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"Darkness rises, and light to meet it."

- Sasha Taenno

Life was a cruel and violent figure for those who were born into the worst of it. Some were lucky, some got to live their lives to the fullest with absolutely no worries in their lives, others had their worst of luck and continued to push. Most of the time, they had people they trusted to keep their heads up at worst of times. That's one life a young man had only dreamed of in the past. Instead, all he knew was pain, hated, and anger.

He had no friends, his father was the very same deplorable man that had his mother killed and lived like a warlord, and most of all, nobody seemed to give a damn about him. That's what made this act of violence so very easy and rewarding to him. It was also why the whole village was burning to the ground, with bodies littering the street. It was no simple act of mass murder, but an act of mercy for those who had suffered like he did. He had managed to free the hundred slaves, his body moving in accordance to the surge in energy he felt. He'd never really had training in chakra, but he knew basic things, especially the substitution jutsu he enjoyed using every once in a while to simply get away when he was scared. But that was then… this?

This power he could feel was He wanted to let his fear, his anger, his hatred for all of the wrongs that had been done to the people and himself to take control, to move without consequence, outright murder every single of the slave owners and the mercenaries who protected them.

And he did just that.

And that led all the way to this point, with him standing with a pair of Ninjatos in his hands with blood covering him, and several other able bodied men and women at his sides, all of them holding weapons and breathing heavily. Whatever fear that they had was long gone, replaced with determination, hesitation gone and there was an absolute air of relief. It was only broken when a man came charging at them, weapon in hand held high, a last-ditch effort to kill the one who started this all. He was targeting the teen, but that was when the boy held his hand out and the man clutched his throat, gasping for air.

There was a strained look in the boy's eyes, before he looked into the man's eyes. "Your death will be the final word in this chapter of slavery…" He said as he closed his hand, then he tipped his hand up. "... But it will not be the last in this story."

With a swift movement, he flicked his wrist, and then the man's neck snapped, and he watched the life fade as he dropped his hand, and the body crumpled to the ground. He lowered his hand and then he fell to his knees, looking over to the others.

"Is everyone alright?" He asked, the adrenaline winding down and the exhaustion creeping up his vision rapidly. He called on that energy again, that whisper that pushed him to kill his tormentors. It kept the feeling away, and the youth looked to the group. "How many survived?"

One man steadied the teen. "We lost a lot. But we had a lot more who did survive, thanks to you…" The man said as he gently squeezed his shoulder. "I don't know how you did it, Kid, but if it weren't for you doing it, I don't think we'd have gotten out of here." He gratefully whispered.

The Teen heard something off to the side, the sounds of pained groans. He made his way over to it, tilting his head as he looked down at the man who struggled to get up. This man was his father, the Leader of the Village, the man who enslaved all of them. Fear was clinging to him like a cloak, and it was all the more intoxicating as he watched the Teen approach. "Y-you have made a great mistake, Meiji." He said. "All you h-had to do, was be patient! You could have become the rule! You worked yourself!"

Meiji… he did not feel anything for that name any longer. He grabbed the man and stood him up, looking into his eyes. "Why would I? You were not here to Guide me, father… You let them do whatever they wanted, beat me, starve me. Why would I want this to the Legacy I wanted?" He shook his head.

The Ninjato floated behind him, blade pointed at the man who was his father. "No… you, and all of those who pushed Meiji to that breaking point. My name is Toru Akui. I will show you what that means." His eyes turned colors in that moment and they glowed a touch. Yellow eyes with a red ring gave the man a sense of fear and foreboding, as the blade was suddenly flying forward, right at his face.

"No.. No!"

The sound of the blade stabbing through his eye was heard, the blade going right in and out the back of his head as Toru held him still. Of course, he dropped the body after he felt the life end in the man, and pulled the blade out, cleaning off the blood. The brutality was not missed, but neither was it frowned upon.

He was going to move, but he felt the exhaustion hit him, and the world went black.

By the time he had awakened, it was night again, but it was very clear that he was moving. Trees passed by, and the air was not filled with smoke. It almost sounded to him as if they were in a carriage.

