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This story is an old, old, old idea that I had back when The Force Unleashed came in, and I was watching Naruto. Yeah, it was a wild time. So, I am doing a new take on it, this was well over a decade in the making.


Addendum. I swapped this over to a Full Naruto Fandom Fic, simply because it takes place only in Naruto, and It won't be too many outside universe influences aside from the three force sensitives.

I'm trying my best with it.

A pair of deep blue eyes opened up slowly, painfully adjusting to the sun bearing down on the owner of them. A noise had startled the being to awaken, and they narrowly glared up at the offending sun.

"What on earth happened to you?" A voice asked.

'Probably the same one who woke me up…'

When the being sat up, pain erupted across their abdomen and head, and they let out a wheeze of pain before flopping back down. "Oh, great… Stay still, l can help you." The woman said, and she came over to the prone figure, her hands glowing as she did… something?

"W-Where am I?" The prone girl asked. She could literally feel the blood caked on her forehead and on her body, long since dried up, and definitely from a large wound of some sorts. But the older woman above her was focused solely on one thing, and that was easing the girl's pain.

"Tanazku-Shi. At least a kilometer outside of it, anyways. Who roughed you up, girl? You got a name?" The woman was rather young herself, despite being older than the one on the ground. But her speech was much… older?

The girl shook her head, feeling the dizziness fade away, and she tilted her head over to the woman. "I… I don't remember what happened…" She wasn't very sure of herself. She took an actual look at herself and gasped, her eyes going wide open as well.

Blood, torn clothes, just a bad sight to see. How she was alive was something that even the woman was shocked about. "Kid… do you have a name?"

Blue eyes turned upward, once again finding the woman's light brown eyes were filled with a veiled concern and blatant curiosity. "I-it's…" The poor girl didn't even remember her own name.

'What the hell happened to you, kid?' Was the thought that crossed the woman's mind. She finished what she was doing, and her face went stoic as she looked over at the town. "Alright, let's try something different. Can you walk?"

The girl looked uncertain, but she stood up, albeit shakily and with the help of the woman. "I think I can… thank you." She quietly expressed while she looked to the woman. She was easily eye level with the woman, which seemed to surprise the woman as well.

"You're welcome, kid… Come along, let's get you cleaned up and into some better clothing than these rags." She said as she kept a hand on the girl's shoulder.

It was strangely comforting to the girl.

"Could… could I get your name?" The Girl asked as they walked.

The woman gave a slight snort of amusement. "Name's Tsunade, Kid." Was all that the older woman said.

The girl gave a smile, though it didn't reach her eyes. It was hard to be happy when she didn't know anything about herself, or how she got here. If there was any family of hers, they had to have been worried sick, but what if she didn't? What if she was some orphan dumped off elsewhere, away from anyone who knew her. "It's nice to meet you, Miss Tsunade." She replied, even though she was feeling rather bad she couldn't give her a name in return.

"Uh uh… Don't call me miss, call me Tsunade. I don't need to be feeling any older than I actually am." The woman said with a derisive sigh. "Let's save any more talk for when you're cleaned up, okay?"

The Girl honestly felt that was an agreeable thing. Better off to save her energy for what was to come. She continued to walk with Tsunade, but in her mind she was really trying to figure out just what happened to her and what her own name was. To be dumped off somewhere, left for dead? Part of her didn't believe it at all.

Only time and healing would tell her…

It was dusk by the time they had gotten back into Tanzaku-Shi, and they'd received many a look, most of them in shock or awe at the sight of the Legendary Sanin, or at the poor teenager covered in grime.

Tsunade made sure to let her into the room as fast as she could, startling her appdrentice. "Oi, Shizune! Run this girl a bath."

Shizune wasted no time jumping up and heading into the other room, starting up a hot bath and preparing towels and soaps. She poked her head around the corner, her eyes wide as she looked at Tsunade and the girl. "Tsunade-Sama… What happened?"

"I can't answer that. Neither can she, I don't even have a name for her yet…" she gestured to the chair for the Girl. "Once you have a bath, I'm going to perform some more Medical Jutsu on you."

The Girl blinked, tilting her head. "I-i… what? What's a Medical Jutsu? Is that what you did earlier?"

Tsunade nodded. "Yes. That's exactly what I did…" She sighed before she headed over to a backpack. "Boy, do we have our work cut out for us. Do you remember anything? From when you were a kid, or anything?"

The Girl frowned as she slumped slightly, and then she looked back up at Tsunade. "I… I don't. I'm sorry." She said, lowering her head.

Tsunade moved over and knelt down in front of her. "Don't apologise for something that you have absolutely no control over." Something about this girl… it was different. She could feel it the whole time she was coming into town with her, and it made her a little bit more on edge. She hadn't been bothering to get anywhere close to people, and then here she was, helping a stray.

