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YoRHa= Narration

Transmission 1: Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

Short Answer: No

Long Answer:

"Stay with me Sora, I'm just drunk, stupid. I'm not gonna hurt you or anything." She leaned forward and caressed his cheek. "hahaha , ur like a drug to me Sora, I don't really need to drink when I'm around you."

"Ya know what that's called? Co-fucking-dependence meeeeow," Devola said.

"Shut up! No one asked you Popola!" Her hand moved down to Sora's collar and she pulled him close. "You wanna know what I want to do with you right now?"

His heart was ready to beat out of his chest with how freaked out he was. "I- I don't know if I want the answer..."

"Aw, he's so cute when he's terrified," Devola said.

"He should be." A2 lifted him up to his feet. "S0RA, I wanna see you in action right now! Let's dance!"

He breathed a sigh of relief. "Sure, dancing with you sounds like-"

"Lessss go!" Squeezing his hand, she yanked him so close that their bodies pressed against each other, causing him to blush. She then led the dance steps for him, going slow and steady at first so Sora could follow, which was a surprising feat considering how hammered she was.

Sora swallowed hard, he was nervous from being so close to A2, but she made sure to be gentle enough to eventually put his mind into a false sense of security. "...This isn't exactly what I had in mind, but this is still fun! I had no idea you could dance like this A2!"

"Yeah, me neither!"

"-Woo hoo! You're doin' amazing sweetie! Bust those moves out!" Devola cheered on from the sidelines.

What was initially a slow, safe dance, quickly devolved into something else as the alcohol took full reign of A2's movements. All of a sudden, she grabbed onto his body, then dipped him down below her waist. Luckily, A2 held a tight grip on him so his head wouldn't hit the ground, one hand was holding his back while the other was holding his hand. Even in the position they were in, A2 had enough mobility to lower her head down to Sora's so that their foreheads were touching.

"How was that...?" She asked.

His face was beet red and he could barely get a word out to her. "Uh...um...g-great!"

"Good." Just as soon as he was down, A2 pulled him all the way back up then spun him around.

"H-Hey A2, maybe we should slow it doooown!"

Not listening to a word he had to say, A2 spun Sora right into her arms, then straight up threw him into the air. As terrifying as the whole dance routine was for him, Sora decided to end it on a high note and twirled around mid-air for style.

Meanwhile, A2 was ready to catch Sora when her body suddenly shut down, probably from the alcohol, and she collapsed on the ground, leaving Sora to fall flat on his face as well.

"Ughh..." Sora picked himself up off the ground. "Ta-dahhhh!"

Devola clapped her hands together. "Ha-ha, you two idiots were great!"

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A2 woke up in an empty building with her back against the wall, across from her was Sora who was sitting idly by a fire. "Hey! Good to see you're finally awake!"

She stood up, then left the building in a hurry. 'What the hell? Damn, what if that actually happens if I get drunk around him again? Maybe I should just stop drinking altogether at this point.'

"You okay, A2?" Sora asked, walking behind her.


"Really? Your face is all flushed, sure something didn't happen?"

"Shut up and listen. I think I'm actually gonna have to stop drinking for the time being, but I need ...help. How good are you at re-coding things? I can probably just get rid of the component that causes my addiction."

"Uhh yeah, you definitely don't want my help with that stuff!"

"You're right, knowing you, you'd kill me accidentally. Maybe that Scanner can do it if I threaten him enough..."

"You know what, I have a better idea that doesn't involve threatening anyone or permanently altering your code!"


"No way! Come on, follow me!"

A2 followed Sora to the resistance camp, the one place she was trying to avoid, and he led her to an area in the back where a group of androids were sitting around in a circle. Among the androids in the circle were Devola, who looked miserable, and Popola, who looked overjoyed.

"What the hell is this?" A2 asked.

Popola stood up to greet A2. "Hello, I'm so happy you decided to make it! I was afraid you wouldn't show up!"

"Huh?" She looked back to Sora who was smiling at her in support. "What did you drag me into?!"

"Good luck A2! I'm here if you need anything!" He ran off, leaving A2 with a group of androids, most of which she knew didn't like her.

"A2, I just wanted to let you know how proud I am that you're taking this first step towards sobriety," Popola faced the other androids. "And now begins our first meeting of 'Alcoholic Androids Anonymous'."

"Oh goddammit."

End Transmission

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