A/N - This is inspired by that super cute Brittana fanart circulating based on a Baking AU. I hope this scratches that itch for yall LOL. Shout out to my Soul Sister Pam for helping me research all these cupcakes!

Round 1 - Classic American Breakfast

The doors of the commercial kitchen are thrown open as the most dramatic action music the Foodies Network Channel has to offer begins to play. A well-dressed, guppy-lipped blonde enters the room in slow motion and gives the camera a confident pose before he's taking off his sunglasses and tossing them off screen.

"What's up, America!" The man greets excitedly with a point to the camera. "I'm your host Sam Evans and tonight we're gearing up for an intense cupcake clash. Overseeing this battle are our esteemed judges: Kurt Hummel, owner of the first ever fashion design-inspired patisserie The House of Hummel."

As the camera pans to Kurt Hummel, he adjusts the gaudy – and most likely stupidly expensive – hippopotamus brooch pinned to the lapel of his Marc Jacobs blazer and gives the camera a prudish smile.

"Hold up," The beautiful brunette beside him nudges to ask, "Is that a woman's blazer?"

Kurt lifts his shoulder in disregard, "Fashion has no gender, Santana."

"Huh," Santana looks impressed and points back, "I needz me one of those."

"I know a guy," Kurt stage whispers before Sam's voice fills the kitchen again.

"And he is joined by the ever-witty, ever-beautiful-"

"Why didn't I get those kind of adjectives for my introduction?" Kurt grumbles.

Santana only smiles proudly without breaking eye contact with the camera, "Get like me, Hummel."

If he were wearing any – which surprisingly he isn't – Kurt would've clutched his pearls at the statement.

"Santana Lopez, owner and founder of the world-renowned bakery Sweets by Snixxx," Sam says and the camera soon pans back to the judges' panel where Santana Lopez gives the viewers her signature smirk accompanied by a sexy wink.

"In just a moment," Sam continues with the camera back on him as he walks down the aisle which separates the four kitchen stations, "Four bakers will compete in the ultimate show down to see who comes out on top so," He pauses dramatically as the camera whirls around him then zooms straight in for a close. In typical Sam-fashion, he sings the rest of his line to a familiar rhythm all while he karate chops at the air, "Let's get down to business and meet the teams!"


The screen soon fills with two bright-eyed, young women sitting in front of a pastel pink backdrop. They're dressed in electric blue baseball tees with their logo Batter Up Cupcakes scrawled across their chests. Their baseball caps are turned backwards and their hair is braided into pigtails and drape down over their shoulders.

They both wave excitedly at the camera before the shorter of the two blows the audience a two-handed kiss while the blonde pumps her fist in the air before it cuts to their introductions.

"I'm Brittany S. Pierce," Says the tall blonde before she gestures to her side, "And this is my bestie Sugar Motta and we're the owners of Batter Up Cupcakes in Lima, Ohio which is one of the only unicorn-friendly bakeries in Lima."

The camera cuts to a cute montage of the two standing outside of their storefront while they alternate doing different poses that showcase their carefree attitude. Brittany can be heard doing a voiceover as the montage continues, "Sugar and I met when I first transferred to the Culinary Institute of America in New York and we've pretty much been inseparable ever since."

We're back in the studio with Brittany and Sugar sitting in front of the pastel pink backdrop as Sugar adds, "We just work super well together. We have a similar way of looking at things that is really unique but…there are some people out there that don't get it." Sugar then lowers her voice to a whisper and says, "Blaine and Tina."

Brittany nods, "I think they're jealous."

"Because they're lame?" Sugar asks behind a eye roll.

Brittany points to her friend and gives a single nod, "Yeah, that too."


The screen then fills with another team sitting in front of the pastel pink backdrop. A man with way too much hair product smiles proudly at the camera while the woman next to him gives a wave. They both wear button-up dress shirts and little bowties with cupcakes on them as they go to introduce themselves.

"Hi, I'm Blaine Anderson," The gel man says politely before wrapping his arm around the woman next to him. She melts into his side as he says, "And this is my lovely partner Tina Cohen-Chang."