Sitting up, he winced in pain, feeling coverings on his wounds that he didn't remember getting. "Good, you're awake!" He heard a voice, the man from last night. Toru saw a smile. "We were starting to think you were not going to awaken, given the fever and bleeding. But we got you fixed up right thanks to that lady.."

Toru furrowed his brows. "What lady? Where are we?"

"About two more days from the Hidden Leaf Village. We've been traveling for awhile. I want to say three days, you've been out for 5." The man said.

That made him go wide eyed. "No, you're not serious, Are you?" Five days? Had he been that exhausted?

"As serious as the moon, Toru…" He responded. "That is your name, isn't it?" The older fellow asked as he looked up from his tendings.

Toru nodded as he pulled off a few of the bandages, finding the scars underneath were still angry red, but otherwise weren't in danger of reopening if he stayed relatively stable in his movements. He grunted as he looked to the man again. "What woman?"

"I honestly think it was one of the Legendary Sannin, but she didn't stay long enough… She did leave a Girl with us, she's the one with a wooden staff.

Tory got up, looking out and forward. They were in a convoy of sorts, headed towards the Leaf Village, like he'd heard of. And so, he got out of the carriage and made his way up to her. Something about her was very familiar, but at the same time, it was far more…


"Miss." He called out.

The ravenette turned, clutching her staff as she gave the other teen a smile. "You're awake! How do you feel?"

Toru gave a slight sigh, her happiness made him far more uncomfortable, but he could sense that it was not bad in the slightest. "I… have been far better, admittedly Could you be more helpful in telling me what on earth has happened."

"Well…" she began. "Honestly, I was able to feel… well, you… your presence was enough that I could track it with the help of Lady Tsunade." she stated before she continued to walk with her sudden company. "We found your convoy yesterday, and after that, I elected to stay with you, since we both are very much alike."

Toru frowned again. "What do you mean?" He asked, entirely confused. What could possibly have been a connection between the two of them that warranted her being able to track him down.

"You cannot feel it? The energy that connects us?" She asks, looking to him. "You let it come in the most primal way, I've just barely scratched the surface of it at all. They said you made people and objects lift in the air like someone invisible was holding them up."

Toru looked at her, his eyes still yellow and looking very much unsightly, but it seemed that the teen beside him was not bothered by it. "Yes." He answered. "I let that energy flow, it whispered things that only I heard, to give into the feeling of fear and hatred. I… I killed them all."

She frowned slightly, but didn't offer any kind of upset reply. "I see… Have you, by chance, ever dreamt of a Misty Woman?"

Toru… You must let yourself be free. Break your chains through victory, and gain strength…

Toru looked at the girl with wild eyes, stopping cold in his tracks. "What? What did you say?"

She stopped as well. "A woman shrouded in mist. Did you ever see her in your dreams or anything?" She asked as she leaned on her staff, deep blue eyes expressing curiosity.

It was so unnerving to Toru that he was not the only one feeling and seeing strange things that weren't the normal in terms of Chakra and things of the sort. "She showed up in my dreams a long time ago. But it never made sense and I didn't think about them any more after that. Until they became more frequent, and they at the same time of my beatings…"

She frowned again. "I am sorry… Nobody should have to endure that." She said as they started walking again. They were silent for a time, before she spoke up again.

"Darkness rises… and Light to meet it."

Toru tilted his head as he looked to her. "What do you mean…?"

The girl gave a smile, looking over to her walking companion. "That's exactly what it means, Toru. You are a very dark presence, quick to use anger and hatred as your weapon. I've been… relatively good in my travel with Lady Tsunade in persuading those with ill intent to move the other way, to ignore us without violence." She frowned. "Oh, I'm sorry…"

She held out her hand. "I'm Sasha…"

Finally, a name to a face. Her presence was calming to him, but the feelings of hate and anger only broiled under her shining light. They were polar opposites in their shared abilities, and if the mist woman was real, then she was part of it as well. She just needed to show herself, instead of being cryptic dream visions. "Toru… Toru Akui." He said as he shook her hand.

Sasha smiled as they shook hands. "It's nice to formally meet you, Toru. I hope we can make light of our issues."

"On that, we can most certainly agree." Toru responded with a light chuckle of his own.

And despite himself, he actually started to feel a level of comfort since finally meeting someone who was in the same boat, even if they were at opposite ends.

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