iFramed Gibby

(Opening with seeing Gibby's is still sitting on the trash and it was pouring rain and we see a person who is wearing a hoodie running to it)

Mystery Person: Ahhhh...perfect. Nobody will see it coming

(As Mystery Person picks up Gibby's head, it's using an evil laugh. Then, we are seeing iCarly Theme Song. Next, we are seeing Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Jamie are in iCarly Studio getting ready for the rehearsal.)

Carly: Have you hear anything from Gibby

Freddie: Unfortunately, no. But, it was sort of strange that Gibby is the one showing up late for a rehearsal which was normally Sam's thing

Sam: True, the last time I was late for the rehearsal...I was basically caught up in a hot dog eating contest at the mall which I basically beat an 8-year old chubby kid and he puked like every...where

Carly and Freddie (unison): Ewwwwww!

Jamie: Cool...It reminds me of a dude that I once dated a dude who always pukes like...ALL...THE...TIME!

Sam: So, this is my last rehearsal before I have to go on a press tour and where in the heck is GIBBY!

(Then, we are seeing Gibby sleeping in a gigantic cell and begin to wake up)

Gibby: GIBBBBAAAHHH! Where is in the heck am I?

(A roar can be heard from an alien)

Gibby: WHAT...WAS...THAT!?

(Then, we are seeing Freddie approaching Carly and Sam at Spencer's Spaghetti Taco Shack)

Freddie: Ummm...I have some confession to make

Carly: Ohhhh...really

Freddie: For the past couple of weeks, I have received...nighty visit from a...ummm...creepy clown whose basically threat me to reveal my worst nightmare if I don't do whatever he wants me to reveal your darkest secrets

Sam: Rrrrright

Freddie: I am being serious right now but...

Carly: But, what!? You basically had blackmailed me by revealing my darkest secret which was...do you remember what a goat did on my 15th birthday

Freddie: Well, I don't recall a certain goat did like over a decade ago

Carly: Well, a goat...has basically chased me allll the way out of the zoo as it assumed that I was some sort of a female goat. Next thing you know, I wounded up in Vancouver, Canada, and...the goat finally caught up to me...

(Carly gulp)

Carly:...pooped on my brand new outfit which was from France which my dad was station at the time just gave me for my birthday

Sam: Yikes! Now, I really wished to save your butts from that manic goat instead of focusing on eating a gigantic turkey leg at Chimp's Plaza

Carly: It's ok

(Spencer approach them at the table)

Spencer: GUYS!? I think I know what Gibby been up to

(Spencer turned on the television which was located at the bar which shows Pat covering the top story with the headline that read; "iCarly Star Went On A Shooting Spree")

Pat: That's just in; A star of a popular webshow just committed the crimes as he went on a shooting spree and rob the Seattle National Bank and a couple of stores

(As Pat breaking down the top story, A shady camera footage of "Gibby" robbing the bank which caused Carly's, Sam's, and Freddie's eyes become wider.)

Sam: YOU GOT TO BE (Bleep)ING Me

Carly: Oooookay...I just...don't get it. Why would Gibby do such things like this?

Freddie: I have absolutely no clue why buuuutttt...unless he could possibly be framed by someone that he once crossed a path with

Sam: So, Nora? Dead. Nevel? Most likely

Carly: Ummmm...I won't be too sure since I basically killed Nevel in the Upside Down during this whole world-saving mission

Spencer: Yes, that's actually a good point right there but, he could be still alive in this timeline.

(Freddie pulled out his iPhone and looked up Nevel's whereabout)

Freddie: Ok, here is Nevel's latest status update which read; "Just getting ready to open my fine restaurant in Seattle area."

Sam: Okay, so...Nevel has clearly not prime suspense since he basically not kind of dude who would frame someone

Carly: True, but...who would even want to frame Gibby?

(Then, we are seeing a mystery person enter a room at Rainy Inn and took off Gibby mask and put his hoddie down which revealed Larson who has basically no connection to the iCarly crews especially Gibby. Larson sigh)

Larson: Ahhh...no one ever raises any suspense just...yet.

