Azeroth's Gamer
Story Synopsis: Azeroth, well, not the world but the slumbering titan within, is in dire need of a champion. What better than to bring a human from our world to hers, and save her from the Old Gods?
Nobody was prepared, at least not for Jeanne.

Warning: Canon may be very… wacky. I am definitely not a expert of WoW's lore, but due to the fact of Jeanne's appearance… expect some things to change. No promises though. Additionally, in order to give my character time away from the canon timeline, a small mini island of my creation will be made… for now. Other warnings are that of a normal WoW warning, such as blood, gore, sexual things etc. I do not encourage anyone younger than 16 to read this, but I can't really do much. Additional warnings could include triggering topics, such as suicide, rape, etc, but also swearing and other crap because it's an ADULT game.

Please Enjoy and leave a review/comment, and if any lore is wrong… do correct me please? 😊

Waking up in a dark void is not something one should wake up too, or at least she thinks she is awake. From the view you, the readers, are seeing this girl form as, is simply a young teenager, no features to but looking fuzzy to the eye, like a misty mirage. The only sign of a gender is the slight slope of her chest and a hourglass figure, along with a thin but lanky form. This figure, a girl in all rights, takes a step forward, the footsteps echoing in her ear. Other results in the same, yet different response. As her other foot meets the ground, the darkness shatters and creates a white platform.

"Welcome, Chosen Champion. Please, walk to the center of the circle so you may begin." A gently voice, almost a mix between a child and an adult woman, echoes out. The figure seems to be shocked but follows to voices request. As the figure stands in the middle, the circle is split into two halves, leaving a white platform for the figure to stand on. To the girls right, the platform turns red and from certain areas, the forms of different humanoid creatures arises. To the left, the platform there turns blue, and more humanoid creatures (including a human) arose.

"Please choose a Race from one of the two factions. Should any be unsatisfactory, other options may be provided." The voice echoed. The figure seemed to look uncertain, staring at both sides. "Ah, that is right. You do not know the faction's names do you, Chosen? To your right is the Horde, while to the left is the Alliance. In the Horde, you can be a Orc, Troll, Blood Elf, Tauren, Undead, Goblin and Huojin Pandaren." A red glow points out each of these figures, the green humanoid with small tusks jutting from her lower lip being the orc, a blue humanoid with tusks jutting out more towards the corner of the mouth being the troll, the figure with sharp ears and glowing eyes the Blood Elf, a large minotaurian like creature being the Tauren, what can only be described as a zombie being the Undead, a small green creature with sharp ears being a Goblin, and what is pretty much a panda of some kind being a Huojin Pandaren. The figure raised a brow at a couple of them, but turned to the Blue side.

"To your left is the Alliance, in which you can be a Human, Night Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Draenei, Worgen or Tushui Pandaren." A blue glow points out the human, the darker-skinned elf with just as bright eyes, a small humanoid and an even smaller humanoid, a large horned woman with bright eyes, a humanoid werewolf creature that subtly shifts into a human for a time, and yet another panda. The figure in the middle seems stressed, seemingly unable to choose, before shaking her head viciously. It pointed suddenly, and unpredictably, at the Blood Elf, which stood to the right. A crackle bursts through the air as the other figures crumbled into dust, the blood elf's figure moving to the center while the platform returns to fully white once more, though the elf stood on a red colored spot before the figure.

Once more, objects came up from the floor, though these were weapons, and in the case of a couple, beasts as well. A sword, a hammer, a bow that was sided with strange serpentine creature colored red and gold, its insectoid like wings beating smoothly, two daggers, three staves, with one having a strange water creature and the other a small goblin-like creature but covered in green fire, and a long staff. The figure seemed to be looking hard, but focused on the weapons with a creature beside it, before pointing out at the Bow and weird flying creature.

Just like the figures, anything other than the bow and the flying creature shattered into dust with a crack, the bow and flying creature flying besides the blood elf figurine. "So you have chosen to be a Blood Elf Hunter?" the voice asked, almost seeming interested in the figure's choices below, who nodded in answer. "Very well." The voice seemed affectionate, "Now onto the last part of your customization." The voice seemed rushed as it said that, causing the figure to be nervous, "Oh do not worry, Chosen. It isn't your fault." The voice reassured.

"Now, what do you want to look like?" it asked, almost curious. The figure stared at the blood elf, and slowly things changed on its body. It kept its naturally pale skin, almost sun touched to the sight, while long dark red hair, pulled back into a long braid that rested on her back appeared on her head, the bangs swept to the side, almost covering the now piercing blue eyes. Freckles speckled the blood elves cheeks and shoulders, cross her naked chest. The blood elf's face looked serious, as if constantly glaring, but yet soft at the same time. Satisfied, the figure looked up as clothing covered the figures new parts.

"Wonderful, Chosen. Now, what is your name, Chosen?" the voice softly asked, as the figure was slowly sucked into the blood elves figure. The figure blinked, the bow to its side appearing on its back and the now animated flying creature floating next to her. Croaking out a answer in a soft voice, "Jeanne… Jeanne Flightfeather." The elf answered to nobody, and the world turned white, flashing and causing her to close her eyes, blocking some of it with the back of her hand covering her eyes.

"Welcome to Azeroth… my Champion." The voice echoed before vanishing as the crunch of soft but sturdy grass met Jeanne's feet. Unblocking her sight, Jeanne looked around, eyes wide with wonder. The location she stood in was a wide plains area, showing the distant sight of a forest, a desert, a mountain, and more. Peering to her side as she heard a delightful chirp sound, she saw the weird creature that floated alongside the bow she had chosen looking at her with wide pearly eyes.

