Olivarry. This is a one-shot (maybe two-shot) about if Oliver called Barry instead of his mother when on the boat. In this, Barry and Oliver are fiancés, and Oliver never was with Laurel. Barry and Oliver were just friends with Sara and Laurel. Sarah was invited onto the gambit because Barry couldn't come and suggested for Sarah to go.

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Oliver rested his head at the sound of his voice. The voice he had wanted and desperately needed after 5 years of hell, his emotion getting the best of him.

"Hello?" the voice asked again

Another pause. Oliver nearly couldn't think of anything to say. It was funny really, for 5 years he had dreamed of this moment, thought of everything he could possibly say. Barry's voice just made him speechless. This was actually happening. After 5 years in hell, he got to hear his Barry's voice.

"Who is this?"

He could hear Barry's curiosity but eagerness to hurry up the conversation. Probably running late... again. He nearly chuckled. Barry was still the same, after all this time. His lovable, dorky Barry.

"Barry..." Oliver breathed, "It's Oliver"

He could hear Barry stop and pause, sighing into the phone. Oliver could practically hear Barry's hear break on the sport. Was he not happy to hear him? Had he moved on? As selfish as that was, Oliver couldn't bear to see his fiancé with another man. Of course, he had wished for Barry to be happy but…

"My fiancé has been… dead for 5 years" Barry said and Oliver was broken out of his train of thought. And, Oliver's heart shattered on the spot. Barry's voice was so filled with heart ache and pain, all Oliver wanted to do was to kiss him.

"Please don't call me again" Barry continued, moving to hang up the call.

"Barry. Barry!" Oliver stopped him," Barry please… just listen to me. Listen to my voice. Trust me Barr"

Barry froze at the nickname; which Oliver took as an opportunity to continue on.

"Barr… It's Oliver. I didn't die on the gambit. Please… It's your Ollie" Oliver said, a tear slowly passing by his face. Barry was silent and by every passing second, he feared that Barry would hung up.

"Ollie?" Barry breathed.

"Yes Barr... it's me. Your fiancé. Just please don't hang up okay?" Oliver pleaded, but also talked in relief.

"Oh my god... Ollie? How are you alive?" Barry asked, slumping down on the couch in tears. Tears of happiness and disbelief.

"It's okay Barr. I'm okay"

"Did Sarah survive?" Barry asked.

Oliver breathed with a full chest, "no. no, Sarah and my father didn't make it.

"This is all my fault" Barry sobbed.

"Barr… how is any of this your fault?" Oliver asked in complete shock.

"I should've been on the gambit that night. You invited me but I was too busy studying to be a CSI. I should have been there with you. You suffered because of me. I killed Sarah by suggesting for her to go. Sarah is dead because of me" Barry cried.

"Barr… none of this is your fault. I would have never forgiven myself if you were on the gambit" Oliver explained.

"Ollie… I can't imagine what you've been through" Barry said, tears clouding his vision. Oliver didn't answer, just in tears and in silenced at finally hearing his Barr's voice again.

"When are you coming home?" Barry asked hopefully. Another pause.

"I'm not entirely sure but I'm… I'm on a boat. I'm coming home" Oliver said, his bottom lip quivering at his own words. I'm coming home. Never in there horrific 5 years, would he have thought he's be saying those words, and neither did Barry.

Barry choked on his tears," Ollie… I missed you so much."

"Me too Barr. You were the reason why I survived these past couple of years" Oliver teared up. That was the whole honest truth. He doesn't know what he would have done without remembering he had to survive for Barry and his own family.

Barry's lips trembled, "Come home to me Ollie… please"

"I love you Barr"

"I love you Ollie"

Should I do another chapter from Barry's point of view? Thank you for reading!