400$/ month, single bedroom shared house with 3 other girls. Akali mused as she flicked through the ad on her phone, curled up in a blanket in her room. The pictures looked fairly nice as well.

She decided she had nothing to lose by going to look at it anyway.

Anything's better than this shithole. Akali thought to herself as she typed out a quick email and hit send.

Nervously after double checking the address on her phone to make sure she was at the right house Akali tapped lightly on the door a few times. It was getting late and she was dumb enough to not wear a jacket. She was about to beat herself up about it when the door swung open to reveal a cheerful looking blonde with fox ears and a long tail brushing behind her.

"Hi you must be Akali!" The woman greeted in a cheerful voice.

"Umm hi yes it's Ahri right?"

"Yep, and please come inside, did you walk all the way here?"

"Yeah I did." Akali meekly replied as she stepped inside the small entrance hall.

"Oh my gosh! You must be freezing without a coat on."

"No really it's not a big deal..." Akali said, attempting to sound sure of herself. Ahri gave her a sceptical look but refrained from saying anything.

"Well then shall we get on with the tour?"

Akali nodded excitedly, hoping that this could potentially become her new home.

Ahri quickly showed her around the house, downstairs was fairly sparse, consisting mainly of a double garage, the entrance hall and a utility room that housed the washer and dryer machines. Upstairs contained the rest of the rooms, a small but cozy kitchen and dining area. A living/common area with a projector pointing at one wall with couches set up around it. Akali took particular note of the gaming consoles set up in the corner too. A modest shared bathroom and three rooms that they didn't visit. Ahri indicated they belonged to herself and the other two girls, Kai'sa and Evelynn. Although the way the rooms were laid out gave Akali a hunch that Evelynn's room was much bigger than the rest.

"And this would be your room." Ahri smiled as she pushed open the last door in the house.

Akali stepped inside, observing the cramped room. It was small; and empty. There was probably just enough room to fit a single bed and maybe a small desk and chair too. There was a skylight on the sloped roof. Akali could now see raindrops landing on it slowly, as she sighed to herself thinking about the walk home she still had.

"I'll leave you to look around. I'll be in the living room if you have any questions." Ahri said cheerily as she disappeared off, leaving Akali alone with her thoughts.

Honestly could be worse. She thought to herself pushing open the skylight and resting her arms on the ledge as she breathed in the cool autumn air. Raindrops falling right in front of her nose. I'm not too sure about sharing with three other people but at least they're all girls, and Ahri seems nice too. It's also cheap, I'm probably not going to find anything else in this price range. And honestly this is 1000 times better than having to spend another day in the same house as that bitch...

Akali hadn't noticed that she had clenched her fists so hard her nails threatened to break skin. Taking in a deep breath she slowly uncurled her hands and walked out back into the main area, being sure to close the skylight again.

She wanted to ask what the other girls were like but her nerves had decided to kick up as she walked over to Ahri who had her nosed glued to her phone screen playing some rhythm game.

Akali didn't know what to do, playing with a lock of her unkempt hair as she was trying to build up the courage to interrupt the fox girl when Ahri suddenly turned around noticing Akali standing there for the first time.

"Hey! Do you have any questions?" Ahri chirped up imminently. Dropping her phone to the side.

"Umm.. yeah I was just wondering what... um... what the other girls are like?"

"Oh yeah of course! I probably should have told you." Ahri replied energetically. "Kai'sa and Evelynn are both super nice, me and Evie have been friends for years. She can be a bittttt intimidating at first, but trust me she's really a big softie. Just loves playing the bad bitch persona. And Bookie is great fun to be around, great cook too. So if you're ever hungry she would probably whip you something up. Honestly if you ask me she just does it to show off but hey the food's good so I'm not complaining." Ahri smiled as she ranted about her friends.

"And you're all good friends right?"

"Yeah we are! And I'm sure if you moved in here we'd all become super close! You seem like a really nice person Akali." Ahri beamed again.

"Thank you," Akali replied with a small bow. "And thank you for showing me around I should probably be going now."

"Yeah not a problem, here I'll walk down with you." Ahri said as she jumped up from the couch. Walking down the stairs behind Akali. "Are you still interested in the room?"

"Yeah definitely!" Akali replied a little too quickly. Ahri smiled and said.

"Well I'll be sure to contact you as soon as we make a decision on who we'll be renting t-" Ahri stopped mid sentence as she noticed the rain outside which was now pouring down.

