Story 6

Fun at the Spa Resort

All the girls saw Danzo and Mirai together. Then together they went into the locker rooms where Danzo changed out of his youma hunting clothes and put on a pair of swimming trunks, while the girls changed into their own swimsuits. When they stepped out, Danzo made sure to stretch his body and get the blood flowing through him. Some of them even saw Danzo's well toned body. He looked like he had transferred all of that body weight into every muscle giving him a well toned look, most of them blushed at the sight, but some of them thought he was okay for someone with a good build.

"I gotta say, You look pretty well done for a gunslinging swordsman, Danzo Darling," Haruka said in her usual flirtatious manner.

"You have no idea how many calories swinging a sword like Defiance can burn, I'm pretty toned myself, especially after sharing some adventures with you," Danzo replied.

The other girls agreed, and decided to have fun. Some of them splashed about in the pool, some went down the water slide, they even shared food and drinks with each other, But Danzo on the other hand was torpedoing through the water like an electric eel. The other girls thought he drowned as they didn't see any bubbles rising from beneath the water, but then Haruka pointed at the figure beneath the water to let them know that it was Danzo, until he burst out of the water and landed on the ground covered in water from head to foot.

"Wow, that was amazing!" Yomi said excitedly.

Even Hikage had to admit she was impressed as she smiled and gave Danzo a thumbs up. Danzo decided to moderate some Shinobi Calvary mock battles by playing lifeguard. Although they had some fun at that, they didn't mind Danzo being a referee. Danzo watched them carefully from his perch until Yumi claimed all of the headbands from the other teammates resulting in them collapsing into the water. They resurfaced, until Danzo respectfully declared Team Gessen as the winners, while also telling the other girls that they all did their very best despite not having won the mock battle. Then came the Peach Beach Splash Mock Battle, where Danzo chose two water pistols that looked like his trusty hand cannons. Making sure that they were fully loaded with water, he twirled them around his fingers like a cowboy from America in the 1800s.

"Let's rock!" he said.

Danzo and the kunoichi all laughed and played in the mock gun fight to claim the title of grand champion. However, Danzo was able to snuff them out and blast them at point blank range, but he gave Hibari a light tap on the shoulder to let her know that he didn't want Yagyu to be upset at him.

"Thank you Danzo," she said sweetly.

"No prob, Hibari," he replied, respecting her decision to surrender.

When Mirai was about to shoot him in the back, Danzo grabbed Hibari in his arms and back flipped over her whilst carrying the Pinkette bridal style. They landed safely on the ground, until they saw Yagyu's reassuring smile, which made Hibari think that she was happy to have someone else watching her back.

"Good shot, Mirai! You nearly had me and Hibari there," Danzo called to her.

Mirai giggled after hearing Danzo compliment her marksmanship.

"Hey kiddo, watch your back!" Miyabi shouted, as she fired several rounds at her with her super soaker.

But Danzo blasted her with his dual water pistols, until she crashed into the pool.

"If there's one thing I've learned about Mirai, it's never call her kid, kiddo, squirt, whatever," Danzo said to the silver-haired demon of Hebijo.

As if in slow motion, he picked Mirai up in his arms and lunged courageously away from the shots fired at her.

"Nice save Danzo!" Mirai said, as he set her gently on the ground.

Danzo nodded as he charged at the girls and shot them all down with his water pistols. They all lay defeated and soaked to the bone, but they all felt happy that they had fun. Everything seemed to calm down as Danzo and the kunoichi continued to have plenty of fun at the spa. But as they were preparing to change, a portal suddenly opened, and there stood a familiar face that Homura knew all too well. He had a muscular body and wore formal attire which consisted of a red coat with black fur trimming, waist high pants of the same color, a white dress shirt, and blue and green neckerchief. His hair was now black in color and his eyes were now as black as night, as he had dabbled in dark magic to become a youma himself after his previous failures.

"Well now, Homura, it seems you made a couple of friends after what's happened to you in the past," the stranger said.

"Dogen, why have you returned from the land of the dead!?" shouted Homura, but Asuka stopped her.

"Don't!" she said to her friendly rival.

Dogen chuckled pridefully at the Danzo.

"Well now, we meet at last, Son of Sato," he said coolly.

Danzo smirked at him, tossing aside his water pistols, before signalling for one of the girls to get his weapons.

"Heh, I never expected to see you come back from the dead after all of that training you put me through Dogen. But more importantly, you sacrificed your humanity when the youma used necromancy to restore you to life," Danzo said.

Homura gasped in horror, She didn't realize the youma could perform rituals like that, but Miyabi knew it all too well.

"You bastard!" she screamed, lunging at him, but Dogen sent her back with a powerful kick causing several food stands to crash on top of her.

