Story 1

Danzo and Team Crimson

Ever since Madara, the Emperor of the Youma Realm had been defeated, Danzo knew that he'd plan his return after returning to full strength to break the seal once again. Although the Youma would prove to be troublesome from time to time, Danzo decided to put his Youma hunting business on hold and meet up with his friends from his adventures. After closing up shop since Tina would be travelling the world with all the ninja skills she learned from Danzo on his previous adventure to Samoa Island, It was time to learn more about the girls and their past since they first met.

He was passing through the streets of Shibuya when he saw Team Crimson holding up signs for a new arcade that had opened up on the streets. When Homura saw him, she put down the sign and motioned to her friends that Danzo was walking through town, in a set of clothes that made him blend in with the crowd.

"Danzo! Hey Danzo!" Homura called, waving her hands in the air.

Danzo turned to see his friend jumping up and down looking like a giddy middle school kid. He soon approached her and exchanged a high five and a hug with her. Yomi, Hikage, Mirai, and Haruka also greeted their friend as well, and together they decided to spend some time at the new arcade that had opened.

"So what brings you to Shibuya, Danzo Darling?" Haruka asked in her flirtatious manner.

"Just wanted to put my Youma hunting on hold for a bit as they haven't been active for some time since Madara got owned," he said.

"Well that's a first," Mirai muttered.

Yomi and Hikage could breathe easy as they could now focus on their lives for a change. They could see that Danzo was well stocked on cash since his debts had been settled thanks to his employer, D.J. Morganson who had replaced Yusuke who returned to Osaka. The arcade had new games and some old games that he played during his youth. He then settled on Guitar Hero and he soon began playing it with such intensity that he burned through the song, Through the Fire and the Flames by Dragonforce, barely breaking a sweat and amazing so many people by his mastery of that difficult song.

"No way, he actually did it," Hikage said looking surprised that she blushed intensely.

Danzo soon drank some water to cool himself down, and decided to lead his friends to other games to play, until Yomi suggested they get some fresh bean sprouts to eat.

"Fine by me," Danzo said.

Yomi soon jumped for joy and nearly kissed Danzo, but she was held back by Haruka who warned her not to get too flirty with him. They had just settled down when Danzo got out some cash he acquired from his previous jobs at Youma May Cry and purchased a multitude of Bean Sprouts for himself and all of his friends. Yomi now felt like she was on Cloud 9 when she saw every bean sprout in front of her. Eventually as they ate the bean sprouts, Danzo then decided to ask team Crimson about their past.

"I'll start first you guys," Homura said, and everyone listened to her story. "Sometime after I was born, I was a good Shinobi. I hailed from a family of ninja so that my life was insured for greatness. I've been training all my life since Elementary school due to the pressure of my family. In middle school I met someone who I trusted and considered as an 'oasis' for myself. I'd listen to him and he'd help me achieve my goals in any manner possible. But then, I was betrayed by that guy, who said he wanted to learn more about my family's secrets. I struck him down and left him to die only for my parents to say I was nothing but a traitor to every good ninja that came before me. They exiled me and left me alone until this woman named Suzune said I had potential, and offered me a place at Hebijo Academy. But after meeting Asuka and her friends, We all agreed that Dogen, the madman who wanted us sacrificed for his own selfish gains, would want us for his goals of summoning Youma to attack humanity since he wanted to become a youma himself. I was able to strike him down, and together with my friends we became a band of rebels called Team Crimson. But, Suzune, or Rin, still keeps a sharp eye on us so that we can continue in our personal agenda to become stronger. We were also able to stop Fubuki from wiping out Humanity with an army of Youma so that she could achieve her late Grandfather's true agenda, but she twisted his version of Justice into Vengeance. And here we are with you, another Human/Youma hybrid like Fubuki, fighting Youma again."

Danzo kept unusually quiet about it, but decided not to probe any further. Until he asked Yomi her story.

"I lived most of my life growing up in the slums and harbors with a strong dislike for rich people. My own parent's didn't survive during the poverty that enveloped the slums of every city I saw. I saw Ikaruga and her adopted father on television giving aid to those in other countries, until my hatred towards her grew until it was ready to burst like a balloon. I'm not sure about my parents, but I think they sold me off for their own selfish desires. Although my hatred was strong, I found a certain item that led to both of us becoming friends. At first I was hostile towards Ikaruga, until she told me that she was adopted by that family, leading to me having a slight change of heart. I still respect her but I still feel strong difficulties about opening up to her despite our different social upbringings. We did overcome those barriers, and now we're true friends," Yomi explained.