"Business partner…," Tina corrects before her voice lowers slightly as she looks disappointedly to the side, "Not like a life partner, I've tried."

"Yes, yes you have," Blaine continues on before it gets any more awkward, "So together we own Baking Dreams Come True in Lima, Ohio."

Off-screen a voice asks, "Oh, same as our other competitors: Brittany and Sugar of Batter Up Cupcakes?"

Blaine and Tina visibly grit their teeth before Blaine sucks in a deep breath and plasters on a smile, "Yes, one in the same. It's such a small world, we actually attended the same culinary school too. They were…quite the eccentric pair."

"It's true," Tina adds, "They're known for coming up with some pretty quirky combinations. We however take a more traditional approach to things, really focus on technique rather than flare."

Blaine bobbles along to everything Tina says, "That's correct. They like to claim that they're the first LGBTQ-friendly bakery in Lima but I'm pretty sure we filed our paperwork before them."

"They say they're unicorn-friendly, which doesn't make any sense. Unicorns aren't even real. It gives a mixed message," Tina explains with an air of annoyance.

"It does, but people go there anyway," Blaine replies with a shrug and his proud smile falters as he adds, "We've kind of been rivals for years now. Always trying to one up the other, it's…awesome."


Suddenly we're back on Team Batter Up Cupcakes where Brittany gives a bored look to the camera and says plainly, "Honestly, with a name like that they're not a threat to us."

"Baking dreams come true?" Sugar chuckles, "Not today."

Brittany giggles along with her and they both high five.


The camera is back on Team Baking Dreams Come True and Blaine's looking like a puppy ready to wet himself with excitement, "We're just here for fun."

"It's that attitude right there, Blaine," Tina says tiredly before narrowing her eyes at the camera, "We're here to settle the score once and for all."

Blaine smiles hesitantly, "We love a little friendly competition."


Back to Team Batter Up Cupcakes and Sugar is looking directly at the camera with this determined stare as she punches her small fist into her palm, "We're going to crush them."

Brittany nods proudly, "Totally."


"So here's how the competition's going to go down," Sam announces as he walks back to stand in front of the judges panel, "One by one, teams will be eliminated as they are judged by taste, presentation, and in the final round the last two bakers standing will have to bring it all together into one cheer-worthy cupcake display. The winner gets to have their creation as the centerpiece of the Annual Cheerios Breakfast Benefit and walks away with $10,000."

The camera pans to Team Batter Up Cupcakes and Team Baking Dreams Come True to catch their reactions before panning to the two remaining teams to be announced.


The camera cuts to the third team that will be competing. Another couple dressed in matching flannel shirts is seated in front of the signature pastel pink wall but the camera dramatically adjusts to fit the insane height difference of the couple before anyone starts speaking. A chipper brunette smiles and waves while her dopey counterpart slowly does the same.

"Hi, I'm Rachel Barbara Berry," The shorter one says with perfect enunciation before resting her hand on the forearm of the man next to her. She cranes her head back to stare up lovingly, "And this is my husband Finn Hudson. You might be wondering why I've kept my last name, well-"

Suddenly someone off-screen cuts her off, "No, no one was wondering. Just continue with your backstory, your baking-related backstory."

Rachel looks a little peeved but waves it off, "Right. Well, I've always loved baking and my husband here loves to eat. Before my Broadway dreams were unfortunately-"

"Rachel, please stay on topic." The voice says again which makes Rachel grumble.

"Fine! Finn and I started a home business called Gold Star Bakery. It's taking a little while to get off the ground purely because someone keeps eating our clients' orders-"

"Babe, you have to label it or else I'm just going to think it's up for grabs." Finn responds with a frown then looks back to the camera, "She's a great baker and we're just looking for our big break. This money will really help out a lot, maybe we can open our own place?"

"You mean that?" Rachel's suddenly so overcome with emotion that a tear trickles down her face. Suddenly she's breaking character and looks to someone off screen, "Did you get that? I can cry on command."

Finn smiles proudly, "She's great isn't she?"


