The end of the Life

Rick and Kate and Kate are married. Rick goes on a book tour; Kate goes to a charity affair subbing for him. Kate goes missing, never to be seen again by him.


Rick and Kate were married for a year, and thing were going along great. Rick new book was out and on the best seller list. The problem with this book tours, by contract Rick had to do one every six months. Today was Friday May first (5/1/16), and Rick dropped Kate at the 12th on his was for the tour. The first stop was in Tokyo Japan. The tour was to take sex weeks, ending in the Mideast.

Kates day seem longer than normal, she spent a large amount time thinking of Rick. She got a call at three to reminder that she had a social dinner at the Palace Club, for the NYPD disable officers fund. Shocked that she forgot she call in her next in command to tell him she was leaving early.

She stopped at a dress shop and bought a new dress, and the requeued garments to go with it. Home to the loft to shower and change, do her make-up for nigh time look. She uses dark smoky eye makeup, partly to cover the bags from lack of sleep. The new dressed looked sexier on her than in the dress shop. The hem was about three inches above her knees. The neckline seems to be lower than she normally wore, it shows a little of top of her sexy bra. The rest of the purple dress fit her like a glove, she was very sexy.

When she arrived at the gala affair, she was an instance hit. A single sexy female drew men, single or married to her. They all offered her drinks and wanted to dance with her. By midnight she was well inebriated, and her defenses were down.

She found herself sitting on a couch in the lounge of the Palace, with an older man with his arm around her. He also held both her hands in his. He leaned his head down and ticked, and the kissed her neck. Kate told him to stop. He said he had bought her for the four weeks, and he was going to take her home with him. She told him no she was not for sale; she was happily married. He told her in his country she would be free to be his new wife. She struggled to get away, but he sank a needle in her neck, and she went to sheep.

Monday at ten Kevin Ryan call Kate phones, for the fourth time. Again, he got the voice mail stating she was at work please call later. Fearing something was wrong with her he sent an RPO unit to check. They called back and told him she did not answer the door, also her unit was still in front of the loft. Pausing a few minutes, he told them to he was call the FD to gain entry to the unit and to stand by till they gained it.

The FDNY arrived in five minutes and used a prybar tool to force the door. The two patrol officers searched the loft and found nothing, no Kate or signs of things out of place. A call was place to Kevin, and he tried to contact Rick.

Paula told him Rick was out of the country, she also said Kate went to the NYPD benefit in Rick's place. Kevin and Esposito went to the Palace and spoke to the staff.

The staff all remember Kate in the sexy purple dress, but no one remember see her after midnight. They check with the valie and her remember her arrival. He said she arrived in the Castle limo, but never saw her leave. Later checking the area security cameras, they saw two men half walking, dragging a woman in a purple dress out of a security door. The men put her and an older man in a uber car then drove off.

Ryan check the Uber company to get the drivers information. Two hours late a patrol unit stopped the driver. He checked his log, and said yes, he did transport two people, an older man in a tux, and a drunk woman in a purple dress. He told the officers he took them to JFK, the private area. He did not stick around to see them off. Kevin and Esposito went to JFK to see if they could identify the two.

It took almost an hour to get to JFK. At the private terminal they met the head of security. They showed him a picture of Kate, he said it looked like the woman who left on a private jet on Saturday night. He used his power to get information on the jet. They learned the jet was owned by a charter company. The jet filed a flight plan to Key West, then one hour, after taking off he canceled it and changed it for Ireland.

Getting the State Department to get the officials in Ireland to identify the plane's arrival, and who were the passengers were, was a nightmare. It took two NY senator, and three House reps to get the requests sent. It took two weeks for a reply from Ireland.

They ID the man as Mohmad Ben Hamond of Libera. The woman was named as Catrina Belmore, of Libera also. The big hang up was a picture of Kate Beckett-Castle, minus her makeup, was on the passport of Catrina Belmore.

The Irish officials confirmed that an immigration agent took a large bribe to not check on the condition of Kate. He said, the male told him, she was air sick, and was sleeping so he did not try awakening her. The big question was not answered as to where they went from Ireland. The charter plane returned to the New York the same day. The FBI took the case as it appeared that Kate was kidnaped to a foreign county.

It took two months for the FBI to Identify where the two people went. To nobody's surprise it was in Libera. The Liberian government confirmed his arrival in country. They said they had no record of an American woman arriving with him. They said that Catrina did not enter their country. The FBI tried to speak to Mohmad Ben Hamond, several times but would not talk to them. Six months after the FBI took over the case, a spy inside Hamond's castle said there was a lite skinned woman, who was pregnant living there, but she was taken away one night. The trail went cold, no sign of Kate was found.

Rick spent a million dollars try to find his wife all to no avail. Three year six months a disinharted Rick Castle published a different type of novel. It was a true story of the search for his missing wife. he exposed the travel of the charted plane to Ireland; he named the person who charted it. He exposed who made the big payoff of Irish officials to delay informing the FBI of who was on the plane. One official who recognizes Kate but took a bribe to not tell anyone. He named the Liberian officials who told the FBI that no American entered his country, and who paid them.

He named The FBI senior agent who closed Kate case, and how much he received to do that. He even named the agent who spread the story of Kate's death in childbirth, also how much he got. He backed up every accusation with bank statements, and the money trail.

The day after the book was release the US marshal, in a guarded raid, took all the US agents into custody. IT was the biggest scandal in US law enforcement in recent times. A lot of wheeling and dealings went on in the next three months. Rick went into seclusion for his own peace of mind, and safety. Rick was in his mountain home in Denver when his cell phone sounded.

"Is this Richard Castle?"

"Yes, who are you?"

"You do not know me, but I know your X-wife Kate."

"You said you knew my wife?"

"NO, I said I know your X-wife Kate."

"How do you know Kate?"

"I have been living with her for eighteen months."

"You are living with Kate?"

"I sleep with her every night, in my bed."

"Your sleeping with my wife Kate."

"Look to cut to the chase, I bought your X-wife eighteen months ago. I never in that time have I ever not had intercourse, at least once per night. She is great in the sack. She has had one baby, one due soon in that time. I am only calling so you can relax she is not dead or being abuse. I asked her if she wanted to go back to you. She said she was a broken slut after she was taken years ago. She said the things they did and made her do made her unfit to ever be your wife again. I am sending a paper that she was officially divorced from you over six years ago. She is now my wife and is happy with our family. Please do not try to find us, Kate to you is gone forever."

"Thank you for the information I knew it would hurt Kate, please don't you."

"This is the last time you will hear from us."

And it was the last time he spoke to the man, but not the last person to talk with him about Kates disappearance. With Ricks wealth and friends, the police, FBI, were able to locate and identify the man. They also were able to speak with Kate she verified his statement about the abuse she endured when first taken. She was sure they were sex tapes showing her having sex with many men at the same time. She said that she endured multi penetrations of many things. She felt she could never return to life with Rick, and she would never give up her babies. Rick arranged to pay for her living expenses, and he would never call her. He also told her she could come home whenever she wanted.

Kate never call, but Rick kept track of her for the remainder of her life, that was cut short by AIDS, and complication of it, she was fifty-two when she passed.