Hi. I know it's been like a few million years since I was on this site. I have been on Ao3 for the past few years. Hopefully, my writing has improved. I apologize for my other stories as they are abandoned. If you want to adopt any of them, you are welcome to them. I will be taking down all but the Vampire Diaries ones.

I just wanted to give you a quick glossary of the Sindarin words I use. I will put the words and their translations at the beginning of each chapter. I hope you enjoy this.


Harthon i laiss en-Galadh e-Guil chîn ú-belithar - I hope the leaves of your tree of life will not wither.

Navaer, Miluis - Farewell, Lovely One.

Unad nuithatha i nîr e-guren nalú aderthad vîn. - Nothing will stop the weeping of my heart until our reunion.

In the mist that fogged the air around them, a young woman wept. She kissed her baby's hair and sobbed tears of pain and sorrow.

"I am so sorry my love. I cannot keep you." Salty drops landed on her daughter's head. "Your destiny lies elsewhere."

A throat clearing had the woman glaring at the man before her with anger and contempt in her gaze. "What will become of her?"

"She will be fine. I will see she has a good family to bring her up." The man sniffed haughtily. "It is your fault for having such a… creature. A half breed will have no future here."

The woman carefully swaddled her infant in a handmade blanket. "Harthon i laiss en-Galadh e-Guil chîn ú-belithar." She whispered. "Navaer, Miluis."

The woman handed her baby to the man before her. The man accepted her with a wrinkled nose and a disgusted look on his face. "She will be well taken care of." The man had a moment of compassion for the woman. "Don't fret. You will see her again."

The man disappeared in a flash of light.

The woman fell to the ground, weeping for the child she will never see grow up. "Unad nuithatha i nîr e-guren nalú aderthad vîn." She cried out. She hoped her fading would be quick, for her heart was indeed broken.