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For some reason I decided to have teams RWBY, and JNPR react to "the World of Kaiserreich series", yes I know it's stupid, but I'm still going to make it, for some reason.

Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao-Long, Jaune Arc, Pyrrha Nikos, Nora Valkyrie, and Lie Ren, All found themselves in a pitch black abyss, with only a few items around. A box labeled "Kaiserreich", a television, and eight seats all facing said television.

Jaune: W-What happend Where are we!?

Pyrrha: I don't know, but I don't think we're in Beacon anymore.

Yang: Wait if we aren't in Beacon, then where are we?

Ren: It appears to be a pitch black void

Nora: Do you think.. WE WERE EATEN BY A GRIMM!?

Weiss: Thats highly unlikely, Beacon's defense's makes sure the surrounding Grimm don't attack Beacon Academy, and even if we were eaten. I think we wouldn't be here discussing this.

Blake: So if we didn't die, then how did we get here, but more importantly how do we get back?

Ruby: Let's try to find an exit!

1 Minute later

Jaune: hey guys I think I found something!

Yang: Whatcha find Voimt boy?

Jaune: Come over hear and see!

Teams RWBY and NPR went to Jaune to see eight chairs facing a TV, and a Box.

Ren: Thats.. odd.

Ruby goes to the box to read it.

Ruby: Kai-ser-rei-ch.

Ruby: Hey guys do you know what a Kaiserreich is?

Everyone: (says no in different ways)

Weiss: Ruby what's in the box?

Ruby opens the box to see 5 more smaller boxes labeled 1 to 5, along with some words on each of them

Ruby: there are smaller boxes, with different numbers, and titles. Let's see

#1 Second Civilwar.

#2 Central Powers.

#3 Triple International.

#4 Entente.

#5 China.

Yang: Huh, Well let's open 'em up.

Ruby takes out the box labeled "Second Civilwar", and proceeds to open it to reveal, 6 Disks labeled with numbers and code names.

Ruby: Let's see.

#1 FEDS.

#2 REDS.


#4 WEST.

#5 FREE.

#6 Hawaii.

Ruby: Are these team names?

Blake: I don't think so, KINGS has five letters, while Hawaii has 6.

Yang: Yeah also I don't remember any other teams named FEDS, REDS, KING, WEST, FREE, or Hawaii.

Pyrrha: So why would this be here?

as if the void heard her, it materialized a note right in front of her.

Pyrrha: huh?

Teams RWBY and JNR turns to see Pyrrha, reading a piece of paper.

Jaune: Whatcha got there Pyr?

Pyrrha: This note says we have to watch all clips to go back to Beacon.

Nora: So like watching a movie!

Blake: It appears to be that way.

Ruby: alright I guess its settled then let's watch... FEDS! After all it is the first one.

Teams WBY and JNPR agreed, and then sat on the nearby seats while Ruby was putting the disk in a compartment shaped for one of the many, many clips they're going to watch.

Ruby: Alright! Let's Watch!

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