The special part of us.

I looked into Noah Flynns eyes, I couldn't believe we were getting married." I thought

"And at perfect place two, the first place I declared my love for him, in the field by that old gazebo." We went into the car we were going to scope things out before we decided that's where we were getting married. When we were there we saw that night patrol garud that caught our kiss. He was all part of the story.

"Hey it's been awhile," Noah said.

"Yes it is good to see you, but unfortunately this old thing is getting too." He said looking at the gazebo. " We're getting some guys to take it throwing it into a landfill."

"They can't do this." I explained

"It's ok, we'll find another place."

When we got home he took me to our room and started talking to me and saying everything was going to be ok. It's just sad that that old gazebo was going away.

When we got down stairs he closed the blinds to the backyard. The wedding was in 4 days and we had no idea where it was happening. I heard a lot of noise outside but Noah said it was just construction workers, since we were in a new forming neighborhood.

After dinner he blind folded me he took me outside and around the back and said,"I hope this cheers you up." He took the blind fold off and I saw the old gazebo sitting in our backyard.

"So this is what all that racket was."

"Yes, do you like it." he responded

"No, I love it."

"We can get married in our own backyard so that way every time we come outside we can see this special piece of our story." He said.

"Thank You so much"