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NOTE: This story isn't a part of "Where the sun rises during fall".

~Her love for the Phoenix Lord

What's hatred? How does it still manage to exist amidst the love which people possess for each other? What it is made up of? How was it born? Yes…. It isn't something singular. It exists in some among the few. Hatred can be for someone or for something. It's natural that you hate someone, but what are its consequences?

The Emperor of Kyoto was returning home from the nearby shrine. He was dressed in red Hakama with an intact lustering golden belt, intact around his broad waist. A golden crown covered his black-hair and he held a sword by his hand. His eyes were as ferocious as that of the tiger. His black pupils constricted as a couple of light beams fell on his face, eradicating his weariness. Then, two deities appeared in front of the Emperor. One, a navy-haired wearing a yellow Hakama having red chintz patterns and another wearing a Kosovorotka having the combination of White and Orange hues, shades and tints.

"Greetings, lord Yuriy and lord Takao. Hope your wives Hiromi and Kuinn are fine," muttered the Emperor.

"They are doing well, my lord," replied both the deities in a respectful manner.


The Emperor turned to his half-bald commander, having gray hair under his bald.

"Black man, do you know where are my daughters? I haven't seen them ever-since after the morning meal."

"My Lord, they all have gone to river Fuji to collect lotuses. They'll return back anytime sooner."

"Say what? Go and bring them all back."

"Okay my lord, but they can visit the Phoenix temple too. It's not right to interfere them while they all are visiting a temple."

The Emperor got flared up as the word "Phoenix" reached his ears. He gave a deadly glare, which frightened the Deities. He produced his sword and cut the head of an earthen statue in fury, right in front of him.

"Black man! I said go! Or else your head will meet the same fate! Listen! I am ready to worship Lord Kinomiya and Lord Ivanov, but NEVER that Hiwatari! He never paid any respect to me while he visited the Kingdom for the Family fest! I never mind worshipping any god of any religion…. Any religion, BUT…. I'll dare not to worship that Hiwatarian! If I do that, I'll consider that as a bad omen! Quickly! Bring back my daughters here to the Kingdom! Before they could take a step on that Vermillion Temple, you should bring them here! Go immediately!"

Gulping, the bald replied, "Yes, your majesty".

Bowing, the bald left. Both the lords gave worried looks as they exchanged glances and sighed.

The navy-haired lord interfered, "Emperor Gideon; I know that you have vengeance against the Russian Lord, but he is a man with divine qualities. It's bad to talk ill of him. Even the most powerful thing in the Universe is not as strong as him. He meditates even under the scorching heat, violent winds, rampaging fires, heavy downpours and literally, the strongest weathers can never change his motive."

The red-head Russian continued, "He is the god of the earth. He is much superior to us, my Lord."

"Lords… I have respected you both a lot, so don't shatter them. I am never flexible, so just keep that in mind."

The rude Emperor finished with his words and ambled off to the courtroom.

"Hey, catch me if you can Paula!" muttered a dull-haired pinkette, running on the grass blades to chase her sister.

"I will never leave you Mathi!" exclaimed the purplette, holding the skirt of her Kimono and running behind the pinkette.

Suddenly, the purplette stopped, and the pinkette realized before she ventured out too far. Mathilda turned back and questioned her, "Hey Paula, what happened to you?"

"I am really very tired Mathi," panted the purplette.

Quickly, the purplette grabbed the pinkette's hand and declared, "I have caught you, little sis!"

Pouting and with an intense eye-widening reaction, she replied, "You are a cheater Paula!"

"Girls, where are you both?" squealed a girl.

Both the purplette and the pinkette turned back to look at a familiar woman, who was none but their older sister.

"Stacy!" exclaimed both of them.

There was this girl having deep violet hair. Her emerald pupils dilated as the sun reflected its Rays on her ice-berg skin. She was carrying a bamboo basket having a couple of daisies and hibiscuses.

"Girls, enough of playing. There can be snakes around here, so let's quickly collect the lotuses and leave the place. And, we all should visit the stone temple to keep the Phoenix statue there. Clear?"

Both the younger ones nodded their heads and went to the pond to collect the lotuses. They quickly picked them up one by one.

"Sister, is there really a snake here? I am really scared…" mumbled the pinkette.

"No Mathi. I mean, they'll never attack us if we don't frighten them, but if he harm them, they'll bite us for sure. So, don't get scared. Snakes usually won't come out during this time."

