Azeroth's Champion
Chapter 1, Part 2
"Building Up, Building Down"
Chapter Synopsis: Jeanne get's a new quest to build up a new home for herself at the magic-lake, and then there is a guest...
Author's Note: Thanks for the review! Also autocorrect corrected the name I said last time for the fanfic I was talking about- it is World of Whatcraft. It is by Umodin, and they are pretty good. And no, we do not talk, but I do respect them, so if you like gnolls and you like self inserts, you'd probably like it. If not, oh well.
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Any who… hopefully some character building!

Jeanne sighed as she stretched out her arms, the sun reaching out from over the horizon and painting the grass gold with its light. Jeanne flickered a smile onto her face before thinking about her thoughts last night. First, she thought back to the gold and red numbers hovering along her foes' heads. If Jeanne was right, gold meant that the enemy was the exact same or a level or two higher than her, while red was too high. She had yet to see what other kinds of differences between levels would look like, but she could assume some things.

Jeanne then turned her thoughts away from that and to her location. It did not look like she was going to need to, or even must, leave at any point. The land around her was, for the most part, peaceful. She has not encountered any aggressive animals or enemies yet, and for the most part she was content on just learning as she went. Of course, she was thinking about building up her home, however she had a issue… she had nothing to cut down a tree with, or even mine for materials she could need without scavenging for rocks and such.

Frowning, she stood, shaking those thoughts from her head. She could easily create an axe, that is for sure. She would need a strong, sturdy stick… a sharp rock and something to attach it to. Seems easy enough, right? Jeanne glanced at Menagerie who peered at her, ready to follow at a moment of movement from its master. Jeanne huffed a chuckle and moved back towards the forest, a finger playing with the string of the bow that laid against her back.

At the forest, Jeanne looked around carefully, carefully toeing her way around. She was not in the mood to get in a fight with a wolf, wild cat or a wild boar. She also did not want to wander this dark forest for too long either. Jeanne was quick to find a nice sturdy stick, the bark was dry but easily peeled from the inner wood. Next was finding a nice stone, which she headed back to her base location to use a rock from the firepit.

While it was dull, she used another equally hard rock to start beating at the edge she wanted to be sharp, the exercise giving her some points to her Strength points, but she didn't really care at the moment. Strength was not necessary to her as a Hunter, at least for the moment. She wasn't sure what stats she would want to train for but thinking about the ability to learn another class if she was able to put a smile to her face. She would have to explore that possibility later. Peering at the stone, she nodded her content at the stones sharpness, placing the stone she beat it with back with the rest of the firepit stones.

Now she had to go back to the forest and search for a nice, strong fine. Thankfully, her skinning knife was sharp enough to cut through one of her choice, which was easily found since some of the trees within were being suffocated by some, so taking the vine of her choice would also had been good for the trees. She noted that it would probably be helpful for her to cut down some of the vines, at least to help out the forest a bit with its vine population. At her base location, she first used the sharp rock to cut a section out of the top of the thick stick she chose as her grip, making sure it was wide enough to stick the rock into.

After that, she squeezed the rock in the best she could, and then quickly tied the vine around and over the rock and stick, tightening it to keep it secure, but not to the point it could break. Once finished, she stepped back and looked at her new item, which was called a [Crude Axe], along with noticing the new things she created skill-wise while doing this task, namely the Stealth and Crafting skills, the Stealth skill helping with sneaking around enemies she didn't want to notice her, which was useful in fact and seemed to also use her Agility points for success, while the Crafting skill was for the creation of tools and the such. Nodding in content, she made those pop-ups disappear and focused on her next task.

Her next task was namely the creation of a simple tent like structure, or a teepee really. She would need a lot of thin, bendy trees to use as the structure, although she was not sure about what she would use to cover the gaps that would no doubt exist. Perhaps the hide she has in her backpack would help, but she needed more hide, and as much as she would like to have a bunch of hides, simply killing a bunch of animals would not do for the ecosystem. Maybe she could find some thin vines and string together leaves? No, those would dry up quickly.

Jeanne sighed, deciding to focus on at least getting the structure done before thinking about whatever else she might have to do in the meantime. Quickly returning to the forest, she was easily able to find some thin bendy trees that were not too tall but were not too short to use as a structure. They quickly fell and using a nearby tree that was suffocating with fines, she managed to collect enough of them to make a somewhat decent sized teepee.

Back at her base camp, she decided to have her teepee be a bit behind her firepit, but not too close as to set the wood on fire if she lit it up that night. It was easy to put them in the ground and then pull them together to make a simple structure that would keep her safe from most of the weather, though not by much since the walls had gaping holes in them. Nothing she could do for now, though, but she was growing hungry so if she was lucky, she could get another hide when she skins the wolf of her choice.

Hunting was bit easy, though she nearly got mauled by a high level wild cat she didn't want to deal with at all. It was simple enough to distract the cat and run, and she didn't forget the wolf at all, nope! Skinning was quick, and she was starving by the end of it. She quickly moved to start the fire to start her lunch, seeing how the sun was midway through the sky at the moment, and roasted the wolf haunch she selected to the right temperature to which she was confident that it was fully cooked, and swiftly ate it. Burping quietly in content, she laid back against the wooden beam of her new teepee, looking up at the top sections with content.