She put a hand on the girl's. "I will help you. We're going to find out what happened to you, and we're going to find you a home that you'll feel safe in…" Tsunade promised, right as the water stopped flowing. "Now, go get yourself cleaned up. We'll get to talking right after you get done." She said, standing up.

The Girl smiled, before she nodded and then she got up, heading into the bathroom past Shizune, who then closed the door and looked at Tsunade expectantly.

Tsunade only gave a heavy sigh and sat down with a flop. "I need a drink."

"Tsunade-Sama…" Shizune frowned deeply as she took a seat next to her. "What happened to the girl?"

Tsunade looked over to the door, then back to Shizune. "That is the Million Ryo question. Look I have no idea, when I left, I only went to go see what it was that I felt. I couldn't explain it, but when I got there, she was there. Blood was everywhere, but she herself, doesn't have a low blood count nor is she suffering from internal bleeding… However it does not explain why she has so little chakra" Tsunade paused. "She almost doesn't have any chakra at all…"

Shizune blinked. "Okay, she's got almost nothing in the way of Chakra… What does that mean?"

"It means that that girl can't be a ninja, she is far too weak. Even if she tries, it could kill her." Tsunade said.

Any thoughts or words fell silent as they both heard a wailing scream from the bathroom.

As soon as the Girl made her way into the bathroom, she compulsively rushed to the mirror to examine herself. Needless to say, she wasn't entirely shocked to see that she had dried blood clinging to her like a messy glove, her overshirt, tank top and leggings were completely ruined, her shoes barely were holding on, and it seemed that her hair was matted with dirt and blood. She could barely even see the color of it, though she assumed that it was likely all black, and get skin was fair where she could see it.

Nonetheless, she looked like an absolute mess, like someone who had either survived a massacre, or committed a mass murder. Either way, the waiting bath was a siren song that only she could hear, and would gladly fall for. She began to take her ragged clothing off, looking for a brush to use when she wet her hair enough.

Stepping in the water, she sank down and began to wash, but she felt… odd. The water turned red, no doubt from her bloody body, but as she stared at it while brushing her hair, she began to zone out…

As if she were pulled into something.

She looked over to the left, seeing nothing but a black horizon, and it stretched for Kilometers, and as she craned her neck to scan from right to left, she paused when she came to look at the being in front of her.

It was a must like figure of Grey, with glowing green eyes, and slowly, it came closer to her.

She found herself rooted in place, and a quick glance at herself saw that she was wearing clothes again, only it was far more than what she had been wearing, and the design was something she knew was different from the clothing that she'd seen Shizune and Tsunade, and the locals wear. These were some kind of robes that looked… fancy.

"W-Who… what are you?" The Girl asked.

The misty figure moved closer, stopping before her. "It is a very hard thing to do… talking to you. Our connection is not as strong as it should be." The voice said, feminine, but very distorted and distant. "We are on this world for a reason, but our paths cannot yet meet." She said cryptically, as if she was avoiding directly answering the question.

The Girl frowned deeply as she crossed her arms and gave a slight glower at the figure. "And just why, Oh Great Misty one, can we not meet yet."

"You're not ready..." It responded.

"I'm not ready? What does that mean, why are you talking to me like some chi—" The Girl froze as her brain caught up to what her mouth had just uttered.

The Mist only snorted in derision. "Already, your mind is healing, but as well as I am, I do not know the reason behind being here. You and I are two sides of the same coin, brought here for a purpose we have to find out separate, yet together. I know that this is confusing, and I know you have questions, but for now…" The Mist approached the Girl.

"Your name will make you. But only if you remember it. Embrace what you are, Misraiah."

The Mist placed it's hands, however foggy they were, upon her shoulders. "The Force is with us. It will always be part of us, and this planet."

The Girl felt pain as she heard the name and the word Force, grunting softly as she held her head. Words continued to barrage her mind as she let her mind. "It hurts!"

"You must remember your name, Misraiah!" The Mist chanted. "It is the only way!"

"The only way to what!?"

The woman's green eyes glowed brightly. "You must remember!"

The Girl was in pain, terrible pain, mentally. That was the moment that she screamed, a wailing cry escaping her as she was suddenly out of the whole alternate place, and she was back inside of the bath tub. There was nothing here with her, just still hot, bloody bath water.

The door burst open, and she jumped as she looked over at the pair, covering herself for some modesty as Tsunade and Shizune came in at full battle ready, ready to completely destroy whoever it was that was trying to harm the poor girl they were trying to protect. "Are you okay?!" Shizune asked, her eyes searching for any threat.

But even Tsunade saw none, and looked to The Girl with concern, kneeling before her with her eyes on hers. "What happened?"

