Hope really wanted to punch something...why the hell did they fall for the trap? It was so clearly set yet none of them realized what was happening before it was too late.

Now they were in the past...

Two-thousand and freaking nine.

Hope honestly was at a loss as to what they should do. They were 3 teenage hybrids that were over a hundred years old.

Logically they should try and go home but Josie discovered a little problem with the spell that sent them here. If they try to go back, they die.

Hope had to give it to whoever did this.

It was a foolproof plan to kill the 'new' originals.

Except, while they may have been stupid enough to fall for the trap but they weren't stupid enough to try and return home.

This meant they were trapped here...indefinitely.

Now they had to decide whether to sit back and let everything happen the way it's meant to or shake things up...

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