Story 5

Danzo and Team Mikagura

As Danzo was passing through the streets, he saw Ayame walking down the streets with a guy who wanted to be a ninja and inherit the Hien for himself. He pulled over beside them, making him become somewhat unaware of his intentions. But Ayame assured him it was okay to be passive around him.

"Nice time for a walk, huh," Danzo said as he shut off his motorcycle.

"Uh, yeah I think so," the other guy said.

He looked to be around the same age as him, but he was a year older than him. Ayame introduced Danzo to this new guy wearing regular every-day street clothes.

"Oh yeah, Danzo, I'd like you to meet Ikaruga's brother, Murasame," Ayame said motioning to the other guy.

Danzo stepped off his bike, his coat trailing behind him. Murasame was most surprised to see that he looked pretty laid back for a regular human, but he sensed something about him that made him feel a bit uneasy.

"Um, it's nice to meet you, Danzo," he said.

Danzo and Murasame exchanged a fist bump as they had just gotten to know each other quite well.

"My sister said that you stopped Miyabi's crazed brother from unleashing total pandemonium on the world, but that you've also lost something irreplaceable," he said.

"Yeah, my brother Ryuki. His lust for power eventually proved to be his destruction. But now, I've entrusted my father's sword to Tina, a woman who looks like my late mother," Danzo explained.

Murasame smiled at him, and placed a reassuring hand on Danzo's shoulder.

"It's okay Danzo, I've been in the same boat as Ryuki. But thanks to an old timer, I realize that trying to kill Ikaruga to justify my means would only make my parents brand me as a traitor to everyone and everything I hold most important to me. Ikaruga's death would make me so sad that I'd have to learn to endure the exile and follow the path of death and destruction, and end up becoming the monster she'd have to kill," Murasame said.

"By the way, you're searching for the Mikagura shrine, aren't you?" Ayame asked.

"Yeah, been wantin' to meet with the Mikagura sisters, Kagura, and Naraku for some time," Danzo replied.

Murasame nodded, but had to go back to running his shop, leaving Ayame to join him on the trek to the shrine. After some careful navigation, they had finally arrived at the shrine and climbed the steps to see Renka, Kafuru, Hanabi, Naraku, Kagura, and Ryoki who still had her glowing halo above her head.

"Hey guys," Danzo called to them.

"Well I'll be, It's Danzo!" Kafuru cried out happily.

"Yay, Danzo's here!" Kagura said happily in her chibi form.

The two girls ran towards him with a happiness that made them hug Danzo.

"Nice to see you girls as well," said Danzo as they guided him up to the shrine.

Renka and Hanabi had just finished their work when they saw Danzo approaching them. Before they could progress any further, Naraku also greeted him warmly and saw that he was getting along with Kagura and Kafuru quite well.

"How's it going?" she asked as he sat down on the steps.

"Ah you know, just taking time off, and keeping the peace in the human world. The usual stuff," Danzo said in his casual tone.

Renka and Hanabi couldn't help but giggle a bit. You would have seen any of the kunoichi having a fun loving side to their personalities, but to some of them, love is something that can never truly die in the world.

"I heard you got yourself a girlfriend who used to follow old-timer Kurokage's old ambition of creating a peaceful world where evil expires and good prevails," Hanabi said.

"Yup, Gekko of Team Master. She went with me along with Fubuki and Senko to reunite with Yumi and her motley crew at Gessen," Danzo said to her.

"Hey, badda-bing, badda-boom," giggled the middle sibling.

Ayame couldn't help but laugh at that comment. As they talked under the roof of the shrine, Kagura emerged in her true form, but she had softened her expression to make herself a bit more likeable. After that they decided to train with Danzo by having a practice match with him until Sayuri appeared before them.

"Well now, isn't this a surprise," she said.

Danzo still had his weapons holstered as he saw the older woman approaching them. She had gray hair tied in a bun held by a shuriken, small eyes that made it difficult to see what kind of color they were, and a smoking pipe in her mouth. Her clothing consisted of a green long Hakama skirt, a white kimono shirt, beige sleeves, and a dark grey jacket held by a dark brown ribbon as a belt. She even had a necklace around her neck along with a similar scarf that Asuka wore.

"Lady Sayuri, we'd like to introduce you to Danzo, the son of Sato," Renka said.

