The young blonde stared blankly into his glass of water, thinking back on the day's events. He had thought that with him becoming a ninja now, that people's attitude towards him would change. That finally they would acknowledge him for what he is. But with how that perverted sensei of Konohamaru's attitude towards him, he was certain that just having the Hitai-ate will not change anything in his life.

"I want them to acknowledge me" the muttered softly, watching his own reflection in the water more intensely. "I want them to acknowledge me. I want them to see me as more than just a trouble maker. I want them to take me seriously. I want them to see me as Naruto Uzumaki the shinobi. Not as some demon fox" the last part came out a low mumble, his eyebrows set in determination.

He got out from his chair at the dinner table and rushed to his wardrobe. And from it he pulled out his orange jumpsuits and pants. "Shinobi do not wear such bright colors" he muttered and began to chuck them into the trash. But half way through he stopped. Because he realized that he had nothing but those things to wear.

"I need to go shopping for more clothes" the young blonde muttered, fishing his clothes back out of the trash. "I could maybe make some adjustments to these" he thought as he looked at the pile of clothes around him.

Next day he sat in the classroom, wearing his orange jumpsuit and pants. He failed at making adjustments. Which were to paint them black. But the results he did not like.

He watched in silence as one by one his former classmates and now fellow graduates walked into the room, his chin resting on the desk. He had to stay calm and ignore the stares he got from them. If he was going to be a shinobi, he needed to learn how to be patient and how to ignore people trying to pick a fight with him. Which proved to be hard when Kiba had come in and when Sasuke had made his presence known and the female populace fangirled over him.

Iruka sensei not long after that walked in and began his speech about how they were no longer students and what not. After which it was the team selection. Team Seven, that was where Naruto went alongside Sakura and Sasuke. And during the naming of his teammates, he had both almost cheered and shouted in outrage. He really had to dig his knuckles into his thighs to stop himself. It was proving to be extremely hard for him to not do things a shinobi would do.

In no time the teams were done being called and lunch was called. The graduates all filed out in teams after Iruka had left, leaving only team seven behind.

"Sasuke-kun! Let's grab some lunch together" Sakura exclaimed. But Sasuke just walked past her and out the door. Sakura watched him go with a sad face.

"We could go out and grab lunch if you want Sakura-chan" Naruto suggested. But immediately cringed when Sakura screamed at him and stomped out.

"Maybe I'll go for Ichiraku" Naruto sighed and walked out of the room at last. Sakura was in no way going to go with him and Sasuke was a no go.

Alas for Naruto lunch was a no go as well. All of lunch was spent in the bathroom, battling the stomach of his that had gone wrong for the first time in his life.

He was sat at the very back, his skin pale and back against the wall. He looked like he would pass out at any moment now.

"Naruto, you look like you're about to die" Shikamaru pointed out. Naruto just weakly let out a sound before his face smashed into the table and he passed out.

When he regained consciousness again, he found a gravity defying silver haired man looking down at him with his single visible eyes curved like a smile.

"Well it's nice of you to finally join us Naruto. Is your stomach feeling good?" he asked.

"I guess" Naruto shrugged. He was questioning who this man was and how did he know that his stomach was in bad shape. But before he could ask the man, the man told them all to meet him on the rooftop before vanishing in a flurry of leaves. The three members of Team Seven looked at one another before shrugging and walking out the door.

"Oh you guys are here" the man eye smiled at them once the three had reached the top. He motioned for them to sit on three raised platforms while flipping a page of his book. "Why don't we start with introductions? Say our names, likes and dislikes. And then share our dreams for the future"

"Um Sensei, why don't you start? We don't know anything about you" Sakura spoke, raising her hand like she was still a student at school.

"Hmm" the man hummed. "Well my name is Kakashi Hatake. My likes and dislikes are none of your business. And my dream, I don't feel like sharing" he stated with his eye smile.

"So all we got to know was his name" all three members of Team Seven thought in unison. Not that they were aware of their synced moment.

"Blondie, go first" Kakashi pointed to Naruto and he sat straight. He needed to answer this seriously and make a good impression. Because being woken up by the sensei and him knowing about his bowel issues was not how he wanted things to start off.

"My name is Naruto Uzuamki. I like ramen and hate the three minutes that you have to wait for it to be done cooking" there where one other like and one other dislike of course. But he didn't want to speak it out and say something that would make Kakashi Sensei see him as a child. Not that talking about ramen wasn't childish or anything.

"And my dream, I want to become Hokage and have people acknowledge me!" the blonde finished and the masked man gave him an eye smile.

"As far as introductions go, that wasn't half bad" Kakashi thought. He then turned to Sakura and pointed a finger at her. "You're next pinky"

"My name is Sakura Haruno" the pink haired girl began in a huffy tone, proof that she disliked the nickname the man had given her. "My likes" her eyes shifted to Sasuke and she let out a giggle. "My dreams for the future" once more her eyes shifted to Sasuke and a giggle fell from her lips. "And I dislike Naruto" she finished with complete seriousness, leaving Naruto to gape at her.

"You're next Emo" Kakashi said with a deadpan. Great a fangirl! Just what he needed.

Sasuke grunted and only shifted his gaze to the older man. "My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I don't like many things and I dislike a lot of things. My dream is my ambition. My ambition is to kill a certain man" he finished. Sakura looked at him in awe and cheered about how cool Sasuke was while Naruto was hoping that Sasuke was not talking about him.

"So a ramen junkie, a fangirl and an emo avenger" Kakshi thought and with a sigh he put his book away. "That's all for today. Meet me at training ground three tomorrow at dawn. We'll have a survival training camp"

"But Kakashi sensei, we already had one at the academy" Sakura pointed out.

"Of course you guys did" Kakashi smiled at her. "But this training is for Genins and very important. It's kind of a test where only thirty three percent of the people pass" that had seemed to put the fear in the three as they al lstared at him with wide eyes. "And I suggest you do not eat anything for breakfast. Unless you want to get sick and throw up" Kakashi added and with a final eye smile, he vanished in a swirl of leaves.