Rey was breathing heavily as she sensed something stalking her, no, not something, someone. She lifted her blaster, pointing it in every and any direction that even slightly stirred with any hint of a sound. Her heart was beating in her chest, her throat almost dry from her heightened breaths. Why was she so scared? What, or who, was she so scared of? She wasn't sure. More than once she tried to convince herself that there was no reason for fear, that it was just her own mind playing cruel tricks on her, but she knew better. She had sensed it in her dreams, in her nightmares, and she sensed it now. Something was coming. Someone was coming…. for her. If she had any doubt in her mind on the matter, it was instantly ripped away when her eyes locked with dark emerging figure of Death itself.

A dark hooded figure of man stepped out of the shadows and the woods seemed to grow soullessly darker in his presence. His face was hidden beneath a demon-like metal mask, and the shadows danced over his form, and in a fraction of a second, she could almost see large black wings reaching out from his back. He moved slowly towards her, as if time itself had bent to his will, his face, locked in her direction as he approached her. A fire red lightsaber blazed in his hand, adding to the demonic essence of his already grim appearance. A dark warrior that beheld a weapon, a weapon unlike she had ever seen before, a weapon burning so fiercely, as if the flames of hell had forged it.

Rey raised her weapon to the approaching Devil, squeezing the trigger with panicked fingers, hoping that somehow, the nightmare before her would just disappear. But he didn't. He moved closer to her and with each new step he effortlessly deflected the beams from her blaster as if it was some form of amusement. Terror enslaved her heart as the only weapon she had against him had failed to protect her. Not only would she not be able to stand against him physically, she would not be able to escape his fury. Fleeing was her only option, returning to Han Solo, to Finn, to the Resistance, that was the only safety she would have from this unholy creature before her, but before she could even consider turning away from him, she felt her body shut down in a motionless prisoned state.

Kylo Ren beheld the innocence before him, a young girl, pure, a light radiating from her soul, a maiden he had seen in his dreams but had never met before. The moment he had been informed that she was somewhere in the woods, all his thoughts disintegrated into nothingness, and replaced by one primal objective, finding her. No logic could co-exist with his reasoning, and perhaps, there was no reasoning to be had. Something about her, even just the slightest notion of the mention of her, drew him to her. Her identity was unknown to him, even her face was no more than a faint ripple of an image that had lingered in his subconscious mind, and he could offer no rational explanation as to why he had an overwhelming obsessive desire to meet her. He had ventured into the woods, following his instincts, knowing that somehow, he would be led straight to her. And now, that he had finally laid eyes on her for the first time, he was completely enslaved by her. Something about her called to him, even stronger now than it had before. She was young, fierce and her beauty was unlike anything he had ever seen. It seemed an impossible task to attempt to ignore her obvious untamed exquisite charm, yet, acknowledging his attraction towards her, would only constitute a weakness for him. But how could he not? Something inside her, there was a trace of something, powerful, yet he couldn't quite place his finger on it. He raised his outstretched hand to her, forcing her body to bend to his will in pure obedience. His curiosity pulled him closer to her, his eyes taking in the pure sight of her tiny feminine frame that he could easily overpower should he choose to. Her deeply spirited eyes locked fiercely on him in a mixture of fear and determination. His mind kept her in place as he lowered his hand and she remained helpless against him as he spoke "The girl I've heard so much about."

The voice sent shivers down Rey's spine as the words echoed beneath the mask. It was a man's voice, she had expected as much given his masculine temperament, but the voice itself was cold, ferocious, barely human and it sent sharp ice daggers plunging into her heart. How could he possess the ability to steal her physical freedom from her so easily? And the even more disturbing question lingering in her mind, if he was indeed able to do that to her, what more sinister things could he do to her? It was too horrible to even contemplate. His tall dark form stood in front of her and all her efforts to avert her eyes failed miserably as she kept her gaze on the devilish mask that was staring back at her. Even with the black robes covering his body, it was clear to her that his form was greatly larger, and undoubtingly stronger, than hers. Any physical confrontation between them would end in disaster for her. No. It was certainly better to avoid such an unpleasant situation by any means necessary. Her voice crumbled involuntarily as she tried her utmost best to sound less terrified than she was "…stay away from me…."