The camera cuts to the last team that will be competing and the man and woman smile brightly for the camera. They're wearing matching purple t-shirts with their logo across the left pocket in blocky letters before they cut to a montage of the team showing off in their area.

"I'm Mercedes Jones," The woman says and tilts her head to the man next to her, "And this is Artie Abrams and together we run AJs Bake Shop. We have worked together for years at various restaurants before we decided to team up and do our own thing. We've been killin' it in L.A. ever since. "

"Mhm, that's right!" Artie nods with a sense of pride, "We're top dogs where we come from so we thought we might test our skills and see what we can really do."

"We're here to win," Mercedes says as she gives the camera an intimidating stare, "We're not leaving without that trophy."

"Wait, I thought it was money?" Artie asks with his brows furrowed.

Mercedes just shrugs, "We'll take that too."


Back in the kitchen, Sam stands by the judge's panel to reveal another judge sitting with Kurt and Santana. A fierce older woman sits among them, dressed in a red and white track suit, and gives the audience a steely gaze.

"Tonight's special guest judge is Coach Sue Sylvester," Sam announces grandly, "She is the founder of the Olympic-winning cheerleading team: the Cheerios! Welcome to the battle zone, Coach!"

"Glad to be here," Sue says slowly without any emotion whatsoever and continues to stare down the competitors, "I can't wait to see everyone rip each other to shreds."

Kurt and Santana exchange looks of confusion while Sam tries to reel in his worry and get back to his hosting duties, "So anyway, for tonight's theme we're thinking breakfast. For Round One, we would like to see our teams whip up something that encompasses the Sweet and Savory side of a classic American breakfast. Remember bakers, this is a timed challenge."

The camera pans to the teams' reactions and everyone looks a mix of surprise and anxious. Everyone, expect for Team Batter Up Cupcakes where we find Brittany looking in deep thought with her finger tapping at her chin while Sugar narrows her eyes and purses her lips, almost angrily.

"Looks like Brittany and Sugar weren't expecting this one," Kurt comments lowly to Santana and the two look in their direction as the team continues to stare off.

Santana's eyes settle on the blonde and for a moment, she forgets she's on camera as they start to roam. Santana has met many contestants during her time on the show, but none have been as attractive as the blonde baker before her. She's not sure what it is about the woman, maybe it's the backwards baseball cap that is alerting her inner lesbian or maybe it's the baseball tee that's doing it, but Santana really can't stop staring.

Brittany is stunning, she thinks, and she begins to tune out the sound of Sam's horrible impressions as she watches.

"Santana," Kurt snaps and nudges Santana out of her daydreaming in time to hear Sam announce the start of the first challenge.

"Man your stations, bakers, and let the battle begin!" He says with the wave of his hands as if he were one of those flag girls at race.

Santana rolls her eyes at his antics and looks back to find Kurt staring at her. She scrunches her nose, "What are you looking at?"

"You know," Kurt says with an all-knowing look and begins to smirk, "I saw you."

"Please. You saw nothing," Santana brushes off and tries to keep her eyes roaming the room to watch as the bakers – all the bakers – set off. She tries her hardest to give everyone equal attention, but she can't help the pull that has her glancing over to Team Batter Up Cupcakes more so than any other team.


"You look nervous," Sugar notices just after Sam had announced the start of the challenge, "Why do you look nervous? We don't do nervous."

"I'm not nervous!" Brittany says defensively before relenting with a sigh, "You know how I feel about breakfast, Sug. It's impossible to understand."

"I know, remember that one time you got into that argument with the waiter about eggs benedict?" Sugar frowns and Brittany lets out another defeated sigh.

"He was wrong then and he's still wrong now," Brittany huffs.

"Obviously," Sugar agrees then perks up, "But the challenge is sweet and savory so there's no way we can mix this up again. We can do this."

Brittany's worry is replaced with a determined smile, "You're right and I think I've got the perfect mashup idea."

Sugar claps her hands excitedly as they began to brainstorm.


Unbeknownst to Team Batter Up Cupcakes, every other team has decided to make two different cupcakes which will showcase a sweet and savory aspect individually.

