Hey everyone. This is a second collab between me and Thewrittennerd (our first collab was It's Not Goodbye, It's Hello which can be found on her profile page) and will include Chicago Fire, Med, PD, SVU, FBI, and FBI: Most Wanted.


Jay walked into Molly's a guitar case in hand, smiling when he saw Erin, Hailey, Kim, and Vanessa performing a song that he was sure had been popular when he was a kid but he couldn't place it. Glad to see them having fun, he mused. Things had been hectic lately with Intelligence being slammed with case after case. Poor Rojas had really been thrown into the deep end. But at least now things were winding down and they were able to relax. Finding a seat in the back, he sat down, his smile growing as he watched his teammates. When they were done, he clapped politely and waited until Otis and Joe were doing their version of Who's On First and then made his way to the front. Once the sketch was finished, he walked up to the stage and sat down on the stool Herrmann had provided, opening his guitar case.

"Okay, uh…it's…been a while since I've done this and I was never as good as Will, so bear with me," he requested as took his guitar "This was always one of her favorite songs. Why? I have no idea, but she was always partial to it, especially the Bachman Turner Overdrive rendition," he continued and then started playing the beginning strains of "The House Of The Rising Sun", his voice joining his guitar.

Will walked in, guitar case in hand, Jessica close behind him.

"You're sure you're up to this? You just said you guys had one hell of a day," he stated.

"Which is exactly why I need karaoke night at Molly's," she responded and he chuckled.

"Fair enough," he stated. Then, he stopped as the voice of the person singing registered.

"What is it?" Jessica wondered and then she followed his gaze. "I didn't know Jay could sing," she commented.

"He stopped…after Mom died…he…lost the heart for it," Will replied, his eyes never leaving his younger brother. When the song finished, he grinned and clapped. "All right, Jay!" he shouted. Surprised, the police officer turned and then grinned.

"Hey everyone, here's Will and he'll give you something to help you forget the absolute butchering of one of Mom's favorite songs," he stated as Will opened up his case.

"You did fine. But how about a duet?"
"What song?"

"Her absolute favorite." With a grin, Jay started playing the song, being joined in by Will. Jessica grinned as she started swaying and clapping to the music, the rest of Molly's following suit and they all sang the chorus.

Loose, footloose

kick off your Sunday shoes

please, Louise,

pull me offa my knees

Jack, get back

c'mon before we crack

lose your blues

everybody cut footloose

As they sang, Jay shared a grin with Will. Yeah, he still missed their mom, but stuff like this kept her alive. And that was all that mattered.


As you can see, I mentioned people from the show who have died or left. There are certain plotlines me and my co-author didn't really like and we will most likely be ignoring them in this collab.