"Foolish girl, always driven by a deep hatred for things that go bump in the night," Dogen muttered.

Dogen then performed a sign that ensnared both him and Danzo into another dimension, but not before Hibari tossed him his weapons. Danzo knew they were in a Shinobi Kekkei, a barrier that transcended time and space by creating an illusory world around them. He smirked at him.

"I've come to realize something buddy, You're manipulative ways have caused nothing but pain and suffering. You don't just want to control the youma, you want to become a youma. Sadly though, you gave up your humanity after you chose to unleash your own Zero Mortal plan with the youma. Something that old timers Kurokage and Hanzo would not want to have happen," Danzo told him.

"Silence boy!" Dogen shouted, but he jumped back when he saw Danzo transform into his youma trigger.

"I'm Danzo, son of Sato. I trained at Hanzo, Gessen, and Hebijo to become a youma hunter for hire after losing my mother Emika, and the hero who defeated Madara! It's time for just one last lesson you need to learn!" Danzo said, through his power.

Danzo and Dogen lunged furiously at each other, their blades colliding with each other. Dogen tried to punch him with his free hand, but Danzo ducked it and slashed at him with his sword. Dogen blocked it with all of his strength and forced Danzo back, but Dogen lunged back even more aggressively forcing Danzo back with his new found powers granting him strength. The illusion crumbled around them like glass, revealing Danzo and Dogen still locked in their fierce duel, until they saw Dogen crash into the water. Danzo leaped up and landed on the diving board, and began firing his guns wildly at his foe with unrelenting mercy in his eyes, sending water flying about in all directions. Dogen suddenly jumped out of the water, his body covered in bullet wounds as he stood furiously facing Danzo with unrelenting hatred in his eyes. He tried to charge at him again, but Danzo had enough, as he kicked the former human down to the ground, and pointed his pistol at him.

"You think you've won? If I'm dying, everything dies with me!" he shouted, but Homura grabbed the detonator from his hand before he pushed the button.

"Jackpot!" he said coolly, as he fired his gun, ending the madman's terror for good.

Homura watched as his body soon turned to ash and dust that blew away into the wind. After that ordeal, she immediately ran to Danzo and hugged him tightly. Asuka was a bit surprised at this, and Yumi, Miyabi, Renka, and everyone else at the spa. It was nearly late as the sun began to set, and everyone decided it was time to head back to prepare for the next challenge to rise up to. Danzo bade all the kunoichi goodbye as he went back to his motorcycle in his youma hunting gear. From that moment onward, everyone knew that it was time to be extra vigilant, as Danzo knew he had embraced his heritage as a hybrid immensely. As he prepared to return to his shop to rest and prepare for his next job, He saw Gekko running towards him.

"Wait Danzo! I want to go with you to your shop!" she called to him.

Danzo nodded as he started up the engine of his motorcycle. After Gekko got on, he moved the kickstand up, and raced back to his shop, Youma May Cry. When they arrived, Danzo made sure to park it next to his shop in the slums of Asakusa, as Gekko walked in with a smile on her face. She slowly opened the door and went inside to see Tina, Danzo's friend, sitting on the couch with rock music playing on the Jukebox.

"Well, well, well. I didn't know you'd be visiting this shop," Tina said to Gekko, who looked mildly bewildered as Danzo stepped in.

"Hey, what brings you back to the shop?" he asked.

"Um, Danzo, do you know this woman?" she asked.

"Yeah, this is Tina, she resembles my late mother Emika," he admitted.

But Gekko smiled at her and extended her hand to her new friend.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Tina," she said.

"Likewise, But first off, I didn't know that Danzo had a girlfriend," Tina said.

"To make a long story short, I pretty much saved her from becoming a bloodstain on the ground. You know how Senko would feel if her sister died," he said.

"I'm grateful to Danzo for saving my life that he and I pretty much became a couple after that," she admitted.

"Well then, I'd say it's rather sweet of you to join his youma hunting business, Miss Gekko," came a voice from behind.

Gekko turned to see that she was looking at a businessman wearing a plaid suit white dress shirt, black shoes, tan pants, red necktie, and a bowler hat. His face was dark shade of brown, but his eyes were emerald green. This was Danzo's new employer, R.J. Morganson, who had come to Japan to help Danzo out as both his boss, and his employer for missions that tested his skills in youma hunting. They had exchanged formal introductions, and Gekko promised him that she'd do her best to ensure that Danzo fulfilled his quota to get himself cold hard cash after his last employer left to help for parts unknown.

"Yeah, Welcome to the crew, Gekko," Morganson said.

Gekko nodded, and then she kissed Danzo.

"Oh yeah. Hebijo, Hanzo, and Gesson have all decided to put all of their resources into my shop to make it popular enough for me to get new jobs," Danzo said.