The judges have taken notice of that which makes it even harder for Santana to keep her eyes off of Team Batter Up Cupcakes. They speak amongst themselves about the team's decision and wonder if they just haven't started on a second cupcake yet or if they're really going with just one offering.

"Dear God, what is going on at Team Gold Star Bakery's station?" Sue frowns when a bellow of black smoke emits from the oven.

Kurt looks in horror as Finn pulls out the crisp cupcakes.

Santana smirks at the sight, "Yeah, those are gonna be dry as hell."


"Why is the oven set to 500 degrees?" Rachel practically yells while Finn throws away the ruined cupcakes.

"Don't look at me, I didn't even know oven temperatures when up that high!" Finn argues but Rachel just shakes her head.

"Trouble in paradise?" Mercedes calls over with a chuckle. She and Artie are quietly working away in their own station but tune into the sound of some juicy gossip.

"No!" Rachel frowns at her and looks to Finn, "We need to start over or else we're not going to have anything for the judges. Time is running out!"

"Okay okay, we're fine. We just need to get our heads in the game!" Finn looks more determined than ever but then his face falls when he sees the judges stand. He spins around so fast that he nearly knocks Rachel over, "Crap, they're getting up to make their rounds."

"Already?! They're going to think we aren't prepared!"

"Well…I mean we aren't," Finn says plainly.

"Finn!" Rachel chastises and begins rushing through another batter.


"Alright judges, here's our first team: Blaine and Tina of Baking Dreams Come True!" Sam introduces as the three judges approach their station. Blaine and Tina smile politely and greet them all as they continue to move around each other.

"Wow, what an…interesting name," Santana comments, losing the battle of hiding her judgement. Not that she ever actually tries to, that's kind of what makes her a fan favorite.

"So take us through what you are working on," Kurt says after shooting Santana a glare.

Blaine goes on to explain the complex flavor pairings they will be using which Santana points out isn't actually all that complex. Tina's working on some intricate detailing while Blaine pipes frosting, but they both stop to stare at each other with dropped jaws.

"I'm just not seeing any wow factor," Santana shrugs.

"Well, don't count us out just yet," Blaine counters which causes Santana to raise a brow. It's rare that any contestant ever talks back to her. "Tina's fondant work is really out of this world."

"Sugar's better!" Brittany calls out from across the aisle where she's busy hand-whipping something. She sends a smirk their way – which of course Santana doesn't miss – and adds, "She has beaten you in every competition ever."

"You suck so much, Tina!" Sugar chimes in as well from behind Brittany.

Sue cracks a hint of a devilish smile, "Love a bit of trash talk."

Santana would have to agree, "It's something we don't see here too often. I think we're in for an interesting battle." Then she looks to the team again, "Good luck."

Blaine and Tina just stew in their annoyance as the rest of the judges bid them good luck and travel across the way to Team Batter Up Cupcakes.


"The second team competing today is Brittany and Sugar of Batter Up Cupcakes," Sam announces for the judges. Sugar gives a wave of her fingers and flashes a bright smile, while Brittany literally does a double-take when she finds Santana smiling at her.

She has seen the show on tv before and she of course is aware of Santana's prestigious backstory – and sure she might have a tiny crush on the star too – but she wasn't quite prepared for the unabashed beauty she was going to be smacked with upon seeing Santana in person.

Miraculously, Brittany manages to give her a confident smile despite the flips happening in her belly. She says without a trace of nervousness, "Hey, I'm Brittany. That's Sugar."

"So I've heard," Santana replies coolly through a smirk with her deep brown eyes twinkling.

"What's the tea between you and the other team?" Kurt asks, giving Santana a slight nudge back into professionalism.

"We've always been rivals; grew up in the same small town, attended the same culinary school, even started bakeries in our local area. We're just better than them and they can't come to admit that yet," Brittany says it like it is, "Hopefully they'll finally take the hint when we win."

Santana laughs at that, "I like your confidence, Brittany."

