Azeroth's Champion
Chapter 1, Part 3
"Dragons O' Plenty"
Chapter Synopsis: Not really much plot, but some world building.
Author's Note: I've finally gotten around to doing Part 3… This chapter is more or less focused on world building around the island Jeanne is in, and what's going on outside. No, this is not be deciding what expansion will be waiting for her outside. I just need an excuse for Jeanne to learn, also Bronze Dragons. I mean, look at Chromie… see my point?

On another hand, the whole "Gamer" point of this story isn't really the main point/plot of the story- it's not the focus, I mean, of this story. Yeah, she has the whole "Gamer" stuff, but it should not be focused on. I'm more or less focusing on story really. Thank god Jeanne's not a self-insert though, but with what's going to be said… she'll probably be more of a "I know things because Bronze Dragons" character than a Self-Insert.

Not really satisfied with this chapter, but it'll do for its purpose...
A few days have past since Jeanne had finished her teepee and met Ragdeldormu. The bronze dragon made a point to return in the afternoons, if only to make sure Jeanne hadn't gotten herself killed (or so he said) and to teach her the basic history of Azeroth, the world she now lived on. On the other hand, no new quests popped up, although Jeanne was able to reach level 2 on her 4th day, gaining 5 talent points she didn't bother to spend (yet). Most of what she was being taught, namely history and economics, went towards increasing her stats, unsurprisingly, increasing her Wisdom points by 2.

Going back to the whole history and economics point, Ragdel taught her, again, the most basics, mainly of how the world was first controlled by the elements of Water, Fire, Earth and Air that constantly warred with each other, and then were enslaved by monsters from the Dark Beyond. Those same monsters were then imprisoned within Azeroth (Jeanne had asked why not take them away from Azeroth, to which Ragdel couldn't even respond with a proper answer, though the look on his face was one of a deep questioning) by the Titan Pantheon, who then later risen up a group of five Proto Drakes to become Dragons, Aspects specifically over a domain.

As for the whole money bit, it was rather new. One hundred copper coins turned into a single silver, which then turned into a single gold when it too, became a hundred. Jeanne took all of this in her mind, shifting it over and over and thinking of it. Jeanne then asked what other races like hers were out there. The bronze drake simply glanced at her, looking as if to see if she was prepared, before swiftly taking her under his wing to see the races, his ability keep them undetected from mortal eyes.

There were a race of elves, like her, with skin like plums and eyes like silver, their faces painted with some sort of material, their ears, unlike hers, curving downwards in a slope. They wore majestic robes and fine clothing, the elves forming a city around a large pool which glowed like her own, its swirling silver-blue vortex shining brightly. These elves were led by one called 'Queen Azshara'. While the elf was beautiful, and no doubt powerful (seeing how when Jeanne Observed her, she has a skeleton where her level would've been), she had the thirst for power within her eyes.

The next race Ragdeldormu showed her were of blue, green and purple skinned beings, looking more primal than the elves, with large tusks protruding from their mouths. Jeanne was told that the trolls were the ancestors of the elves, and if Jeanne tasted her own teeth, he told her, she would notice that her canines were indeed sharper than a normal canine would've. He also told her that she, unlike her future kin, was more closely related to the elves she had seen, than those that had parted. These creatures, called trolls, were breathtaking with their cultures, all different but yet the same from the other.

The last race he showed her that day were of cow like beasts that walked on two legs, hauling stone and lumber as beings with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a equine creature, a centaur she noted. The cow people were Taurens, who had just as unique culture as the Trolls, though at the time Ragdel was showing her this, they were imprisoned by the Centaurs. Ragdel took her away before she could see much else.

Back at her home, Ragdel told her that he would be switching out with another Dragonflight. His eyes foretold the change of his thoughts about her, no longer seeing her as a mortal, but more of a whelpling newly shed from its egg. She had smiled at him, that night, and told him that she would see him soon enough. Ragdel had grumbled like an old man, but didn't say anything back to disapprove that notion of thought from her.

