The storm is raging.

?: (YN), you there?

You: Yes, hold on a moment!

A bit of water spills into the boat as it rocks back and forth in the rough waves, causing you and ? to collapse on the floor.

?: Now's not the time for this! Get the ropes, now!

You: But-

?: Now!

You listen and grab the ropes, crawling to the centre and tying it to the edge pole. ? ties the other end onto their waist. As they prepare to go into the water, a stronger wave knocks them to the other side.

?: C'mon, (YN)! Help me out here!

You: I am!

?: Leaving me on the floor like this is helping?

You sigh, crawling forward again to grab them, letting them dive into the sea. Even while you're not the one going into the water, you're completely soaked.

A moment later, you feel the boat tilting onto your side.

You: ?, get back, the boat is about to flip!

?: I know!

You: You know I can't-

Before you could say anything else, the edge of the boat hits your head and knocks you out.