The light-haired purplette interfered, "Stacy, the stone temple can accommodate the statue of only one god. If we don't place the Phoenix statue sooner, we won't be able to get blessings from lord Hiwatari. So, it's high time that we go there now."

These princesses aren't visiting the Vermillion. God, they proved their father wrong.

"Yes Stacy. So girls, let's go there now."

The three sisters retreated their back from the damp ground and advanced to their black mares.

"Let's go to the stone temple, guards."

"Yes princess," responded one of the two female soldiers.

There was this structure built out of Granite. It was half-open spaced, where hollow windows and a hollow entrance opened up. A nun was carrying some flowers, stepping out from the hollow entrance and ambled off to the storage area. She took a silver steam pot and opened its lid and the steam diffused to the outer atmosphere. Inside the temple, there were a lot of statues of various sacred animals. A space was left for another statue. The statue of gods Izanami and Izanagi, the Primordial Japanese gods of creation were placed. After a few minutes, the nun witnessed three girls and two female guards coming there and one of the guards was holding a Phoenix statue.

The nun smiled at them as the group advanced towards her, "Welcome princesses. You can kindly go inside and keep your Vermillion statue."

"Yes mother", replied the eldest among the sisters and led them inside the temple, before a few words prevented them.


The three lads turned back in bewilderment.

"Black man?" asked the pinkette.

"King has ordered you girls to NOT place the Vermillion statue! Instead, he has asked us to place the statue of Dragoon!"

"No…. We have come first Black man, so we are willing to place the statue of Phoenix! Please sir!" pleaded the violette.

"No! Emperor Gideon has ordered to keep the statue of Dragoon. Pardon me princess, you have to abide by your father or else you'll be facing the consequences for your acts."

Before even the girl could protest, the statue of the sacred Dragon was placed. This enabled the princess to fall on the floor with shuddering hands coping the statue of Vermillion bird. Tears brimmed her lower eyelids as they strolled down her cheeks.

"Now let's return to the Palace, pardon me," apologized the Black man as he went to his Stallion.

"Stacy…" muttered the younger Princesses as they cupped her shoulders.

"O, Lord Hiwatari… I was waiting for your presence for all these years. Please…. I hope that you have realized my presence in this world. But, please pardon me my lord. I am unable to place the Vermillion bird here."

The light-haired purplette commented, "Don't mourn over this Stacy. Surely, lords like Hiwatari will definitely realize your presence…. He will…. Though he is in Russia, he can come….He has that power…"

That freezing cold can make a person get a frostbite. But, that's really impossible for a certain someone. He was in his deep state of emancipation from his surrounding, enthralled in his meditation. Though the cold around him was somber, his state of mind free, retreating from the worldly matters. The Phoenix lord set himself like a lotus on a rock. His thumbs were meeting his index fingers and that positioned fists were on his laps. He retrieved the state of being isolated. His dual-haired ended up on his shoulders. He was half-naked, a part of his torso being revealed. He was robust. His muscular torso was embellished with a garland sewed out of Phoenix feather, with two copper chains. A black cloth stuck with some of the feathers with gold specks, ended up on his thighs. His face had six triangles painted, each on either side. There was his trident resting itself diagonally on a tree. His lips were crepe in hue.

The lord gently opened to reveal his amethysts.

'Someone is waiting for my presence. I know who you are. Need not worry for me, Lady Stacy. I'll come for you sooner. I may not need a statue to feel a presence, but I have got your true devotion for me."

Smiling feebly, he closed his eyes again.

The violette's emerald pupils were blemished with tears. She was wearing a green Kimono, speckled with golden designs. Her hair was made to a half bun and a couple of roses pinned on the bun. Minimal accessories but still looked pretty. She looked glum but yet alluring. Beside her, the statue of a giant Phoenix was placed. She bought a steam pot and spread the vapors on it though it was gigantic. The statue was well built, tip of the wings finely pointed like the shaft of an arrow. Golden speckles made it glow. Beak was finely pointing. The statue's pools were filled with emotions.

"O lord Hiwatari, I have fallen for you. For years, I have been waiting for your presence. Bless this helpless girl with your showers of blessings. Lead me to emancipation after my death."

The maids and the princess sprinkled a few red and white petals on the red statue. The princess climbed on a chair and twirled its neck with a jasmine garland.

The rituals were still on process, till a black-head entered the room. His face was filled with fury and inimitable rage. He almost felt like destroying the whole place in a blow. His eyes turned red after looking at something red. His eyebrows were dumped down in anger and his teeth finely gritted each other, which could almost make them sensitive. The princess gulped thicker than ever she did in her life. The flowers within her fists stumbled upon the floor.

