Pearl woke up one morning to see elegant beams of sunlight streaming elegantly through her window. Gems didn't need to sleep, but her dreams were the only place she could see her beloved Peridot. Ever since she had laid her eyes upon the loud, green gem, her heart had begun to glow with the intensity of the sun. Everything about her was beautiful. Her green, triangular hair, her shining visor, her melodious voice...everything had Pearl swooning.

She got out of bed, walking down the stairs in the hopes of seeing her lovely Peridot. In the kitchen was Amethyst, unhinging her jaw to swallow cake, Steven was singing about redeeming his childhood bully Petey, and Garnet was watching her favorite movie, The Blair Witch Project.

"Hello everyone. Has anyone seen our nice friend Peridot?" Pearl inquired.

Amethyst ate a raw egg in contemplation.

"Like, I think she's in the barn chilling."

Steven nodded.

"She's meditating."

Pearl's heart fluttered. virtuous of Peridot. Surely they were soulmates. She nodded.

"I'm going to check on her. Everyone be good while I'm gone!"

Pearl swift walked to the barn, humming Claire De Lune. When she reached the doors and peeked inside, she saw her...Peridot. She was hovering bits of metal in the air, seemingly trying to twist them into...some shape. It looked like...a heart?! Pearl felt her heart drop. So Peridot was seeking another. Pearl let out a cry, Peridot yelping and dropping her art piece.

"Pearl?!" she squeaked. Pearl felt her eyes well up with tears.

"I knew're in love with someone else! I can't believe this! First my lovely pink Rose, and now you!" She ran away, weeping.

"Pearl! Wait!" Peridot shrieked, but Pearl ran, so fast her feet kicked up clouds of dust, which spread about her like a fine, mineral mist. She collapsed at a pond, sobbing so hard her tears splashed onto the surface, startling a fish that had been calmly swimming in its depths. Peridot caught up, panting like a dog.

"Pearl! I have to explain myself. You're right! I am madly in love with someone! My heart belongs to the most radiant gem to have ever been made! The smartest, kindest, fiercest…"

"DON'T RUB IT IN!" Pearl screamed, but Peridot knelt by her.

"It's YOU! I LOVE YOU, PEARL, MORE THAN ANYONE." Peridot cried, tears streaming down her face. Pearl was stunned. She sniffled, looking up at Peridot.

"You're in love with me?"

Peridot nodded. "Only you…'

Pearl wrapped her arms around Peridot, gazing up at her. Peridot looked so glorious...Pearl gasped as Peridot kissed her passionately, and she felt her mind soar as high as the sky. When the kiss ended, Peridot smiled.

"I love you, Pearly…"

"I love you too, Peridot."