At Villaruel house, there has their underground called the main P teams HQ. Even Mia's bird form, Silver. And her team, the main P teams. Where they settled their seats and also the table has the name like P. But Silver has to tell her team something about Super String Wand Staff, her family heirloom and her hair braid super string.

"Guys," Silver asked, "Do you think about something?"

"We checked everyone's safe!" Skipper (From Penguins of Madagascar) answered and asked Silver, "Will you give us to take a break, Silver?"

"Of course, Skipper." Silver answered Skipper and asked her team, "Anyting else?"

"I wonder what's going on your wand staff." Ralph (From Wreck-it Ralph) said while pointed to her wand staff.

"In this real life," Rabbit (From The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh) replied, "They don't have wings and magic too, Ralph."

"Oh," Ralph agreed, "I see, Rabbit, i see."

"Timmy," Silver called and asked Timmy, "Are your godparents have their fairy wands different than mine?"

"Yeah Silver," Timmy (From Fairly Oddparents) answered, "My godparents wants us to wish everything and they wish anything if we like."

"Thank you for asking me to your questions, Timmy!" Silver thanked.

"Anytime, Silver!" Timmy welcomed.

"Here's my math worksheet, Silver!" Bubbles (From Powerpuff girls) called and give her math worksheet to Silver, "I hope you like it!"

Silver checked her math worksheet was correct and gave an A.

"Here you go!" Silver said and give her back, "Good job for your studying your math worksheet, Bubbles!"

"Thank you Silver!" Bubbles smiled and settled down her seat.

"Anytime, Bubbles! Anytime!" Silver smiled and proud of Bubbles. Now, she turned and asked her team, "Got any ideas?"

Until, Silver's brother, Chuck (From Angry Birds), who was running while his speed and ran to Silver.

"I think it's your super string wand staff, sis!" Chuck answered.

"Oh okay, Chuck!" Silver agreed while Chuck ran back.

"Let me check your wand staff." Mia The Celebrity (From Roblox) said while grab Silver's super string wand staff and checked it, "Not bad, isn't it, Silver?"

"I know, right." Silver agreed with Mia The Celebrity.

"Oh." Rita (From Toca Life: Stories) and Sophie Stars (From Toca Life: Superstars) said while face to face each other. Oggy (From Oggy and the Cockoaches) was facepalmed on his face.

"Oh, ok then." Ferb (From Phineas and Ferb) whispered to Silver.

"It seems like your wand staff looks different than the pixie dust like magic." Tinker, Tinkerbell's guardian (From Tinkerbell) said to Silver while pointed to Silver's wand staff.

"Yes, Tinker." Silver replied.

"Excuse me," Skelly, Skully's guardian (From Jake and the Neverland Pirates) asked Silver, "Can i go and asked the honorary P teams about your wand staff, please Silver?"

"Anyting if you like, Skelly." Silver answered Skelly, "Be safe!"

"Okay, i will!" Skelly agreed and went to the portal to the honorary P teams' underground.

Bugs Bunny (From Looney Tunes), Baby Bugs Bunny (From Baby Looney Tunes) and their group heard Silver and their team were talking about her wand staff and walked anywhere else.

"Silver," Tad the merchant (From Janet and Kate) asked, "Are you sure about me, Janet and Kate going to the picnic?"

"Ok sure, Tad!" Silver answered and Tad nodded while went to the picnic with Janet and Kate.

Sonic (From Sonic) ran the hallway and race with Chuck while the Star Wars cheered them up. Then, the one of the Splatoon 1, 2 and 3 were Marie, the idol of the squid sisters from splatoon 1.

"Hey Silver," Marie called, "I got a good news, the good news is... the two leaders of the Back-up P teams has something to tell you about your wand staff."

"Oh i see, Marie." Silver asked, "The two leaders of the Back-up P teams is Papa Smurf and Smurfwillow?"

"Yes and i know right." Marie answered, "After our meeting and you need to go to the Back-up P teams' underground."

"Okay," Silver agreed, "Thanks for giving us a good news, Marie!"

Marie nodded and settled down her seat. Until, the meeting has ended.

"I think's our meeting has ended, guys." Silver called.

"Let's go, guys!" Theo AKA Turbo (From Turbo Fast) replied to them.

"Yeah!" Cloudy Skies, Rainbow Dash and Soarin's daughter (From My Little Pony Friendship is Magic) agreed with him while the main P teams nodded them.

"Well," Silver waved her team, "Have a great day and night, you guys!"

"You too, auntie!" Blue Pie, Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich's daughter waved too.

The main P teams went back while Silver went to the portal to the Honorary P teams' underground.