"STACY! Haven't I told you that you shouldn't worship the Phoenix, right?! Then why the hell did you do this! Urgh!"

"O father! Please don't take away this right from me! Please father! Let me worship the Phoenix lord!"

"I'll never let you do this Stacy!"

Spinning a spade, he rushed towards the statue, hitting its base. The girl hovered her father's arms and tried her best to pull him back, but her efforts went in vein.

"Leave me Stacy!"

"Please stop this father!"

The girl cried but the father never cared. His motive was to destruct the Bright red, gold flecked bird-statue.

But, something happened. Before even the King could complete destroying it for at least a single percent, a beam of light occupied the space, stabbing each and everyone's eyes. All blocked their sights with their elbows. The beam turned yellow. Next, the beam dissipated gradually, making the strain on everyone's eyes disappear. When the light beam vanished, a Vermillion bird and a tall robust lord appeared. He was dressed in Phoenix feathers, but yet charming. His amethysts gleamed at the space and its inhibitors. His hand possessed a trident. The bird stopped flapping its wings after being completely teleported to the world.

Looking at him, the princess shed happy tears, but the black-head gritted his teeth. His eyebrows came down and his eyes completely turned red now.

"It was your fate to have born to such a father, Lady Stacy. I am not worried just because he hates me, but he didn't give you the freedom to worship the god whom he likes. Thus, I am completely yours from this moment. Come with me dear Princess."

Without wasting any time, she ran to the lord, cupping his left arm. He covered her shoulders.

"Listen, King Gideon! Your daughter shall be mine! I am largely smitten by her devotion! Remember that, she'll be my wife! I mean, your daughter will marry the one whom you hate, but the one whom she loves. She'll have the right to do anything in her life and never to be bound by men like you."

Gritting his teeth even harder the King ran to his daughter but the lord, the bird and the princess left before even the black-head could halt them. He kicked the ground in failure. All the guards and maids moved a step back.

"Listen everyone, Stacy is not my daughter! She'll never be the daughter of this clan! She'll not be invited to any of our family rituals. CLEAR!?"

'"Yes, your majesty!" replied his followers in reluctance.

It has been quite a few days since the Dranzer lord married the princess. It has been quiet peaceful for them, till something happened.

"I am not letting you go Stacy. You'll never get any respect from them."

"My lord, it's my family. I have the right to go there. Though I weren't being invited, it means that I don't need any invitation to attend the ceremony conducted by my own family."

"No Stacy, I am advising you to not go there. You'll be disrespected."

"Please my lord. Let me go there! You said that I'll have the right to do anything, then why?"

Thinking for a few moments, he replied, "Okay, you can go, but under one condition."

"Yes, tell me my lord."

"You should take Dranzer with you. She'll come there as a human being. But still, she'll be bound by you. She'll abide by every order of yours."

"Sure my lord. Thank you very much for this."

"Sure, but take care."

The Phoenix lord turned behind the tree and called, "Come here Dranzer."

"Yes lord Hiwatari!"

There appeared a beautiful ageless woman, ever dauntless and alluring. Her scarlet hair was braided neatly and a red gown with golden specks making a chintz pattern were laid above the Vermillion background. Golden accessories embellished her. Her lips were smeared with red paste of stone mixture.

"Lady Stacy will take you to Japan. Go with her through teleportation."

"Yes, lord Hiwatari."

Couple of monks were standing in a semi-circle perpendicular to the beginning of the shrine, having some silver vessels. Nuns were holding rose-gold plates possessing hibiscuses. The black-haired King with his followers were ready for the ritual. Three lords, the Dragoon possessor, The Wolf possessor and the turtle possessor where together beside the King. Behind them, a purplette and a pinkette were standing. The day has been evergreen as Sakura flowers were falling on the Seafoam water, lotuses were floating, birds were chirping and the trees danced to the music of breeze. They were at the back-entrance, where the roof was painted in blue-shades and tints with silver speckles. The sky was alluringly in blue.

As the rituals were going on, there approached a purplette. She was dressed in bright pink Kimono with a couple of bright orange patterns. She wore a couple of moonstone accessories, beautifying her more. Just beside her was the Vermillion Scarlet.

All turned back towards the footsteps. The purplette had a bright smile on her face but the black-head tried to regret it.

"I never invited you here Stacy. You go out from here, and you aren't a part of our family anymore."

"But father, I too have the right to attend this ceremony! I am also a part of this family! Please father, let me attend this!"

