This one's kind of less prompt oriented, it isn't driven by the prompt, however it has many elements of it. Enjoy.

At any time, the young couple would revel in the opportunity to show the world their love.

Having been together for ten years now, and married for a little under two, it was well known throughout the Four Nations that the Avatar was married to Master Katara. As time passed, neither was shy when publicly showing their love. The air nomads had always been free about their love, and Aang was no exception.

Aang loved to show everyone how much he adored Katara, Toph always expressed how happy she was she couldn't see their oogies—a term she learned from Sokka. Zuko never really cared, and Suki always teased her husband Sokka when he started whining. Sokka hated their displays of affection. It was a bit of an ongoing joke, actually. He didn't really hate it. Their oogies were just too much for him sometimes, much too lovey-dovey.

Whenever the couple was together, it wasn't uncommon to find their hands linked, an arm wrapped around a waist, kisses being exchanged.

Their little displays had become increasingly common in the past two months, Sokka had noticed. Aang seemed to act softer, even more affectionate, if that was possible.

Something was up.

But Sokka didn't know what.

Now, they all found themselves in the Firelord's palace. A ball was organized for certain world leaders to come together and discuss new regulations regarding Republic City and the trade partnerships with the other nations. The city was still new, still a work in progress. The Council was still working directly with the leaders of the Nations for a smooth governmental body.

Tonight, Sokka was going to get to the bottom of whatever was going on with his sister and brother-in-law.

The Avatar and Master Katara were seated at a rather large table at the head of the room. Firelord Zuko and his wife Fire Lady Mai day at the head of the table. Aang was there right. Sat next to Mai was Earth King Kuei and his newly married wife. The rest of the newly appointed Council of Republic City sat next to them. Unfortunately, neither of the Water Tribe Chiefs could attend.

Sokka was next to Katara, Suki to his left, who sat next to Toph. Sokka has been appointed to the Council, a representative of the Tribes, and Suki, being his wife, joined any of these meetings whenever she could. However, a lot of her time was spent on Kyoshi Island, training new warriors. On occasion, she and the rest of the Kyoshi warriors worked as the Firelord's own guard.

Aang's concentration shifted in and out as he heard Zuko and Councilman Mikio discussion continue on. Something about the Fire Nation culture center in the city, Aang wasn't really listening.

The wait staff started bringing out the dishes, placing the plates in front of each member, as well as wine glasses. Aang watched Katara eye the meal unnervingly, knowing it was only one of many courses to be served. The staff began to go around the table, pouring the fermented juice into everyone's glass. When they came to Aang and Katara, the Avatar had put on an apologetic smile and asked for water for the two of them. Zuko cast them a look from across the table. He knew Aang didn't drink, but he had never seen Katara deny the vintage wine native to the Fire Nation.

He leaned over to his wife to whisper into her ear, "How're you feeling today?"

"Not great," she replied, "not hungry, anyway."

Aang reached out for her hand, stroking the back of it with his thumb. He brought it up to his lips, placing a gentle kiss before setting it down. "Just take it easy, okay?"

Katara smiled at him and nodded, turning back to her plate. She tried to go for the more bland foods, wanting to at least get her nutrition for the day.

After a few minutes of alternating between conversing with his wife and essentially inhaling his food, Sokka had taken note of his sister's plate. "You're not gonna eat?"

Katara shrugged, a pea haphazardly rolling across her dish. "I've felt a little sick today, that's all."

"You could've stayed home, you know. Zuko would understand."

She sighed, setting the utensil down. "It would've been rude. I can survive one gathering, Sokka. I appreciate the concern."

"Of course," The Water Tribe man said, "just don't get me sick."

Katara rolled her eyes. "I wouldn't dream of it," she drawled, "you'd whine the whole time. I couldn't do that to Suki, it wouldn't be fair." Katara watched her sister-in-law start to snicker from the other ride of Sokka, while he in turn started to sulk.

A few more courses came and went, and Aang alternated speaking to the councilman and Zuko about the city. Everything, political and business wise, was going well so far.

After some time of discussing the construction of healers officers and training areas for waterbending in Republic City with one of the councilmen, Katara excused herself from the table, which led to a concerned look from Aang. "I'm just going to wash up," she whispered into his ear." She watched him nod as she stood up, pressing a quick kiss to his forehead. As she turned towards the washrooms, she saw Sokka make a mock gag, to which Suki indiscreetly nudged him in the ribs.

Aang tried to repress his worried expression by hiding behind his meal. Fire Lady Mai took note, casting a question glare to her husband. Zuko shrugged slightly, unsure what his close friend was so sluggish about. Mai had developed a good friendship with the Avatar over the years, and quite enjoyed his company. He was refreshing amidst all the nobility in the Fire Nation that she had to interact with daily. Mai also had taken a liking to Katara, however it took more time for teenage Mai to get to know her.

The young woman sighed, and stood up. "Excuse me," she spoke to no one in particular. Mai walked off towards the restroom, where she had seen Katara disappear into.

