(Burt saw Miss Brannigan, sitting on a bench)

Burt: Hey Miss Brannigan.

Miss Brannigan: Hey Mr. BurtonBurger.

Burt: How are you today?

Miss Brannigan: Very good, how are you doing today?

Burt: Oh, just taking a walk while Coop and Millie, as always, Fighting.

Miss Brannigan: Oh, Okay.

Burt: Do you wanna hang out?

Miss Brannigan: Sure, Maybe later.


(Burt and Miss Brannigan were at the park)

Miss Brannigan: So, Mr. BurtonBurger, tell me about... You know... Yourself.

Burt: Let me talk about My wife.

Miss Brannigan: Your wife.

(Flashback opened)

(Showed Burt and Martha first met)

Burt: My wife name was Martha, she was a beautiful woman that I met back in college.

(Showed Burt and Martha wedding)

Burt: Few years later, we got married.

(Martha at the hospital, holding a baby Coop on her arms)

Burt: and gave birth to Coop.

(Martha holding a baby Millie)

Burt: 2 years later, she gave birth to Millie.

(Showed Martha having a heart attack)

Burt: But then, she had a heart attack.

(Showed Burt with a 4 year old Coop and a 2 year old Millie crying in front of Martha's grave)

Burt: And passed away.

(Flashback ended)

Miss Brannigan: Wow, Mr. BurtonBurger. You were single for years?

Burt: Yes, What about you.

Miss Brannigan: Yes, I was single for 15 years.

Burt: Why.

(Flashback opened)

(Showed Miss Brannigan husband, Sam, having a car accident)

Miss Brannigan: My husband, Sam, had a car accident.

(Miss Brannigan crying in front of Sam's grave)

Miss Brannigan: And passed away.

(Showed Miss Brannigan taking her daughter, Samantha and her son, Alex, to their aunts house)

Miss Brannigan: I send my daughter and my son to my sister house.

(Miss Brannigan moving out of her house and moved into a new house, she went inside and cry on the sofa)

Miss Brannigan: I had to move out and I was crying for my husband's death.

(Flashback ended)

Burt: Poor Miss Brannigan. You lost your husband from a car accident?

Miss Brannigan: Yes, my daughter and my son have to live with my sister. My daughter is at college in London and My son had a job as a producer. I had to give them up because I lost my job, also, my husband work in a richest company in the country.

Burt: Okay.

Miss Brannigan: I would like to go on a restaurant later.

Burt: Sure.


(Burt and Miss Brannigan at the restaurant, they were eating their meals)

Burt: So, Miss Brannigan, You told me that you were single for years.

Miss Brannigan: Yes. I was.

Burt: Okay. In the meantime, let's just finish our meals.

(After finishing their meals, they got dessert)

Miss Brannigan: I'm glad the restaurant got desserts for us.

Burt: I know. 13 years ago, Me and my wife, Martha, Visit the restaurant and she ate a lot of desserts.

Miss Brannigan: Oh my, that's a lot of desserts that she ate.

Burt: Yep, She makes me laugh a lot about me complaining about the desserts that she ate.

(After eating their desserts, they paid for it and left the restaurant)

Miss Brannigan: That was Delicious.

Burt: Agreed. Now, we have get home before nighttime comes.

Miss Brannigan: Right.

Burt: Let's meet at midnight.

Miss Brannigan: Okay.

(Later that day, Burt and Miss Brannigan met at Midnight)

Burt: Your here.

Miss Brannigan: Yes.

(Burt pull out flowers)

Miss Brannigan: Thank you Mr. BurtonBurger.

(Miss Brannigan grab the flowers from Burt and put them on the ground)

Burt: Umm... Miss Brannigan?

Miss Brannigan: I have feelings toward you.

Burt: Me too.

(Burt and Miss Brannigan kissed)

(The two let go)

Miss Brannigan: That was awesome.

Burt: I know, right.

Miss Brannigan: Let's get home.

Burt: Okay.

(They went back home)

The End