"Go away from here! You don't have that right! You respect the Phoenix lord more than you do to me, right? Tell me the truth or not?!"

"No father, it isn't like that! I love him as a wife and I love you as a daughter!"

"You aren't my daughter! I only have two daughters!"

Both unmarried princesses gave sorrowful looks. They depicted the violette to leave the place immediately not out of hatred, but out of care.

"Father, I am pleading for the last time. Please accept my presence whole-heartedly."

"Do you think that a cold-hearted man will ever do like this?! Leave from this place! Go away from here, Bitch!"

Now, the violette couldn't control her tolerance. For how many times she'd beg him? He never respected her daughter's choices, then how can a daughter ever be so submissive? Doesn't she have the rights?

Now, the sky turned red. The vessels on the monks' hands caught with fire. Unable to bear the heat, they'd dropped all of them in water…. The flowers burnt to iron-hued ashes. The violet haired fluttered violently in the on-coming storm. A few red-beams spiraled her figure. From a normal princess, she turned to a deity. Her hair was now brown hued…. She wore a Yellow Kimono with red designs and borders. Her head possessed a crown. She wore bunch of heavy chains, dangling earrings and excess of accessories. Her skin became Olive-toned. Her emerald eyes were possessing cerise marks in fury. She held a trident, which is almost of her height. A pair of four hands appeared behind her, each of them possessing weapons.

"Listen Gideon! Ever since this Stacy got married to Lord Kai Hiwatari, she has a second form! The world can be a sad place to live…. The world can be a place filled with jovial, BUT! This Stacy has a second form! This form is not the naïve Stacy, This is goddess Ryoka who will be the fate of your unpleasant future! Now, the time has come to make yourself feel guilty! AND, I'LL ENSURE THAT MY LORD WILL PUNISH YOU FOR YOUR MISDEEDS, and thus…. This Ryoka will end Stacy's life!"

All were startled and felt aback. Literally, everybody gulped thick. Even the might lords couldn't face them.

Then, the brunette goddess set fire on her. She was burning….The rampaging inferno on her body became numb for her to feel the pain. But, since the violette couldn't bear the burn, the goddess burnt herself half and she replaced her body with the violette's. Her white-skin has turned into black patches. Yes, dead….. She was lying dead on the floor.

Both the princesses hugged each other and cried. But, the black-head never cried. Even the three lords couldn't forgive themselves. They too started to shed tears, but almost controlled them.

"Hnn! Leave that dead one! I don't care if she is dead or alive! Come on! Still there are a few more vessels! Maids, go and bring the spare flowers!"

"Yes majesty!"

Before all could take a step, the fire beam formed on the ground halted them. There stood the angry Phoenix in the form of a woman. Her eyes turned ferocious by every moment. The King was shocked, but something made him more alarmed. The Phoenix lord descended. His amethysts glared at the King…. He turned to the violette… His eyelids were brimmed with tears. Never had he ever shed tears in life, but now he did. He gently clasped her body and cried. Then, after crying out his emotions, he turned to the King.

"Gideon! We both will have a war! Till I defeat you in that, my thirst of revenge will never be quenched! We'll start this battle from this moment! Pull out your weapons!"

Then, he turned to the three lords and asked, "How come you all didn't prevent this injustice?! How were you all able to see a women suffer? Then, how can you all call yourself as lords?! Hah! Didn't you all have the guts!? This is how you all play safe?"

Now, he turned back to the black-head and remarked, "Listen! I'll behead you Gideon! I swear!"

The war happened for days. But finally, as lord Hiwatari promised, he beheaded the King. He has been so revengeful that he killed the followers of the Kings. The three lords didn't join the war, but they were concerned for this Planet, which has been half-destructed because

After the Phoenix lord looked at the beheaded corpse lying on the floor, he smirked. But, there appeared five deities. The three lords along with Goddess Hiromi dressed in red and Goddess Kuinn dressed in white.

The Dragon wielder asked, "Look lord Hiwatari. The revenge for a single soul has caused a lot of destruction to this Earth. So, I plead to bring back this Earth to peace."

"Lord Takao, I understood my acts. I'll bring back the Earth back to peace. I'll also pardon this King, but his head will be replaced with that of a goat. Let peace come to the world….."

Let Peace come to this earth,

Pardon all the sins,

Enlighten this world with rebirth,

Bringing in with a few grins.

O Phoenix, Burn the sins with your flames

O Phoenix burn the sins with your flames.

Give a rebirth to this earth

Give a rebirth to this earth.

~To be continued~

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