"Oh my gosh look at the rain! Are you going to be okay?"

She frantically asked Akali who was bending down to put her shoes back on.

"Oh yeah I'll be fine..." She reassured the shocked girl, despite dreading the 40 minute walk she would have to go through to get back home.

"Well at least let me lend you an umbrella-" Ahri started when a pair of bright LED headlights beamed through the front window, temporarily blinding both of the girls, and proceeded to pull into the driveway.

"Oh hey Eve's back! Wait right there I'll be right back." Ahri quickly exited through the front door not giving Akali a chance to reply as she finished tying her shoelaces.

Less than 30 seconds later Ahri burst back through the door again, tail and ears slightly damp."Good news! Evelynn agreed to give you a ride home!"

"Wait really?" Akali asked, almost doing a double take.

"Yeah but I wouldn't keep her waiting if I were you."

Akali nodded quickly and stepped outside, to the sound of a V12 purring nearby. It was hard to make out the exact make and model of the car Evelynn was in but Akali could tell it certainly was not cheap. She swallowed the lump in her throat as she saw two glowing pink orbs staring at her though the passenger window. Not wanting to stand around in the rain however she quickly opened the door and jumped inside, making sure not to close the door too hard as it could potentially cost her, her life savings to repair a chip in the paintwork.

"So," A sultry voice slivered through the air. "You're potentially the new roommate we might be getting soon."

Akali didn't dare look toward the stranger she just got into the car with, realising now that getting into a car with someone she'd never met before probably wasn't the best idea. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up as she felt the woman looking her up and down, like a predator eyeing up its next kill.

"Cute too." Evelynn continued, enjoying thoroughly how much this girl was squirming under her gaze. "Where to, Pet?"

Akali blinked, taken aback by the sudden, straightforward question. She stammered for a second, blushing from the name Evelynn had decided to give her, before giving the woman her address who tapped it into the GPS system. Before Akali could even look up from her seat they were already speeding down the main road back towards the other side of town.

As they were racing back at a speed that was far too fast to be legal Akali finally got a good look at Evelynn, being periodically lit up by street lights Akali could make out elegant yet sultry curves that did no favours to the heat that was festering inside her chest. Luscious, pink bangs framed an angled yet soft jaw line, eyes hidden behind pink frames and a venomous smirk perked on succulent, fuchsia lips. Her low ponytail snaked around her very exposed shoulders, tempting Akali to soak in her pearly smooth skin which was also on plentiful display around her exposed midriff. Not to mention her ample-

"It's rude to stare, you know."

The seductive voice snaked across to her, causing Akali to quickly revert her gaze back to her feet. Crimson bubbling up under her cheeks, as she prayed for the world to just open up and swallow her whole.

Evelynn chuckled to herself, it was always fun for her to toy with her prey. Especially when they're genuinely quite cute and attractive. She playfully admitted to herself.

The remainder of their journey was in silence apart from the roaring of the engine and faint pattering of the raindrops on the windshield. Akali, not looking up from her feet until they pulled up besides the younger girl's home. Hastily she thanked Evelynn for the ride and quickly got out before another flirtatious comment could interrupt her again.

As she walked around the car and began to walk back to her house Akali heard Evelynn roll down the window behind her.

"Not even a goodbye? I'm offended."

A mock hurt voice called out behind her. Akali turned back to see two piercing amber eyes staring right back at her. Pink glasses perched on their owners' nose as Evelynn leaned out of the car window, gesturing for Akali to come closer.

She didn't know what possessed her but Akali found herself walking slowly back towards the siren's call. Not taking her eyes off of the older woman's hypnotic gaze, until she stood right in front of her. Rain poured down around the two women, cool air nipping at Akali's fingers, as her wild hair quickly became soaked in the rain.

"You didn't even tell me your name." Evelynn pointed out, her voice oozing with charm and allure.

"I umm..."

"Don't worry sweetheart. I don't bite that much." Evelynn delighted as the poor girl's face lit up with a bright shade of scarlet.

"Akali-" She managed to force out. "My name is Akali"

"Well Akali." Evelynn paused for a moment to take in the delicious sight of Akali squirming under her gaze. "Don't be a stranger." She purred, meeting Akali's crystal blue eyes with a sly wink before pushing up her rose glasses and putting her foot to the floor as she howled down the street.

Akali stood there messy tresses now completely drenched as she watched the crimson red tail lights until they disappeared around a corner. Cold rain showering down around her.

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