"Katara?" Mai called out as she walked in, noticing the bender hunched over the wash basin, tossing water over her face.

"Oh! Mai," she exclaimed, shaking the water out from her hands. "Is everything alright?"

"I was just about to ask you the same thing," she replied, leaning against the door frame with her arms crossed.

"I'm fine," Katara tried to reassure her, "I probably just have a bug."

Mai raised an eyebrow, her generally monotonous expression never changing. "And how long have you felt sick?"

"Just today," she lied.

"Right," Mai said, sounding ever so skeptical. "Then why did Aang look so concerned?"

The waterbender shrugged, trying her best to be nonchalant. "You know how Aang is," Katara answered, "he's never been good at hiding how he's feeling."

"You're right," Mai started to observe her nails, "but I can recognize the signs of pregnancy. You're exhausted, Katara."

"What? Me, pregnant?" She sputtered. "No. I'll be better by tomorrow, I just pushed myself tonight."

Mai rolled her eyes, casting a stern look at the younger woman, "I can recognize an over paranoid husband, too. Don't forget, I've been pregnant."

Katara pressed her lips into a thin line, knitting her brows slightly. A few seconds of silence passed. Mai's gaze never leaving Katara. The Water Tribe woman sighed deeply. "Fine. I am. Don't tell Zuko, or anyone. Okay?"

"I won't," she promised. "How far along are you?"

Katara moved her hands to cup her belly that started to curve ever so slightly, nearly unnoticeable. "Two months, maybe. We wanted to wait another to tell everyone."

Mai nodded, a small, rather rare, smile appearing. "Let me know if you ever need anything while you're here. Including advice."

Katara nodded, reflecting the smile back at her. "I will. Thank you, Mai."

The Fire Lady laced her arm with Kataras. "Come on, let's get back before anyone starts to get worried." The two walked out, only to notice that their table had broken up and dispersed throughout the room, along with the rest of the nobility that had attended.

"If you need a break, let me know," Mai murmured into Katara's ear over the thump of conversation and music. Katara whispered her thanks. Mai had certainly softened after her daughter Izumi was born, she took more joy in the world, however dull the royal life could be at times.

Katara broke off to find her husband, which was a fairly easy task considering he was the only one in yellow and orange robes, as well as being one of the tallest people in the room. As she approached, she watched Aang converse with an unfamiliar man. It wasn't long until Aang turned away, the conversation having come to an end. His eyes lit up upon seeing his wife.

He wrapped his arms gently around his wife. They had made the decision to keep their little surprise a secret, just for a bit. The circumstances were making it very difficult for Aang not to touch her stomach in a show of admiration. So instead, he substituted those small actions he showed her in the privacy of their home with more kisses, hugs. anything like that when they were in public

"You're okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," she responded, swaying with him. "But, Aang, I have something to tell you."

That look of concern crossed his face one again as he waited for her to continue.

"Mai knows."

The concern morphed to that akin to surprise. "But I thought we wanted to wait…?"

"We do," she sighed, "but Mai picked up on it. She promised not to tell anyone."

"Tell anyone what?"

Sokka came up behind them, a bit tipsy from the wine, and placed his hand into Aang's shoulder to steady himself.

"Nothing," Katara shook her head in annoyance. She really wasn't in the mood to deal with her slightly intoxicated brother. "Where's Suki? Does she know you drank this much?"

Sokka waved his hand dismissively, "After all the work we've done for the city I figured I deserve it."

Sokka wasn't a mean drunk, just a bit more annoying.

"So are you guys gonna tell me what you're hiding? Or…" He trailed off, the fog in his head starting to worsen.

"It's nothing, Sokka," Aang said.

"But you said Mai had picked up on it," he spoke, "I'll just go… see what she has to say."

Katara pinched the bridge of her nose. "Don't bother Mai, Sokka. She still carries knives on her."

Her brother stuck his tongue out. "Then tell me," he urged.

"No, Sokka. We'll tell you when we're ready. You're acting like a stubborn kid."

He narrowed his eyes suspiciously, "so it is something. You just don't want to tell me."

Aang brought his palm to his forehead. "Just drop it, Sokka."

Sokka stood back to analyze his family more carefully. Even buzzed, Sokka managed to keep his wits about him. He noticed the way Aang's hand subconsciously wrapped all the way around Katara's waist to rest against her stomach. The way they were so defensive, why Katara felt sick, not wanting to tell him yet. Aang being even more affectionate. The gears turned in his head, and it was almost like a light bulb lit up when he realized.

"Spirits," he sputtered, his voice dropping a few octaves. "You're pregnant!"

"Keep your voice down!" Katara urged.

Sokka turned to Aang now, his foggy mind starting to process at a slower rate. Sokka pointed his finger directly at Aang, a look of bewilderment forming as his groggy mind tried to understand the situation:

"You knocked up my sister!"

Their public displays of affection were never shied away from, but maybe, just this one time, it had helped give away a bit more information than the powerful couple wanted.

No thanks to Sokka, anyway.