(As Larson pulled out his magic wand and a picture of his classmates from Hogwarts, we are seeing the bright light and Hogwarts with the text that's read; Hogwarts November 1999; A Year after Death of Voldemort" We are seeing Larry, and Fergia who is the members of The House of Slytherin whose already loathing the idea of Harry Potter whose is now known as The Chosen One defeated Lord Voldemort. So, The staff of Hogwarts was holding a 1-year anniversary celebration in the Great Hall)

Larson: Ehh...why were they still on this whole "So-Called Chosen One" whose defeated Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named which clearly shall have been either Snape or Draco

Fergia: Right, but...Snape was being stabbed by a Death Eater and Draco...who knows what was the heck he has been up to

Larson: I know what we are going to do

(As Larson smirking, we are seeing Larson using his transformation spell by turning himself into Harry Potter...he attempting to frame Harry by doing tons of naughty things. But, he was caught by Headmaster Minerva McGonagall and real Harry Potter standing in his dorm room as he was entering. Then, we are seeing them in McGonagall's office)

McGonagall: As Harry here was a student here; I have always thought he and his friends were a bunch of these hooligans but they have saved our butt throughout of their reminder of their academic years. You sir...are a truly a hooligan just like your older half-cousin; Draco.


McGonagall: I just don't want to hear a peep from you and Harry Potter has some harsh new for you

Harry: As Headmaster McGonagall here is surrendering her position of the professor in order to fill in the vacant that Our Late Headmaster Albus Dumbledore has left behind, you have basically determined to disturb our learning environment after what we just been through last year with The Death Eaters Takeover and you sir don't seem to care about it...AT ALL! So, we agreed that you are hereby expelled from Hogwarts


(2 guards enter)

Harry: Oh, also you will be serving a 78 years sentence in Azkaban since you committed a misuse of your magic power.


(With that, they dragged him away and then we are seeing Azkaban with a text that read; "21 Years Later" and a prison guard approached Larson and gave him a letter which he was being informed that Fergia has been defended by Harry Potter, Ron Wesley, Hermione Granger, and the rest of the gangs after he attempted a revenge plot against Harry Potter after Larson has been expelled 22 years prior. Larson's eyes became wider)

Larson: NOOOOOO! Potter and his friends will have to pay a price for killing a close friend of mine.

(Larson pulled out his magic wand and cast an explosive spell to tear the cell apart and use an invisible spell in order to escape from the Azkaban and stowaway onto a cargo boat which was an embarking to the USA. Then, we are seeing Larson servicing coffees and goodies at a Starbucks in Seattle with a text that read; "A Month Later" spotted a dude who was watching an iCarly webcast. Then, we are seeing Larson doing a research on iCarly and gave him an idea.)

(Then, we are seeing a clip of the previous episode where Gibby was tased and tossed him into the van and Jared pulled off his mask which Larson was witnessing it from the other side of the building. As they drove away, Larson putted on the hoodie and take a mold of Gibby's head.)

Larson: Ahhh...perfect. Nobody won't see it coming

(As Larson use the evil laugh, we are seeing Larson sitting on a desk in his room at Rainy Motel cutting off Gibby's face and grab his magic wand to put a visual reality spell on it)

Larson: Very well.

(Larson put Gibby's face on him which basically turned himself in Gibby. Then, we went through a montage of Larson robbing from a various places such as The Seattle National Bank and the stores. Next, we see the bright light back to Larson looking at a photo of himself and Fergia. Larson sigh)

Larson: I know you are proably looking down and wondering why I am doing this. Because, I am doing justice for you...and I love you, my brother. Potter and his friends will finally pay their prices.

(Then, we are seeing Carly, Sam, and Freddie reviewing the footage of Larson aka Gibby robbing the bank)

Carly: I just...still don't get. That's not Gibby that we knows and love...The real Gibby wouldn't commit any crimes. Well, expect for a time when Gibby accidently exposed himself on a national television

Sam: That's a good point right there. But, how are we gonna to catch some random person who basically framed Gibby.

Freddie: What about Gibby's childhood bully; Billy

Sam: Nah, it wasn't him. I recently talked to him and he seem to be clean.

Carly: Then, who in the heck did it?

Mystery Person (Off-Screen): I know who did it.

(Carly, Sam, and Freddie turn around slowly and spotted Nevel Papperman)

Nevel: Do you guys miss me?

Carly, Sam, and Freddie (in unison): NEVEL!?

Nevel: I know you guys would be surpise to see me.

Sam: What do you want?

Nevel: Well, Samantha Puckett...you guys know that I kept a track on you iCarly people and I technically put a mini hidden camera on a mold of Gibby's head.

Carly: So, how can we trust you?