"Of course you do," Brittany says without thinking and it surprises both Kurt and Santana but she rolls with it anyway, "Going back to Bland and Tacky over there, isn't their lame bakery name a mouthful?"

"Wanky," Santana smirks and Kurt swats at her arm. If he had a spray bottle on him, that comment would've earned her a spritz.

Brittany – on the other hand – just smiled back before continuing with her work, her tone arms flexing as she whisked vigorously.

Santana licks her lips at the sight, her eyes dipping down to the bowl in Brittany's hands then back up, "Tell us what you're working on."

Brittany wonders if she's imagining things or if she really just saw Santana Lopez eye her up and down like she was a fresh glazed donut hot out off the belt. No matter, she takes a breath and goes to explain, "So we're doing something with maple bacon for that sweet and salty factor and it'll add a little crunch. Sugar's working on a white truffle frosting and this is the start of a jalapeno-infused pancake cupcake for a bit of spice."

"You're putting all of that in one cupcake?" Kurt asks, wide-eyed. He looks a little nervous and it makes Santana snort while Sue is equally intrigued.

Brittany and Sugar shrug nonchalantly, "Totally."

Kurt looks to Santana somewhat worried but Santana's looking at the team with interest. It's an odd combination, but she can see what they're aiming for and it's pretty out of the box. With competitions like this, contestants usually stick to the basics so she has a little soft spot for those who like to take risks.

She also has a soft spot for smokin' hot blondes.

"I think it sounds interesting," Santana says with a smile, "I can't wait to taste."

Blue eyes darken with the way the last word rolls off of Santana's tongue. It gives Brittany this boost of confidence because Santana is known for being a pretty hard judge to please yet here she is handing out compliments.

"You won't be disappointed," Brittany tells her earnestly.

Santana chuckles and it comes off as the best combination of sexy and cute, "We'll see. Good luck."


As the judges move on to the next station, Brittany's eyes linger on the sway of Santana's hips as she goes. That dress she's in does amazing things for the woman's slim figure. It's hypnotic and she probably would've overwhipped if Sugar didn't break the staring contest she had going on.

"Britt!" Sugar gasps and swats at Brittany's arm, "She was so flirting with you. Santana Lopez, flirting with you!"

"Why did you say it like that? Like you couldn't believe it?" Brittany pouts playfully then laughs Sugar off, "She wasn't flirting with me. It's just her character, it's all for show. I'm sure she's like that with everyone."

"Yeah bullshit," Sugar scoffs and goes back to frosting, "She didn't even acknowledge me and I was standing right next to you!"

"Well maybe you should step your game up then," Brittany quips as she knocks her shoulder teasingly into Sugar's before she heads over to pull out the cupcakes to cool.

"I don't think it's my game she's interested in," Sugar counters.


"Alright bakers-" Suddenly Sam is slipping on his shades again and doing a terrible Justin Timberlake impression, "You've only got 4 minutes, 4 minutes!"

"He should be fired," Santana scrunches her nose.

Kurt shrugs, "The viewers like him."

"Shh, Madonna is iconic," Sue hushes them both as she watches Sam continue to sing and dance.


Brittany's somewhat nervous as she and Sugar approach the panel with their finished cupcake.

They've been watching the two other teams before them – Team Baking Dreams Come True and Team AJs Bakeshop – get judged when they realized they might have a bit of competition here. As per usual, Santana has found flaws in each other their cupcakes though and it doesn't seem like anyone's pleased her yet but Brittany has faith that she might be able to change that.

In more ways than one as Sugar not so discreetly put it.

"Did you forget one?" Sue asks as a single cupcake is presented.

"No. We decided to do something a little different, it's something we're kind of known for," Brittany explains as the final plate is given to Santana who sits the furthest away from her. "Instead of creating two separate cupcakes, we thought we could combine those flavors into the ultimate sweet and savory breakfast-inspired mashup. This is our take on a classic – although, I'm not exactly sure what counts as a classic since America is a melting pot of cultures and breakfast looks different for everyone – " Brittany pauses to wonder while Kurt and Sue stare back in confusion.

