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When Juan saw Eva he couldn't help but to be stunned by her beauty. He had seen his wife every day for 7 years but sometimes she would just knock him down with her beauty and kindness.

"Eva," he whispered, "You look amazing."

"Thank you darling," she said, "You always look amazing too."
Juan smiled. He took Eva's hand in his own.

"Juan," Eva said, "I'd like to talk to you about an idea I had. I think it's time to end the public whipping and humiliation in Argentina."

Juan nodded seriously.

"The time for that was before it even started," he said lightly, "I agree with you completely."
Eva smiled. Her eyes became light.

"I'm so glad you agree," she said.

"I usually agree with you," Juan replied, "because most of the time you're right."

"Yes well," Eva laughed, "so it's a done deal?"

"Of course," Juan replied.

Juan paused.

"You know," he said, "I was thinking about the conversation we had the other day. I'm not so sure us running together would be a good idea. I don't think I would feel comfortable being "in charge" of you"

"I could always run for president," Eva joked.

"After you got sick last year," he added, "It's just not the best idea."
Eva shrugged.

"I think," she said, "I was just trying to move past being sick. I'm probably in remission now anyway."

"You still are in treatment," Juan pointed out.

"To be safe," Eva said, "but I agree with you."
Juan was stunned.

"Seriously? I thought it would take a little time to convince you that I may be right," he said.

"Not may be," Eva said, "You ARE right. Anyway I'm the woman behind the man. You always do what I tell you to do."

"Yeah that's true," Juan replied, "Hey we'd be good as co-presidents."

"Let's talk about that another time," Eva said, "for now I'm going to let you take me out to dinner."


"You know me well," Eva said.

They called a limousine to take them to Reginaz. It was their favorite Italian restaurant. They had gone there on their first date.

Eva and Juan were the perfect couple. They never fought. Sure they would have disagreements at times but they would talk it out and meet in the middle. Normally Juan would give in. Eva only fought for things that were important to her. There were times he would remain firm but then they would find a compromise. Neither of them knew the way things would go. All they knew was for right now everything was perfect.