Disclaimer - hey ! I'm not Rick Riordan so sadly I don't own pjo .

So , my name is Annabeth Chase and I am just another teenager. Plain boring annabeth who has nothing special about her. I seem to have mastered the art of blending in the background. I can not blame anyone , see there really is nothing special about me except one fact . And this one fact is that I am ACC the Mysterious author whose books are going bestseller after best seller . I started writing as a hobby about three years ago and wrote my first book at the age of 16. It was published and got best seller and that's how the name ACC came into existence in the eyes of the world. I have different view about many things like why every books end with a sappy happy ending. I mean not all people happy and I think we should face the harsh truth. Just take Cinderella a girl that was abused by her stepmother got a Prince and all that. But do all the girls that are abused by their stepmothers get the happy ending ?

The answer is no
They spent all the life waiting for the prince but no one came
Everyone don't have a happy ending
Just take me for example
I don't usually talk that way about elders but my stepmother is not exactly a barrel of sunshine. Does does my life get any better by a prince ?
No , so I wrote a book and that's what made my life better.
I Write about if we have to get Happy Ending we have to do it ourselves . we cannot rely on anyone ( oh and for your information I don't write sappy Romance works ) I write about reality about the truth the harsh world , contrast to the lies we are told in the form of a fairy tale in her childhood. So my first book was sort of a of a retelling of Cinderella except in it there is no Prince. The girl does it all herself she makes her life herself . she does not depend on a prince to rescue her . she is not a damsel in distress .
the title of the book was " the girl only needs herself". My second book was somewhat along the same line - a retelling of rapunzel in which a girl is a sort of prison by her stepmother and she escapes and makes her life herself . no Flynn Rider comes for her so my third book was about...
Anyway you get the idea.
My book got published I could not hide it from my parents much longer.
So naturally I told them and the result was something I have never dreamt of . my stepmother started treating me like her own child but I can see through her mask. She's only treating with such so that she gets the money earning and when she gets her hands and then she'll be like the original stepmom. So this is my life , the only person who really cares about me and the whole world is my manager thalia . Oh I forgot to tell you one thing -'the girl only needs herself ' book got turned into a movie and so did the second and third book. So you must be wondering how this all works that are not showing up, so how this works. Actually my manager thalia has a large part on it . you see whenever anyone wants the creative rights on the book they ask thalia and she gives them formation and does all the legal work and the interesting thing is I always go to the premier with thalia as her friend.
Life is pretty good. I have a good image with most of the professors and have fairly good grades. I'm not one of the popular girls (not that I want to) (because they are all sluts) her name was drew or something (honestly, I don't have space for such trash in my mind , let's just call her idiot number 1. So this idiot number one had the wonderful idea (note the sarcasm) that annabeth please attention in the lessons let's call her nerd ?
oh I am so incredulous !( new Discovery- wow idiot number one can pronounce long words it's probably the longest word she has pronounced till date . )
All the other girls being idiot agreed with her. I thought what's the worst thing they can do so I just let it go. The lunch break arrived and they cornered me and said - "how wonderful it is to see you annabeth! "
I replied - "I wish I could say the same for you"
That seem to make her mad and whatever she was planning to say afterwards instead of that she said -"oh who are you talking nerd "
" maybe you should really go out with Steve ."
So Steve is one of the most disgusting guide of the school . He does good in studies but he smells awful and no one knows if you really showers or not.
I was about to reply something but then one of them said - "what will you say you are just plain nerd home no one wants I wouldn't be surprised if you turn up at the annual ball alone"
"you know you don't really deserve to be here what do you have in special just a background character"
"have you ever did something special?"
Now I had Tears in my eyes, because I'm a little sensitive emotional.
And being a nobody was my sensitive topics .
Then, idiot no 1 said -" oh , no one knows her , let's call her nobody "
They started chanting "nobody""nobody"
I just ran away to wherever my legs would carry me.