Ten years ago they never would have seen themselves here. Ten years ago they were on opposing sides.

A lot can happen in the course of ten years.

It was a typical London day, chilly and overcast, people bustling to and fro, none seeing the man with the scar on his forehead.

Harry Potter sits on the patio of an obscure coffee shop hiding from the constant fame that followed him through the magical world, even a decade later. He thought back to a simpler life, where his biggest threats were Voldemort, and his cousin and his crew.

Now, he waits for his wife of four years and his best friend and her husband. Never did he think they would be where they are.

His very pregnant wife waddles up to him and, as she taught him, he pulls out her chair. Her favorite - well current favorite - tea was already waiting for her. Her stomach reaches the table before he has a chance to push her in. He silently chuckles at the stink-face she gives.

"It will only be a bit more, Pans. You can make it through these few weeks," he laments with his wife. She always is the moodiest as she approaches her due date.

Sending a killer-glare his way, she quips, "Funny Potter. You're the one who did this to me, again may I say. I am starting to resemble Molly with the number of kids you had me push out."

"You're the one that agreed to it, Pans. You have no one to blame but yourself." His green eyes shine with mischief. They may have only been married for five years, but for nearly four of them she has been pregnant.

She turns up her nose as she smells the tea that is placed in front of her. "What is this? It smells putrid."

"Well it is the lavender camomile blend that you have been drinking for the last two weeks," her husband replied sheepishly, knowing that this face could only mean that her craving has changed - again.

"Ugh, no thanks." She suspiciously looks around before taking out her wand before muttering a semi-quiet "Aguamenti," towards the cup.

Nothing happens to the cup. The vile liquid still remains, offending the witch.

"Darling, you know you can't use magic in the Muggle world. And this close to your due date, it isn't the most responsive to your desires," he attempts to soothe his wife. "Would you like me-"

"No Potter. I can do a simple first-year spell. Aguamenti," she repeats, with a little more enthusiasm.

Just then, the whole sky opens up and a downpour sends the outside patrons of the cafe scurrying to the safety of the inside.

Pansy Parkinson-Potter squishes her way up to the counter of the cafe, ready to place her current drinking desire. "I want a chai latte, with matcha and a splash - just a splash - of kombucha. And where is your hot sauce? I need three shakes of your best American hot sauce."

Harry can just sit back and cringe. She will be ordering that nasty concoction until this child comes. There is no way that he can remember what she wants, the ridiculously specific amounts, and heck - he doesn't even know what kombucha is!

He turns to see his best friend and her husband rushing into the cafe. Waving them to the table he secured just moments prior - maybe with a little assistance from a Confundus spell. He stands to assist his wife and greet Hermione as she seats herself next to his wife. They instantly start chatting it up over the upcoming arrival of the newest member of the Potter clan.

Hermione's husband, also well taught by Pansy and Hermione, brings the ladies their drinks.

"So Potter," Draco Malfoy drawls in the way that only he can, "weird weather we're having. It seems that there is a mysterious downpour just on this block. Drenched Hermione and me. And it seems that it just came on all of a sudden."

The look Malfoy gives him does not go unnoticed. Chuckling to himself, "Well, I won't say that it was anything special. Just maybe a bit magical." He looks lovingly at his wife as he reaches over and pats her stomach.

THC/The Houses Competition.

House: Slytherin

Class: HOH

Prompts: [Spell] Aguamenti


Word Count: 710