Santana is the only one that seems to understand her point of view.

Sugar interrupts Brittany's wondering to and finishes her previous train of thought, "We hope you enjoy!"

Then Sugar goes to explain their thought process and the flavors used while the judges dig in.

Brittany has shifted to being too preoccupied with the way Santana licks frosting off of her fork to offer Sugar any assistance. It's quiet and they wait anxiously for someone to speak. They took a huge risk by only presenting one cupcake, but their flavors are there and they're really the only ones that tried something different so that should count for something.

"I'm actually really enjoying this," Kurt says, "I had my doubts, but you've perfected the balance between sweet and savory. My only complaint is the cake itself might've been a little too spicy for me."

"Really?" Santana looks surprised, borderline offended.

"What? I'm not use to having jalapenos for breakfast, Santana."

"Yeah and it shows," Santana says with a roll of her eyes before looking directly at Brittany. Her annoyance is suddenly replaced with delight, "Color me, impressed. Aside from Kurt's ridiculous compliant about spice, I agree with everything he said. You've knocked the ball out of the park for me. I really admire the risk you took by focusing on combining the sweet and savory aspect into one cupcake instead of keeping them separate. Sheer genius."

"Wow," Sam says and suddenly the camera is on him again, "Such high praise on the first round, the other teams need to watch out for Team Batter Up Cupcakes."

Sue goes on to say her comments too, but Brittany doesn't hear them. She's too captivated by the fact that she was able to impress the Santana Lopez, the Queen of High Expectations. She feels really, really good now.

"Thank you ladies," Sam then waves his hand to their station, "Please return to your station. Team Gold Star Bakery, you're up!"


While the last team goes up for judgement, Sugar and Brittany try to contain their excitement after getting such great feedback on their cupcake.

"We rocked it, Britt!" Sugar cheeses then waggles her brows, "And did you see how Santana was eyeing you up there? She was practically undressing you with her eyes."

"She was not," Brittany laugh dismissively.

"She totally was, I'm telling you! She's into you," Sugar assures her, "Look, she's staring at you right now!"

Brittany spins to look and sure enough she finds Santana smiling at her with that same cocky grin from before.

Brittany rolls with it and gives Santana a wink before turning to Sugar, "That's nothing. She's just being nice."

"If being nice means she wants a piece of you then, yeah! She's being really nice."

Brittany can only laugh at her friend's comments, she's been known to try and set her up with randoms. She wouldn't actually be too upset though if Sugar ended up being right about Santana though, but she's not giving into that just yet. Once Sugar is on a roll, she's a little hard to reel back in.

"She's super hot and successful which is the perfect combination for my dream girl," Brittany starts, "But I don't think anything will happen. We're too different."

"Seriously? You guys would be the perfect mashup!" Sugar lets out a heavy sigh but decides to drop it for now and focuses back on the excellent praise they received. "Knocked the ball out of the park," Sugar mimics Santana's earlier words, "That's amazing."

Brittany's back to smiling proudly, "We didn't even have to get to any of the bases first," Then she starts to pout, "I was kind of looking forward to that.."

"Okay, you can't get on me for thinking that you guys would be cute together then say something like that," Sugar groans, "Let me be your wing-woman!"

Brittany shakes her head and smirks, "We crushed the first round, huh?"

"Yeah, we did!" Sugar beams and while the cameras were busy on the judges' panel, she sticks up her middle fingers and flips off Blaine and Tina, "Suck it, losers!"

"Oh my God," Tina frowns as Brittany joined in on it too. She's looking completely offended as she pulls Blaine from watching Finn and Rachel. He's confused but looks to wherever she is pointing.

"Awh, come on guys!" Blaine sighs upon seeing them, "Don't be like that. We're just here to have fun."

"Spoken like a true loser," Brittany calls over and sticks her tongue out at them while Sugar forms an L with her fingers and lifts it to her forehead.

Blaine just shakes his head at them and forces Tina to look elsewhere, "Don't mind them, T. They're just trying to get into our heads like always. We'll get them in Round 2."