The Girl had tears, she didn't know that she'd been crying, but she shook her head. "I-I… it didn't make much sense. I was here, and then… I was somewhere, somehow in a completely different place than this. I had clothes and there was…"

'Remember your name, Misraiah!'

"Some… thing. It said a word to me… A-A name!" The Girl said as she looked to Tsunade for some kind of guidance.

Tsunade placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. This was clearly not the time for brusque attitudes, the Girl was still very much shaken from what she experienced. "Take a deep breath, girl. Calm yourself." She soothed. She finally had a good look at her, and she looked no more than a fifteen or sixteen, at most a Seventeen year old girl. But that feeling from her that she could feel earlier, it was much more potent, and she could feel a sort of… Barrier? She adjusted her chakra, and gently nudged, only to find something pushed back against her prodding.

"What?" Tsunade asked. "I swore you didn't have Chakra.."

The Girl, curious as to what she just felt, looked up at Tsunade. "What? What's Cha.. oh, the stuff you used with your… J-Jutsu?"

Tsunade nodded. "So, Tell me… what was this name you heard. Was it your name?"

The Girl nodded as she looked down and grabbed the brush to run through her hair. She took a breath, wincing while she did so. "It… I think she said Misraiah… but that doesn't—…" she looked up. "It doesn't feel like a first name…"

Tsunade looked to this Misraiah, and she gave a warmer smile than usual. "It's better than nothing. Is there anything more you can think of?" She gently took a hold of the brush from Misraiah's hand, and then she offered to brush through her hair, taking great care to not yank out her hair. At the same time, she was getting the knots and matted up hair free.

Misraiah turned, her back toward Tsunade as she let the woman tend to her hair. "I…"

"Take your time. I think whatever this is makes your brain hurt. Perhaps I could take you to the Hidden Leaf to have your mind healed, but I have not been there in years." Tsunade said as she continued to brush, finally getting the last of the tangles out of the girl's raven hair. She put the brush down and wiped her hands free. She handed over some shampoo, letting the girl work her own hair.

Misraiah looked ahead, utilizing the Shampoo to clean her hair, before she washed it out and pulled the plug, letting the water drain away. She closed her eyes, focusing her mind on the strange feeling and location, most of all, The Mist Figure. "The woman… she was shrouded in mist. She said that we were destined to be here, but our paths can't meet yet. Two sides of the same coin. She called me Misraiah… and that the Force called to us…"

Tsunade frowned. "The Force?" She'd never heard of something like that, mostly it came in other uses of the word. But… the way she said it, she sounded like it was an actual thing. Like… "The barrier I felt…"

Shizune and Misraiah both looked at her with a completely confused and curious look. "Tsunade-Sama?" Shizune asked. "What do you mean?"

"I pulsed my chakra against her, and something pushed back. This is something we need to figure out… Misraiah."

The Girl perked up, an instinct that was there but deeply forgotten in a memory fashion. "Yes?"

"Dry off… Shizune, can you find her some clothes that can fit her and while you do, I will see if she and I could get anything else figured out." Tsunade said as she stood up and began to walk out of the room. "I'll be out here for you, okay, Misraiah?"

The Girl nodded. "Yes, Ma'am."

"It's Tsunade!" The Legendary Sannin called back as she closed the bathroom door, ushering Shizune out as well.

That left the girl alone, and she closed her eyes for a moment, trying to figure out just what it was the Force meant. She went over to the towel, drying off the water that stained the towel a run color from all the blood. Fair skin greeted her, a scar along her collar bone and between the breasts, like a surgery of some sort. She looked herself over, wondering just what she'd been through.

She stared for a long moment, seeing her reflection multiply, and then collapse again, before the robed version of her appeared again, this time looking into her eyes. "Remember, Sasha… Trust only in the Force…"

She gasped, wrapping herself back up, and then heading out. Shizune was gone, as per what Tsunade ordered, and she looked at the Sannin with confusion. "Lady Tsu—… Tsunade. I-I think I know my name!"

Tsunade smiled as she put her hands on her hips. "Well, alright. Spill it, kid. We're making strides."

Sasha smiled for real, and it was a smile that could have brightened any person's day by the energy she put off. "My first name is Sasha. Misraiah is more than likely my middle or Last name, but I will just… I'll take a last name just to be safe."

Tsunade nodded as she then folded her arms under her bust. "Very well. What do you choose?"

Sasha lost her smile as she fumbled for a last name, and seeing as she had a rather unique middle name, she decided then and there she could go with something equally unique. "Taenno…" Sasha looked up at Tsunade."

"My name is Sasha Misraiah Taenno."

What is a name? Is it a label? An Idea?

Interesting questions for a person who is far more wise than I.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments, I will answer as best I can. Thank you for giving this story your time of day.