Kafuru leaned towards Danzo.

"Just a bit of a heads up, when she uses her transformation technique she changes into a young woman under the alias, Jasmine," she whispered.

Sayuri stepped forward and took Danzo's hands in her own.

"Well, you seem to be a fine young man. After all, it's not everyday you get to meet someone who looks like their own father," the older woman said, before giving off a hearty laugh.

"Yeah, but at least your granddaughter Asuka's doing okay with everybody else. She seemed pretty happy that I taught her friend Hibari about how to let her heart give her the strength to fight any battle that might seem unwinnable. All she has to do is place her faith in herself, and she can win," Danzo replied.

Sayuri chuckled, but understood Danzo's words quite clearly. She puffed a smoke ring into the air, and turned to Danzo.

"My husband Hanzo has always been one to show his undying wisdom over the years, despite his perversion," she said.

Danzo nodded as he walked off to help Naraku gather more supplies for the next adventure. After gathering the supplies for the next Kagura Millennium Festival, Danzo felt it was time for him to head back to his shop for another job he wanted to take from a client, when his phone suddenly rang.

"Hey, what's up?" he answered it.

"Got some good news for you, Danzo!" It was Shiki.

"What is it?" he asked her.

"We got ourselves an invitation to a special spa resort, and it is, like, the best!" she cheered.

"Hmm, looks promising. Alright I guess I could spend time with everybody. That is, if Yumi doesn't mind," Danzo said.

"Oh it's fine, Danzo, besides, all of our friends and rivals are going to the same spa as we are. But, I'll admit, the last time we came here, I was far too trapped in the past, focusing on my grandfather's dream of a perfect world free of all evil," Yumi said to him, as Shiki had it set to Speaker.

"I see. But from what Asuka told me, old-timer Kurokage said that you shouldn't live in the past as he did. All it ever did was create even more evil in the world. You're not like your gramps, Yumi. You're you, and nobody else," Danzo assured her.

"You're right Danzo. I realized that after our previous visit to the spa resort. A world where good and evil can coexist in perfect balance is the right kind of world for everyone. By the way, thank you for helping me remember the dream I had," she said to him through the phone.

"No sweat, I'll see you and everybody else at the spa resort," Danzo said.

"Right, take care of yourself," Yumi replied, and clicked off the phone.

Danzo placed his phone into his pocket and turned to Kafuru.

"Well guys, Got some good news for all of you, A new spa resort has recently opened up, and we're all invited to it," Danzo said.

Everyone cheered, especially Ryoki who was visiting the world of the living at her own leisure. Danzo, on the other hand, knew that it would be pretty interesting to see all of his lady friends who were helping him with his job as he waved goodbye to his friends, and hurried down the stairs to his trusty bike. As he returned to the city, he saw Mirai walking casually through the streets as he pulled up next to her.

"Oh, Danzo! It's great to see you again buddy," she said happily.

"Yeah, you too, MIrai," Danzo replied coolly.

He noticed that most of team Crimson was not with her.

"Oh right, Homura and the rest of her crew have been out of contact since we've also received some invitations to the new Spa resort that opened up. You, uh, want to tag along and have a bit of fun at the resort?" she asked him.

Danzo thought about it for a few seconds, until he nodded.

"All right! Thank you Danzo!" she cheered happily.

Motioning for her to hop onto his motorcycle, Mirai held onto Danzo with her arms gently wrapped around him. Then with a loud roar of the engine, Danzo and Mirai raced off to the resort at full speed, weaving through traffic that seemed to be a bit heavy, leading them to take shortcuts through alleyways, where only the bloodthirsty and vile reside.

"You know Danzo, I thought you would be just like everybody else in the world, full of ignorance and hatred. I'm glad I met you," Mirai said as she rested her head on Danzo's back.

"Thanks, me too," Danzo replied, making Mirai giggle.

They had just managed to leave the alleyway when they saw the new spa resort just in front of them. Danzo swerved hard on his bike and managed to pull off an epic maneuver enabling him to park it, set the kickstand, and shut off the engine to his bike. Afterwards, Danzo and Mirai walked calmly up the stairs to see everyone at the resort. They all looked around to see Team Hanzo, Team Gessen, Team Hebijo, Team Crimson, Team Mikagura, and Team Master all gathered at the spa with smiles on their faces.