With a stretch and a yawn, Jeanne curled up within her new teepee home, Menagerie covering her with its body to provide some warmth and safety as she slept, its soft crooning sounds lulling her quickly to sleep. When she woke, it felt like not even a hour had passed, but she was content and well rested. She rubbed her palm on her sleepy Dragonhawks head, and shuffled out to the lake, crouching down to take a sip of the sweet tasting lake, enough to soothe the deep lingering itch she so hated.

She was enjoying her time too, satisfied with the drink, at least until a cough sounded out next to her. With a jolt she turned her head to the side, eyes wide as she saw a golden-haired elf, like her, standing there. His bright green eyes glowed with ancient power, slitted like a reptile but not to a point that it was noticeable by normal people, though she definitely noticed.

"So this is the anomaly- sorry, 'Chosen', that were deemed to protect, or so said our Aspect." The male elf spoke, almost disdainful of Jeanne's presence. Jeanne frowned, "You don't sound any bit happy about that… who and what are you, and what is an 'Aspect'?" she quested, her eyebrows pinching together on her face. The male huffed, "I am Ragdeldormu, and I am apart of the Bronze Dragonflight, of course you don't know what that is anyways… and Aspect is a chosen of the Titans to protect the domain of a certain concept… for example, the Bronze Dragonflight is the Protector of Time." He explained, sighing as if teaching a child.

Jeanne hummed, "Interesting… Are there other Dragonflights? Why are you here anyways?" she asked, continuing her questions, "Where am I? What is going on?" the male seemed exhausted already with all the questions, and started speaking over her, "Yes, there is more. You will not meet them for now, and I'm here to make sure you haven't killed yourself. You're on a Island of the Dragonflights creation that is set in a different time than the rest of the world, along with being protected against people from the inside. You don't need to know what is going on outside, trust me." He huffed.

Jeanne seemed to accept the dragons' words and nodded, turning to the lake. "I see. Perhaps you can explain to me what you mean by 'Chosen'?" she asked, peering at him. He stared at her for a moment, as if thinking inside of his head before nodding. "You were chosen by the planet you stand on, or namely the slumbering child-Titan within, to be its' Champion. As a result, us dragons now have a job of preparing and protecting you." He worded carefully. Jeanne rolled this over in her mind and nodded slowly. "Who exactly is your Aspect, if I am able to ask?" she wondered, eyeing him a bit.

Ragdeldormu hummed, "Our Aspect is Nozdormu. You won't meet him for a while at this point of time, but he did want me to tell you hello." He simply stated, "Now, do you need anything while I'm here? I see you have started a basic structure, but I can assist with anything else if you so need, as long as its… not invasive of time itself." He asked, almost regretting what he said.

Jeanne nodded, "I wish to cover the gapes in my 'home' with fur, but I don't wish to hunt down a bunch of animals just to cover it- it's a waste of food, really." She told him, "Is there anyway you can assist me with that?" she asked further. Ragdeldormu nodded, "Yes, I can indeed help you with that. You're lucky I came here hungry, in fact. I'll be back in a moment… don't be startled though." He chuckled, moving back a bit before a puff of smoke covered him.

In Ragdeldormus' space was a mid-sized golden colored drake with a pale underbelly and a green crest that had a row of spikes lining his forehead, its nose tipped with a small horn and large wings. Its tail was clubbed like, almost like a pineapple, Jeanne mused to herself. She was in awe as the dragon lifted itself into the air and flew off into the distance, and couldn't help to wish that she, too, could fly.

Shaking her head, she waited, though she didn't have to wait long as the drake flew back with a large animal in its claws, some sort of large rhino like beast with a large horn on its nose. The drake carefully landed, setting the decease beast on the ground. "Here," Ragdeldormu started, "Skin this beast so I can eat. I am absolutely famished." He almost seemed to drool. Jeanne simply chuckled as she ran over to begin her skinning, the bronze drake hovering nearby and giving pointers, since she had never skinned this beast- a kodo, Ragdeldormu (he insisted on her calling him Ragdel, though) had told her- and once finished she set to tying the kodo's skin around her teepee, the large hide easily covering the gaps.

Once the drake had finished his meal, he left without a goodbye, not like he needed to because Jeanne knew (Well, she was told) that he would be patrolling the island and its wards for some time before switching out with another dragonflight's chosen. Jeanne had to smile at the thought of finally not being left to her own devices anymore, and turned to enter her new home once more, as sleep called her name.


Chapter 1 Part 1 Stats
Jeanne Flightfeather
Level 1 Blood Elf Hunter
Experience Points: 300/500
Health: 350/350
Stamina Points: 300/300

Strength: 7
Stamina: 6
Wisdom: 6
Focus: 6
Agility: 6
Speed: 5


Warder's Chest

Warder's Pants

Warder's Boots

Warder's Bow


Menegrie the Dragon Hawk

Tenacity Nature (Tank)

Young Dragonhawk (Species)


Observe (Level 1)

Arcane Torrent (MAX)

Stealth (Level 1)

Racial Skills
Arcane Acuity
Arcane Affinity
Magic Resistance

Specialization: Unknown

Skinning Knife
Wolf Hide x2
Crude Axe

20 Copper Coins

Crafting (Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Carpentry, etc)

Home Location(s)
Magic Lake Teepee Home (Name pending)


? Dragonflight: Neutral
? Dragonflight: Neutral
? Dragonflight: Neutral
Bronze Dragonflight: Neutral
? Dragonflight: Neutral