It was only a whisper, and yet, Kylo Ren considered the sweet sound that left her lips, wondering why her voice sounded so familiar to him. There was something about her, something tempting, something so sweetly seductive that his aggression was drained away by her angelic presence. The realization that she feared him did not please him in the least and the need to reassure her of safety, overwhelming him "I have no intention of hurting you." He retracted the fiery blade of his lightsaber, considering the words he had just spoken to her, words he had never spoken to another, words he never even considered speaking to a captive, and miraculously, in her almost virtuous company, it wasn't only the most honest words he had ever spoken, the truth was that he had no desire to cause her any pain.

Rey did not believe it possible, and yet, the inhuman robotic voice had suddenly transformed into something, almost kinder, almost affectionate. She heard herself speak, her voice growing more confident yet still just above a whisper "I don't believe you." The words didn't taste as foul on her lips as she thought it might, the thought of them engaging in any form of conversation seeming nearly impossible, and yet, the interaction between them had turned almost civil. She had no reason to believe him, but somehow, she knew he wasn't lying to her, just as she knew that he clearly possessed the power to hurt her, or worse, whenever it pleased him, and yet, he hadn't even hinted at hurting her in any way. Perhaps he had something more ominous planned for her, but it was best not to dwell on those types of thoughts.

Kylo Ren sensed her changing demeanour, her fear wavering to some extent but not enough to completely overtake her unease. His voice was tender, tending to her soul as if it was as fragile as glass "Don't be afraid. I just want the droid." It was pointless trying to convince himself that his statement held the complete and unadulterated truth. Yes, he wanted to the droid, more specifically the droid that held the map to Skywalker, but merely the droid and nothing more, that simply rang a distasteful lie.

Their proximity had intertwined so closely that Rey could almost feel the warmth radiate from his body. An unexplained energy passed between them, noticed by both, unseen by the world. She took a breath and found her voice, snapping at him with a fair amount of calm hostility "I'm not afraid of you." As if her declaration had motivated his dominance, he moved forward and closed the almost non-existent gap between them. She couldn't move. She couldn't push him away. She couldn't protect herself against him. She couldn't escape him.

Under normal circumstances, Kylo Ren could more than adequately control his primal nature, which tended to only emerge when his anger was provoked, and yet, with her eyes locked on him, her intoxicating sweet existence numbing his soul, he couldn't stop himself from bringing his hand up to her face, raking his gloved fingers over her delicate cheek. His gaze involuntarily wandered down to her captivating body and it gave him great pleasure seeing her involuntarily contract in the slightest motion at his touch. He felt his own voice vibrate lustfully on his tongue "The way you're trembling, suggests otherwise."

Rey allowed her senses to be calmed, but unfortunately her serenity was short lived as the man before her suddenly moved around her in a raw predatory fashion. She felt his presence behind her, lingering over her, and a sound suddenly vibrated in her ear as she heard his lightsaber ignite. Her flames of panic were fuelled further when she felt the heat of the blade next to her jaw as he let the laser linger just above her shoulder.

Kylo's intentions were still not set on causing her pain in any capacity, and his ignited weapon he kept next to her face (at a safe distance to his mind) desiring only the illusion that he would torture her, but not even remotely considering the possible reality of it. He noticed her breathing deepen and he had achieved his desired effect, yet her innocent strength completely disarmed his barriers when she spoke valiantly through her obvious fear "You're wasting your time. I won't help you."

Rey had no knowledge of the things her pursuer was capable of, and yet, his actions toward her thus far had granted her a certain level of poise to challenge him. The heat of the saber was quickly extinguished as he retracted the fiery hellish blade and she found him moving into her direct line of sight once more. He titled his head as he mocked almost charmingly "I would have your cooperation in this regard, but I can manage without it, if need be."

Kylo Ren's thoughts were regretfully interrupted as a Stormtrooper appeared "Sir, we need more troops." No, more troops would only cause the battle to rage on unnecessarily, which would allow her more opportunities for her to escape him, and he was by far not done with her. He commanded instantly "Pull the division out. I have what I need."

Rey's mind was a mess of confusion. She didn't disclose anything to him, she was sure of it, then how could he say that he had what he needed? She spoke the words cautiously, and perhaps a bit too naively "…I didn't tell you anything…" suddenly vibrantly concerned about what the Devil before her had planned for her, since the possibility of him just letting her go, seemed highly unlikely at best.

Kylo's hostility returned to his voice, more to the sake of appearance than clear desire on his part "But you will. Sweet dreams, sweetheart" and with that he stretched out his hand, using the Force to put his maiden into a deep unconscious state. Before she could fall to the ground, he lifted her safely into his arms, carrying her to his ship.