Next it was Hikage's turn.

"I always had trouble with my emotions as a kid. I never knew much about my parents, but I was in an orphanage growing up. Most of the other kids spoke trash about me and called me dead face. I was very uncomfortable and left that place when i was 8 years old. After running through the streets, I met a girl named Hinata, and stood beside her like a companion. Hinata always took care of me and became a positive influence on my life. She stood up for me, and said that it was fine for me to be expressionless. For the first time in my life, I felt happy about it, but I kept it to myself for a while. One day there was an incident where we saw a gang getting on the darker side of another gang leading to a massacre. Hinata decided to address the situation herself, but she didn't return to my side. Then I found her lifeless body in a dumpster in the alleyway. I felt my first surge of emotion in many years, like a drip in my heart raining hard in my being. I soon learned that it was sadness, but I kept Hinata's knife as a memento, knowing that she would always be with me. Eventually I was recruited into Hebjio and became part of the Elite Class in my first year, after Haruka herself," Hikage explained.

Then it was time for Mirai to explain her story.

"I've always been treated like dirt by other people, that I've hated their guts to the end of time. I went to Hebijo to find some friends, but after a certain incident, I got the wrong impression and worried that I would become the biggest bully of all. I tried to flee that school, but my friends said that I would always be a part of their circle no matter what. That's basically all you need to know about my past. But the first time I saw you in the Tower of Darkness when we fought a swarm of Youma trying to destroy the world, We knew it was because of Miyabi's crazed brother, Akira. But more importantly, you treated me with respect. It just made me very happy to know that you're not like other people who treat me like garbage. So thank you, for treating me with respect," Mirai said.

Danzo nodded and gently placed his hand on her shoulder. Then he turned to Haruka who had her own story to tell.

"My mother loved me a bit excessively. She always kept me locked up in the house and treated me like a child's plaything. My father was a doctor, who had too many affairs to deal with, which led to him becoming corrupt. Those things brought me to my breaking point, that I wanted to destroy my own home out of revenge, until Suzune stepped forward and taught me the art of Puppet mastery. These skills helped me force my father to confess that he was a corrupted individual. After that, I was able to join Hebijo becoming the first member of the elite Class before I met my friends, became team Crimson, and eventually left that school to defeat Dogen, and any Youma that would dare attack the human world. But when we met, you found out about my little secret when we fought against that Youma called Belial in the torture chamber. And besides, I've even taken a bit of a liking to you, Danzo Darling," Haruka said in her flirtatious manner.

Danzo had just managed to scarf down the last of his bean sprouts, when he stood up and saw some delinquents coming towards them.

"Well, well, well. O' Kings of crime and death. I'm impressed, You just managed to find us a bit too easily. And I can sense that you don't just have Youma in you, but that you are youma in the flesh. And I know that for a fact," Danzo said nonchalantly.

He flicked out his transformation scroll, and changed into his Youma hunting outfit from the time he fought Madara and defeated him. Then with his sword, Defiance, and his guns, Black-Star and Silver-Moon, he struck down and slew the Youma that were lying in wait to ambush him. Danzo holstered his blade and firearms, knowing now that he really didn't like eavesdroppers. Although Team Crimson was impressed by his skills with a sword and guns, they felt he needed to unwind for a bit and decided to take him to the hotspring resort. When they arrived, Haruka suggested that they all do something called a mixed bathing day, in which two people of different genders would relax in the hot springs together. Danzo sat in the warm waters of the Hot spring looking quietly up at the sky, knowing his mother Emika, and his father Sato were watching him from the afterlife. He closed his eyes deep in thought, but then they opened when Haruka began to hold him in her arms in a flirtatious manner.

"What are you thinking about Danzo Darling?" she asked.

"I was thinking about my parents. My mother Emika, and my father Sato. They're with me," he replied pointing to the left part of his chest.

Haruka closed her eyes and leaned on his shoulder. After a brief few seconds the rest of team Crimson joined him in the hot springs. They carefully washed each other from head to foot until they dried themselves off with all the towels they had. After carefully getting dressed in their regular clothes, Danzo bade Team Crimson farewell, and set off to find the rest of his friends along the way.