"Okay. So after some deliberation the judges have come to a decision," Sam starts and the music suddenly turns ominous as he deeps his voice, "The winner…of Round 1…goes to…"

Brittany and Sugar are hanging on to each other's hands, their knuckles going white with how tightly they're holding on. Brittany's stomach is full of cartwheels and fluttery butterflies as Sam takes an excessive amount of dramatic pauses.

"Brittany and Sugar of Team Batter Up Cupcakes!"

Brittany's jaw drops at the sound of their names being called before they're bouncing up and down excitedly in each other's arms while Sam continues to speak.

"Although you are the only team who presented a single cupcake for this challenge, you were able to balance the flavors of sweet and savory so well that the decision was unanimous."

Santana watches on with a proud smile as she and the rest of the judges clap for them.

"Congratulations ladies," Sam says then the ominous music is back, "There is one team that won't be so lucky and that team…will be…Rachel and Finn of Team Gold Star Bakery. Your fight is over at Cupcake Battles."

"No!" Rachel cries out dramatically and falls to her knees like she's been shot.

Unfortunately that means she's out of the camera's view, but she must realize that as she squirms out from behind the station, sliding along the floor like a worm until she's back in view and continues to cry out right on the floor.

Finn looks like he doesn't know what to do with himself but he gives the camera this gassy-baby impression before he's trying to pick Rachel up off the floor, "Come on Rach, we're better than this."

"I can't go on! The failure is too great," Rachel says dramatically, "Just leave me here…"

Santana watches the scene with her jaw dropped slightly. Never in the history of the show has anyone reacted like that after being kicked off.

"I-I just want to know why…" Rachel asks through her tears as Finn finally brings her to her feet.

"Yeah, we were trying to get to that before the – uh – theatrics started," Santana quips.

Santana's words spur another outburst of cries from Rachel.

Kurt tries a more sensitive approach and looks to Rachel and Finn apologetically, "You both are so passionate and we…really appreciate that but execution is really important when you're up against such talented bakers and you…just fell short."

"That's short person discrimination!" Rachel says suddenly and this time Santana can't help but laugh out.

"What in the hell?" Santana whispers to Kurt, "Where did they find her?"

Kurt just shrugs as Rachel continues to rant. Santana's had enough though and swiftly cuts them off.

"Alright, listen…Rachel, Finn, your cupcakes sucked," Santana now had her infamous glare zoned in on them as she spoke, "They were overcooked, the frosting was way too sweet, the cake itself lacked depth, not to mention the fact that they didn't rise at all yet you still put it on the plate and tried to pass it off as pancakes like we wouldn't notice…would you like me to continue?"

Rachel stammered while Finn just looked down in embarrassment.

"Ah-ah, that was a rhetorical question. I don't actually want to hear anything else you have to say, you've wasted enough time as it is," Santana says and crossed her arms across her chest.

"Now get the hell out of my kitchen!" Sue chimes in.

Kurt and Santana exchange a look before Santana is speaking up again.

"Uhh, your kitchen?" Santana challenges. Thankfully, Kurt is sitting between them and is already trying to get her to sit back in her seat. "You're here for like what? Five seconds? And you think this is your kitchen? Please, you're just a guest here. This is our house, we invited you."

"Okay!" Kurt claps overly-excitedly, trying to break the tension, "Sam? Back to you."

Sue just rolls her eyes as Sam dismisses the Rachel and Finn.

Brittany was oddly turned on as she watched that whole thing unfold. Seeing Santana give it to someone straight like that was glorious in person and she looked so hot doing it, but it also assured her that she never wanted Santana to have that kind of reaction to anything they put up.

Now, that would be a disaster. But they were off to a good start and the just needed to keep that momentum going for the next round.

"With our first challenge done and dusted and our first round of winners and eliminations out of the way, we're on to the next challenge!" Sam announces he looks to each team and asks, "You ready, bakers?"

Everyone yells out an enthusiastic yes!

"Awesome!" Sam cheers then turns back to the camera, "Stay tuned for more Cupcake Battles, Round 2 is sure to leave you in high spirits."