Now, here she was, waiting as the sun slowly dipped to the ground, waiting for this 'Dragonflight' to greet her. Just as she thought one wouldn't show up for this night, the beating of wings broke the air, and she glanced up. From above, a blue drake, almost the same style of the bronze drake (though she noticed how the Bronze drake was slenderer looking, like a noodle, compared to the thickness of the blue drake before her). It landed before her, bright golden eyes echoing in her sight.

"Hmm… It seems they were right about you, mortal. I can see the magic of Azeroth herself flowing within your very flesh." A female voice echoed, though the drake before her didn't show a sign of hostility, instead more of laughter. Jeanne tilted her head, "Magic?" she asked, "I didn't know I had magic." She rubbed the back of her head. The drake shook its head, grumbling, "Of course he didn't tell you… no matter."

The drake looked at her, a smile on its toothy maw, "I am Medragosa, of the Blue Dragonflight. Seeing how you know nothing of your own innate magical power, it falls to me to teach you such. Have you even used a single Cobra Strike against your foes?" she asked, raising a crested brow. Jeanne shook her head, "I have no idea what you're even talking about." Jeanne responded, answering the question. Medragosa huffed, "No matter, I'll teach you the basics. It's up to you to use that power."

That was how Jeanne spent her mornings to nights, the blue dragon whispering magic into her elven ears, bright golden eyes watching as Jeanne molded the latent magic inside to create the first actual proper move, Cobra Shot, which just used magic to surround the arrow she shoots with green mana, making it hiss and speedy as it shot at her target. Medragosa was proud as Jeanne brought back a cat for her to eat, though they both knew it wouldn't be enough for the drakes endless pit of a stomach.

From there on, Medragosa had taught her about the pool she called home, "This pond you see before you isn't a normal pond, as you've no doubt founded," Medragosa had started, "This pond was created by the Black Dragonflight so that Azeroth would give you its magic and sustain you, and unlike your kin, you do not need it daily. While it soothes you now, you will no longer need it in the future, that I can assure you." The drake had informed her. Jeanne had simply nodded, smiling a bit, "I'll make sure to thank them when they get here." Not noticing that Medragosa seemed to grimace, "Since they so gratefully created this pond for me, I haven't felt what you described before." Jeanne huffed.

Medragosa nodded, "Good, that means our plans had worked. Now, I should leave for a bit and patrol the island. You should train yourself, you know." She peered at Jeanne, "You're going to need to be before you leave, at least." These words echoed in Jeanne's mind, and she nodded, "Of course, Medragosa." She waved her off as the drake flew off, turning to her loyal Menagerie who simply twirled in place, its ribbon like tail following it.

Jeanne smiled, laying back on the grass as day turned to night once more, eyes closing…


Chapter 1 Part 3 Stats
Jeanne Flightfeather
Level 2 Blood Elf Hunter
Experience Points: 0/1,000
Health: 350/350
Stamina Points: 300/300

Strength: 7
Stamina: 6
Wisdom: 8
Focus: 6
Agility: 6
Speed: 5
Stat Points: 5


Warder's Chest

Warder's Pants

Warder's Boots

Warder's Bow


Menegrie the Dragon Hawk

Tenacity Nature (Tank)

Young Dragonhawk (Species)


Observe (Level 1)

Arcane Torrent (MAX)

Stealth (Level 1)

Cobra Shot (MAX)

Racial Skills
Arcane Acuity
Arcane Affinity
Magic Resistance

Specialization: Unknown

Skinning Knife
Wolf Hide x2
Crude Axe
Cat Hide

20 Copper Coins

Crafting (Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Carpentry, etc)

Home Location(s)
Magic Lake Teepee Home (Name pending)


? Dragonflight: Neutral
? Dragonflight: Neutral
Blue Dragonflight: Neutral
Bronze Dragonflight: Whelpling
? Dragonflight: Neutral