A flight half way around the world was just what she needed. Her dad was all setup and recovering well. Matty was fitting in well at MI. She could step away from Neptune and finally start to breathe on her own again.

The visit to Jayne had started the process. Clarence had given her an exit strategy months ago. Now was the time to put it all into place. A time where people would see what they wanted to see, Veronica, starting her life again, away from Neptune. Away from the heartache that was Logan Echolls. He was gone.

Her flight to Mollymook, Australia, arrived at 9 am. Collecting her small amount of luggage was easy. It was finding him that made it difficult. He was supposed to be here. According to Clarence, they had a house close to the beach and everything was set up for them to enjoy life, away from Neptune.

She finally saw him, standing by a dark blue convertible, as if waiting for her inside was too difficult. As she ran to him, she saw it was less him waiting for her and more as if he had just arrived.

"I waited. I had to think of you as dead for a year. Three hundred sixty-five days where I was the widow. A funeral and too much paperwork, helping my father heal. All the while being unable to see you or truly know what was going on."

Logan wrapped his arms around her and swung her around. "Sorry for not getting here right away. Duncan and Lilly slowed me down a bit this morning." Dropping a kiss on top of her head.

"Are you sure it's not your sidepiece that you are trying to hide from me?"

"Odd name for Donut, plus his new wife might have an issue with that," Logan smirked down at her.

Clarence had saved him when she couldn't. It had been a month of thinking he was actually dead before he showed up at the apartment. The CIA recruited agents from military intelligence and the FBI, they had helped Logan to survive the bomb. Even those details were still fuzzy for Veronica, something she hoped to fix soon.

The month of living without Logan is what made her see that her life needed to change. She had felt gutted without Logan, luckily she still had her dad for that time. Though she had felt as though a piece of her was missing.

Home. She was home in his arms. "I know we can't go with Mars anymore, but what did Clarence and the agency set up for your new name?"

"I held out hope for Logan Lester but learned that it was too close. Though how they saw Landon Ares as not too on the nose is beyond me."

"Whatever name you have is fine with me." Home, she was finally home.