Lindsay was quite smitten watching the show back. The whole cast of All Stars together as they planned to binge watch the entire series, season 1 to season 4, before the premiere of season 5 the next day.

She wasn't exactly looking forward to watching her relationship with Tyler play out before her, as the two had only recently broken up, but if the love triangle could control themselves... so she could see.

So when the binge began, she found herself paying attention to the moments she never found too interesting before. For example, Duncan saying they always go for the jocks, after he so valiantly (read: violently) killed the cockroach.

She'd forgotten he once carried something resembling a flame for her (the pyro), and now thinking back as best she could, she felt rather flattered.

Duncan, until the arrival of Alejandro, was the undisputed king of Total Drama, and even she couldn't deny that he had been really cool. Though his impact had lessened in later series.

So later, as the crowd laughed at the screen where Heather had just hurled a canoe at Tyler, Lindsay did her best to be discrete, and slid down next to Duncan with a smile. Lucky for her, there was an empty space next to him, as only Zoey had been brave enough to settle next to him on one side, leaving the other open for her.

So when he looked up at her, she smiled back and did her best to keep cool. She'd consider Duncan a friend, definitely more of a friend then most of the cast gathered, but they'd never been particularly close.

That soon changed, however, as Zoey who had previously been keeping Duncan distracted seemed to get lost in Mike's eyes. The viewing of the episode Basic Straining, the episode where the Punk and C.I.T got together, Lindsay's hand found its way to Duncan's. A reassuring squeeze made the delinquent who'd been busy trying to look anywhere but the TV look down at her... they slowly intertwined their fingers and kept watching.

A subtle snuggle closer when the 16 year old Duncan gave a present to Courtney as she left the island. They weren't the only ones getting cozy though, Zoey and Mike trying to mould into one, Alejandro and Heather never really trying to watch the show in the first place. Another couple across the room holding hands were Gwen and Courtney.

The party was going better than any of them had anticipated. Time flew surprisingly fast as Lindsay somehow found herself sitting in Duncan's lap, and Heather was getting a bit aggressive as she tried to smother Alejandro under her.

It was obvious she still wasn't too fond of her rather dramatic elimination, clearly not realising that she was putting on a better show now than the still hilarious events that the television was presenting us with. I don't think anyone was watching the screen as the two antagonists wrestled.

But all was comfortable, and she felt alarmingly secure wrapped up in Duncan's arms as Total Drama Island ended and Total Drama Action began.

And the laughs came back as the first few episodes were definitely lacking in the drama portion that made up the show's name. The reset of the show's tension after all the drama that led into the finale, it was a breath of fresh air.

And clearly an excuse for Gwen and Courtney to cuddle closer without saying anything as a younger Trent has his heart broken by aforementioned goth. Lindsay though, after seeing the PDA between the non-couple, took a risk and nuzzled deeper into Duncan's arms. Paying off as he rested his head on her shoulder and she laid hers over his.

They kissed instead of watching her elimination. It was a very shy kiss, they'd been talking, anticipation about what they knew was about to happen at the conclusion of the episode. Lindsay found it rather adorable when Duncan only half dipped his head towards her, his once unwavering confidence long gone, but Lindsay didn't let his efforts go to waste as she pressed her lips to his own.

They'd managed to go under everyone's radar until the finale of Action. Duncan, clearly very proud of himself for winning the season, found some of that missing confidence and the shy kisses from an hour ago, turned into a passionate snogging session that got a few hollers as people turned to look at the winner. Duncan making out with Lindsay not quite the reaction they thought they'd be getting when they looked over, but it was definitely entertaining as everyone let out playful jeers at the new duo.

"Chris is fuming that he's missing this!"

"And that's his third gold medal in the babe Olympics!"

"I always knew there was a reason Courtney didn't like Lindsay!"

Courtney glared at the last one, but the two the comments were actually aimed at were too busy to take any real notice. And Courtney calmed down too as a certain someone gave a gentle, but comforting, squeeze on her thigh.

It was quiet again until Alejandro let out a cat call as he showed up on screen for the first time. Heather immediately booed after, they were quite the pair of lovers.

But the focus was off Duncan, finally, as he dramatically quit Total Drama World Tour, and for the first time ever, wasn't on every episode of a season.

That aside though, Lindsay did find it necessary to give him a cheek kiss, she wasn't the brightest mind, but she knew whilst she couldn't sing, Duncan sure could.

Very comfortable within Duncan's personal bubble, Lindsay swayed to all the songs as each episode went by, Duncan too, loosening up until it was time for her removal from the game.

When coming to the group viewing, she wasn't expecting to get close to anyone. But as she watched herself go home, she almost sobbed at the sweet nothings and kind words that Duncan was whispering to her. Telling her that she didn't deserve to go home when she did, that she was amazing, how she did so well... That she was the only one smart enough to do the challenge all by herself, and that if DJ didn't get in the way, she would have been even more of a threat then she was on Action.

