had been terrified of him, he could see it in her eyes, and yet, she had fought bravely against him. He would have taken her anyway, her knowledge of the map only added extra motivation for his decision.

Rey didn't like how he was acting, she didn't like the way he was speaking to her, and she defensively commented "…not unless you have to." She wasn't stupid. She knew this was an interrogation, and she knew that things were most likely about to get a lot worse for her.

For a moment there was a silence between them. She wasn't sure how to proceed. If she aggravated him enough, he might not be in such a generous mood any more. No. Best to try and keep their interaction as civil as possible, at least until she figured out how to escape. She quickly wet her lips as she spoke in a more subtle tone "…if I am your guest… then… would you kindly remove my restraints?…"

Kylo had to give it to her, she was fearless, even when she knew she was at his mercy. He replied casually "The restraints are for your protection…"

Rey choked out almost sarcastically "…my protection?"

Kylo explained as he stood up from his crouching position "Yes. I can't have you roaming around by yourself..." Then he started to move slowly closer to her as he continued "You see, I don't feel the need to hurt you… though, I can't speak for everyone here."

Rey noticed him moving closer to her, and she had to swallow hard, forcing her breath to stay as unaffected as possible "…how long will I be here?"

Kylo stood right in front of her, and her beauty was even more apparent than it had been before "…until I decide to let you go…" which was a statement he couldn't commit to… he already knew it.

Rey felt anxious. He was tall, he was standing in front of her now, and if she could only see his face, maybe she would be able to find a weakness in him she could use to her advantage later. She bit out almost annoyedly "…so, until then, I am at the mercy of a creature in a mask…"

Kylo wasn't planning on showing her his true face, but somehow, he was effortlessly persuaded by her essence. If she was so eager to see him without the mask, he would not disappoint her. Without hesitating he instantly removed it.

Rey saw him before her. No. That could not be the monster that had abducted her. That could not be the face of her captor. He was young, thick black hair, deep dark brown eyes… attractive… like a devil sent to test her. No. She couldn't see him that way. What was she thinking? Why did she ask him to remove his mask? Worst mistake up to now.

Kylo saw her breathing hitch slightly, and he could see a faint touch of pink on her cheeks… it pleased him more than he thought it would (not that he could ever have predicted the possibility of their current circumstances). He spoke in a slightly taunting (with a hint of flirtation) tone "Not what you were expecting?" He could smell her scent now, intoxicating, a mixture of vanilla, sand and desert rose.

Rey saw his eyes lock on her, and she felt exposed under his gaze. Why was he staring at her like that? It was making her feel insignificant, awkward, and trapped. She clenched her jaw and stubbornly replied "… I wasn't expecting anything…"

Kylo could sense her heartbeat, the vibration in her mind, and body, and a smirk tugged at his lips as he leaned down, bringing his face closer to hers "…and that was your first lie…"

Rey saw his face, he was right in front of her. If she just lifted her chin a few inches she would be able to press her lips to his… No. Stop it. She forced herself to turn her head away from him, but it wasn't long before she felt his gloved hand gently grip her chin between his thumb and forefinger. Why was he being gentle? What was he trying to do? She soon found out as he firmly (yet still gently) forced her to look directly at him. His voice was dark, and (even though she hated to admit it) somewhat alluring as he spoke "…you seem intrigued… should I take that as a sign that your warming up to me?"

Kylo could see her chest heave as her breathing deepened, her eyes locked on his. He thought she would almost certainly look away from him, and yet, when she didn't, he felt a strange connection with her. She was a scavenger. She should be nothing more than a toy for his amusement, a method of finding Skywalker, and yet as she kept her gaze on him, he wasn't so sure anymore, and he almost chuckled when she fiercely snapped at him "Go to hell."

Rey didn't mean to say it, but she couldn't help it. He was torturing her – it wasn't physical and it didn't hurt – but he was digging into her soul, and she had no idea how to make him stop. Perhaps his kindness would die as a result of her defiance. But to her utter astonishment, he merely smirked at her and suddenly she felt the restraints break open, and he let go of her chin.

She wanted to trust that he didn't have something more sinister in mind, but she just couldn't be sure. And she hated to admit how scared she truly was of him, especially now that he had removed her restraints. She whispered nervously "…what are you doing?"

He didn't really know how to answer her. When he had captured her, he had no intention of allowing her any sort of freedom, and now, he just felt the need to show her that he wasn't… he didn't know how to explain it. All he knew was that the moment he had removed his masked, all his plans had changed. He replied almost charmingly "I thought you could use some 'reassurance'…"

She asked without thinking "…reassurance for what?"

He didn't move away from her, and he could see her shudder slightly as his breath touched her cheek "…that when I said I don't want to hurt you… that I meant it"

Rey was more than relieved when a Stormtrooper suddenly came through the door, breaking the tension between them.

"Sir, Supreme Leader Snoke requires your presence." The soldier said.

Kylo stood up straight, but he didn't move away from her as he spoke "I suggest you don't try to escape."

Rey decided to remain quiet on the topic.

Kylo looked at her, his eyes involuntarily scraping over her eyes, nose, lips, neck, chest, then back to her face, then he warned her darkly "…if you do… I will take what I want from you… with or without your consent…"

Rey shuddered as he left her alone to contemplate the meaning in his words.