Nevel: Let me help you solve your issue and I would promise to leave you guys alone for maybe...like 6 months or so

(Carly, Sam, and Freddie groan)

Carly: Fine, who do you think framed Gibby

Nevel: I did a tons a research on this framer fella who was named; Larson Jenson. Did this name ring any bell?

Carly, Sam, and Freddie (in unison): No, did not recalled, Nah

Nevel: Well, ok...

(Nevel pulled out a file of Larson Jenson and pass it on to Carly, Sam, and Freddie which caused their eyes became wider)

Sam: Whoa, this Larson dude is techinally a wiz and attended a boarding school for Wizs called "Hogwarts"

Nevel: Yep, He was basically expelled from there after attempting to framed Hogwarts alummi named; Harry Potter about 21 years ago

Freddie: Whoa, what happened to him

Nevel: He was being escorted to their prison which has a unique name which they would like to call it; "Azkaban" which is technically a prison for troubled supernatural citizen and he was supposedly served 78-years sentence.

Carly: Soooo...did he get killed or something

Nevel: Weeellll...it was something which was escaping from prison last year in order to a promise of his that he make for his close friend who basically got killed his Harry and his friends after he attempted to pull a revenge against Harry

Carly: Ohhh...boy. Where is he now?

Nevel: Oh, he is currently living at a motel called "Rainy Motel" here in Seattle

Carly: Very Well...I think we know what we are going to do

Nevel: Ohhh...can I be part of your iCarly silence communication

Sam: It's too soon for that

Nevel: Rrrrrright

(As Carly, Sam, and Freddie staring at each other and smirk, we are seeing Larson watching an episode of "Superstore" and the door was being knock. Larson groan)

Larson: Coming

(Larson opened the door and revealed Carly, Sam, and Freddie standing at the door)

Larson: Ummmm...can I help you with something

Carly: Well, we know what you are up to and...

Sam:...you are hereby caught

(Larson laugh nervously)

Larson: I don't know what are you talking about?

Freddie: Ohhh...let see, got expelled from Hogwarts for misused of your magic power, escaped from prison, and framed our good friend...Gibby Gibson

Larson: What are you going to do about it?

Sam: Actually...we invited a friend of our to help us to confronting you

(Larson's eyes became wider)

Larson: No, don't you mean

(Carly, Sam, and Freddie make a way for Harry Potter )


Harry: You clearly has make stuff worse for yourselve.

Larson: Ohhhh...really?

(As Larson smirk and grabbed his magic wand, he cast a spell on Gibby's head and it magically sewed back together)

Sam: Soooo, that was it? you just want show off your magic power by sewing our friend's freaking mold back together

(Sam rolled her eyes and chuckles)

Sam: Bravo, Larson...you just had litterary blow our minds with one of your "magic tricks"

Larson: That's was just the beginning

(As Larson grin, Gibby's head began to float)

Carly: Holy chiz


Larson: Oh, let just said that I pulled a couple of tricks on your buddy's head

(As Larson smirk. Gibby's head shot a laser straight out of his eyes towards Carly, Sam, and Freddie which made them vanished in the air)


Larson: Let just said that I send them far, far away from here in order to keep them out of my...way

(Larson cast a spell on Harry which turned him into a jayhawk and pick him up)

Larson: So, that you can watch me turn people against each other and the world will crash and burn

(As Larson use an evil laugh, we are seeing Carly, Sam, and Freddie laying on a ground and groan)

Sam: What just happened?

Carly: Ummm...no clues. Larson has basically transported us to out of nowhere?

Freddie: Yep, how do we get home?

(Carly, Sam, and Freddie get up)

Sam: And where in the heck are we?

(With that we are zooming out which was a forest with the text that read; "To Be Contiuned...")

Author's Note: Duh-Duh...What a Cliffhanger right there!? So, after 10 years of figuring out what a certain goat did to Carly on her 15th birthday, I think that I has finally cracked a case of goat situation and your welcome Dan. Now, you guys might wonder where do Carly, Sam, and Freddie might has end up. So, you may put your guesses in the comment section and whoever got the their guesses correct will get a shoutout in the next episode of iCarly. So, until then...you can check out the neat series called "Heroes" By Aragorn II Elessar that I has been reading and it is a crossover between MCU, LOTR, DCEU,DCTV, and X-MENIVERSE which has my mind blown and it is total of 9 stories and counting. So, Keep on reading and don't forget to follow me for more stories. ;)