Above its head sat a name, specifically what Jeanne supposed was its name or even its species, along with a health bar. "Dragonhawk, huh?" Jeanne glanced at the Dragonhawk with a raised eyebrow, hand on her hip as she shifted to the side, "How about… Menagerie?" she asked, watching as the Dragonhawk cheered in its own language, its hovering name changing to Menagerie. "Interesting… seems I can change your name on a whim." Jeanne dryly noted, before glancing around. "What exactly am I supposed to do-" she was interrupted as a frame entered her sight.

Quest Accepted: Tutorial
Objective: Follow the Tutorial on how to be a proper Gamer and Chosen Champion of Azeroth.
Task One: Enter the STAT screen. Simply say 'Stat' to start.

Reward: ?

Jeanne blinked in confusion, noticing an option to decline or accept. Reaching out, she brushed her fingers to the accept option, which closed the frame from her sight. Furrowing her brow, she spoke out loud, not worried at seeming insane, since she was the only humanoid in sight now. "Stats" she muttered out, blinking as a screen appeared before her. It listed a bunch of letters and such, with a miniature figure of herself to the side. At the bottom of the frame was tabs to other areas, such as Reputation, Currency, Backpack and Pets.

"Welcome to the Stats Menu. This will be your go to area to upgrade your own stats and look at other things, such as your Reputation with other members of the world, currency such as gold, silver and copper, along with seeing what is in your backpack and your current tamed pets that your class can tame to fight alongside you." A robotic voice spoke out in Jeanne's head, startling her for a moment before focusing on what it was saying.

"You have a few main stats, such as Strength, Stamina, Wisdom, Focus, Agility and Speed. Strength dictates the amount of damage you will do with your weapons, assisted by Focus which will dictate your accuracy. Stamina is your Health dictator, while Wisdom is used for special skills you will develop. Speed helps with how fast you can run, but also helps with how fast you can fire your weapon. Your Agility helps with avoidance but also with specific agility-based actions you may discover." The voice continued, highlighting the stats on the side of her floating character.

"As you can see floating around the miniature figure of yourself, you may have noticed some empty slots and full slots. This is your equipment slots, and you can have only one equip at a time. There is a slot for the Head, Chest, Legs, Feet, Hands and Neck, with two slots for Rings and Trinkets. You should focus on equipment that can give you a bonus towards your needed class stats, which focus on Stamina, Agility, Focus and Speed." It continued on, droning about the slots that indeed did sit around her character, about four of them full, namely the chest, legs, feet and the unnamed weapon slots, based on Jeanne's own dictation skills.

"You have gained a single point towards Wisdom for your deduction skills. In order to gain a point towards your stats, you must train in areas that seemingly dictate towards that stat, for example thinking wisely will give you a point towards Wisdom, though do note that over time you may notice you will not gain a stat towards that stat over time, if only because of repentance. It is encouraged that you try a variety of things, and not focus on one thing at a time." The voice seemed to congratulate, before going silent as the quest frame came up once more.

Task One Completed, Stand By For Task Two

Task Two: Complete the Battle Tutorial
Rewards Updated: ?, ?
Failure Updated: Certain Death

Furrowing her brow once more, Jeanne instinctively reached back for her bow as from thin air a wolf appeared before her, about a few feet in front of her. It was grey but didn't make a motion to attack her. It gaze was glazed over, as if it didn't see her at all. Frowning, she waited for the next part of this… Tutorial.

"Before you stand an enemy, namely that of a Wolf. Please 'Observe' the Wolf." The voice spoke up, causing Jeanne to only sigh. Fine then… "Observe" she muttered, her eyes focusing on the Wolf, whose name, weak points and strengths were pointed out to her within her sight, along with its level. It was a Level 1 Wolf, the weak points being the eyes, neck and chest, while its strengths were in its claws and mouth.

"Congratulations, you have gained the Skill 'Observe'. Further leveling of this skill will allow you to see higher leveled characters and bosses, along with additional features such as their stats and equipment. Now, prepare your Bow and order your Pet to 'Attack' the Level 1 Wolf." Jeanne simply nodded and ordered her Dragonhawk, Menagerie, while pointing at the Wolf to simply "Attack." The Dragonhawk screeched as it sped towards the Wolf, slapping its face sharply with its tail.

The Wolf seemed to wake and snapped back, nipping at the Dragonhawks scaly flesh, causing it to yelp. Jeanne frowned and readied her bow, instincts telling her what to do as the string stretched to her will, the wooden bow folding back with the arrow within before letting go, the arrow impaling the Wolf's side and causing it to yelp, almost looking at her direction before her Dragonhawk got in the way and made sure it kept its focus on her, turning the Wolf with its attack so a weak point was in sight.

Jeanne bit her lip as she focused once more, though waited a bit longer, trying to focus the arrow to hit a weak point, namely the neck as it was the only thing she could actually shoot at, with the wolf facing to the side. Letting go, the arrow created a white line behind it as it shot into the wolfs neck, killing it almost instantly. It fell to its side and bled out, though made no sound besides its yelp of defeat.

"You have completed the Tutorial, and thus gained Experience Points and some Copper." The voice then disappeared after that, leaving Jeanne's thoughts empty for the moment. Sighing, she looked at the Wolf. Well, it wouldn't do to leave it empty, now, would it?

Prologue Stats
Jeanne Flightfeather
Level 1 Blood Elf Hunter
Health: 300/300
Stamina Points: 300/300
Strength: 5
Stamina: 6
Wisdom: 6
Focus: 6
Agility: 6
Speed: 5

Warder's Chest
Warder's Pants
Warder's Boots
Warder's Bow

Menegrie the Dragon Hawk
Tenacity Nature (Tank)
Young Dragonhawk (Species)

Observe (Level 1)
Arcane Torrent (MAX)

Racial Skills
Arcane Acuity
Arcane Affinity
Magic Resistance

Specialization: Unknown