He also told her that he wished she'd gone further in All Stars. And she confided in him that she wished she was brave enough to stay, but she was too scared of the All Stars cast because she didn't have any real friends there, just enemies.

Cough, cough, Heather and Courtney.

Duncan had thought he'd have an awful time rewatching World Tour, but instead he found himself just talking quietly with Lindsay as he returned and made an utter fool of himself on international television.

But it was worth it he supposed, because after the time he exited the plane on season 3, for the second time. He and Lindsay had arranged their first date for tomorrow night. And it was quiet after that.

Watching the finale of Total Drama World Tour was much quieter than expected but with Heather asleep on Alejandro's shoulder. It was rather sweet as the Spaniard carried the woman to the makeshift bed they'd set up earlier, and soon tucked himself in beside her.

With plans to watch Revenge of the Island tomorrow, everyone else passed out not long after. Duncan gave Lindsay a goodnight kiss as they pressed their singles next to each other. Drunk off of the good atmosphere.

Smiling at each other, they fell asleep on the uncomfortable ground, the air mattresses barely cushioning them, they had one of the best sleeps of their lives.

The morning however, made for some very moody teenagers, but also some very funny pictures. Zoey, ever the indie, had pulled out her Polaroid (having awoken before everyone else), and snapped a few pictures.

The first being Heather and Alejandro, the prior had unconsciously smothered the latter, it seems she has a tendency to do that.

Zoey had also taken a picture of Lindsay and Duncan. Not being as funny as the last couple's unfortunate positioning, it was still quite the sight as the two of them had started out in two separate mattresses, and yet somehow ended up in between both beds and snuggled up next to each other, in a ditch, on the floor...

Moving on to the true stars of the show however, Duncan knew that both Courtney and Gwen were huggers, but he didn't realise quite the extent of their habitual hugs.

The photo depicted two rather happy looking girls, Courtney, with a hand down the back of Gwen's pants, and Gwen, who had, evidently, decided Courtney's bosom was a far better pillow than the one she had brought from home.

The moment made even better when Zoey set her camera to record and woke both the girls up, their reactions were priceless, and Heather once again made a comment about how envious Chris would be if he found out about all they'd been up to in the last day and a half.

A few more honourable mentions were Scott, photographed asleep, but upside down, as he'd managed to half fall off the couch he'd won dibs on the day before. Such a waste.

Jo and Lightning also received a feature as they somehow managed to look angry at each other in their sleep. Them sleeping next to each other was a choice they made on their own however, so if anyone was to blame, it was themselves, maybe also because of the eyebrows it had raised when they made the decision in the first place.

Zoey's favourite photo was the most boring one, but it was her and Mike smiling, resting on the windowsill as the psychos willingly woke up in time to watch the sunrise.

Now that they were all awake, everyone either poured themselves a bowl of cereal or made some toast to enjoy. And it didn't take long for everyone to settle down together and watch the start of Roti.

"How did you guys not punch Staci within the first 5 minutes?" Heather, once again awake and ready to share her thoughts, she got a fair amount of laughs, the cast as a whole were a lot more agreeable when the cameras weren't there, therefore ready to laugh.

Everyone retook their positions from the day before, getting all snug again. Mike and Zoey were probably the only two that truly enjoyed watching Revenge of the Island. Lightening enjoyed the ending as he kissed his biceps whilst watching himself win the grand prize money.

Soon enough, it was midday, and they'd timed it well enough where they were set to watch the season 5s premiere live. Everyone was excited to finally watch the first episode of what had blissfully been promised as their last time having to be on the show.

Watching the episode though; "What in the fuck was that?" Lindsay asked as she watched herself get eliminated. Not that her leaving shocked her, she knew that was coming, but it was the episode's editing that spurred such a big reaction. "I know I can be forgetful, but that is not how I remember it."

The girl that had almost been eliminated in the same episode responded first. "I'd like to make a quip about nothing being exactly as you remember it Lindsay, but you're right. What happened?"

Poll taken, there was a group consensus that the first episode sucked. And as the credits rolled and ended, everyone broke out in shocks of laughter.

All that anticipation, rewatching all 90 episodes up until this one. They were quite flabbergasted at the lack of impact that the episode had on them. It was All Stars! How was that the end product, after all the hype this season had worked up. Pathetic.

So as they all soon after left Zoe's house, as she'd been the one kind enough to host, there wasn't much to say except goodbye.

And a few congratulations as Gwen and Courtney left with plans to get lunch together, and Lindsay and Duncan, who would be meeting up in a few hours to go on their first ever date.

But regardless, Lindsay was quite happy with how the past day went for her, and feeling very proud of herself... She referenced a happy moment.

"Thank you for killing the cockroach for me, Duncan… I'll see you tonight."

And with a kiss, she was off, back to her place. Ready to relax for a few hours until she had to get ready for her first date with Duncan.