Chapter 1


Trudy moaned as her husband slowly sucked the warm melted garlic butter from her thumb and index finger.

"Baby you can feed me shrimp any day any time"

Sonny whispers as he swirled his tongue around Trudy's perfectly polished electric teal colored nails. The last night of their 3 day weekend was capped off with a quiet seafood fest on the deck of Sonny's boat they set sail right at the beginning of sunset, and dropped anchor a few miles off coast. Far enough for privacy but close enough to see the lights of Miami at night.

The Grilled shrimp, Jonah crab claws, corn on the cob and broccoli was the perfect meal for the seafood lovers. They sat intertwined feeding each other as Elvis chowed down in his roasted chickens.

"Why do the weekends fly by but when we have tons of cases, paperwork, rapists, murderers, dealers, and other delightful members of society time drags on forever?"

Sonny questioned hypothetically,

"That's easy baby"

Trudy answered as she reached behind her back to untie her bikini top.

"We are usually on opposite sides of town from each other working the case from different angles. When we are apart we can't tease and flirt with each other. So of course that makes everything dull and boring."

While she was giving her own insight to her husband's question, he stood to take off his trunks and prepared to ravage his wife on the table. Under the full Miami moon they made love for hours on all parts of the boat. They fell asleep on the sofa that was behind the wheel. It was one thing more beautiful than falling asleep under that beautiful night sky, and that was waking up to a beautiful Miami sunrise.

Before they had time to gather their thoughts the phone was ringing off the hook.

"Hey Rico" Trudy yawned into the phone.

" Castillo wants all hands on deck ASAP".

"Damn it's only 5 am what the fuck"

Trudy mumbled as Sonny started up the boat.

"We will be there by 7 thanks for the heads up babe"

she hung up and picked up her cup of coffee , wrapped her arm around Sonny's chest and rested her head on his back.

" I got a feeling that this is gonna be a bat shit crazy case darlin."

Sonny shared his thoughts on his intuition while they were pulling out of their driveway and heading to the OCB. Right before the small wedding in the Bahamas, they settled on a beautiful 4 bedroom house, plenty of room for a family. Billy's bedroom was set up exactly the way he wanted it for when he visited. They had a small pool out back and a balcony off of their bedroom that overlooked the pool and the backyard. The best part was that it was only 15 minutes from the marina, and 25 minutes from their undercover precinct in the opposite direction.

" Baby you only feel like that because our last few cases were open and shut easy peasy. Face it James Sonny Crockett you are an adrenaline junkie"

She smirked at him in a teasing lighthearted way. He reached over and rubbed his hand on her knee as they pulled into their underground garage and gave her a kiss.

" Hush woman you know you wouldn't have me any other way"

Good Morning guys they greeted everyone as she and Sonny sat in their usual spots in the conference room. They quickly noticed the somber mood in the room.

"This is like no other case. This case has been on my mind for decades," Castillo paused as he sighed heavily.

" Crockett you know the things we saw and experienced in Asia."

Sonny nodded as he wondered where this was going and what did any of that have to do with them today, and now. He closed his eyes briefly sitting in the mindfulness of his time in Vietnam.

Trudy knew that was a period of time that he still struggles with from time to time. They were still newlyweds but they were close friends for years before they started a romantic relationship. They shared plenty of private things as couples should but his time in Vietnam was something very few at the OCB knew the details of outside of herself, Rico who was more like a brother than a partner, and of course Castillo.

"There was a serial killer that I hunted. When I was over there he killed prostitutes by using an ancient form of cutting he gets off on torturing them. There were 2 hookers found over the holiday weekend with the same exact carvings all over their bodies and the same message written on the wall with there own blood I used to think since so much time had went by and damn near a world apart that there would never be a way that he would resurface, but when I saw this on the wall I knew it was him."

He passed out the pictures of the carved up murdered women from 1975 and the ones from this past weekend. He waited to see if they saw what he saw.

"Everything is exactly the same"

Gina spoke to the group as she and Trudy share a stack of photos and the guys go through the others.

"Crockett do you ever remember seeing anything like this during your time in Vietnam?"

Crockett looked at the pictures, both old and new.

"No lieutenant I know I've seen a lot of crazy shit over there but never anything like this. This takes the cake all these years and this Son of a Bitch is still around?"

"Look how young The two girls are from this weekend They look like they're not even old enough to vote better yet turn tricks on the street I swear they get younger and younger"

Trudy observed and commented

"Trudy you always have had an eye for spotting endangered girls working the corners."

"Sadly you're right Stan let's just say it was a gift I wish I didn't need to have if you catch my drift"

Sonny already knew where this conversation was going and he didn't like it. Trudy was known for her undercover work with vice; she had an awesome reputation and track record as an undercover prostitute when it came to convictions from her busts. Rico had an awesome reputation for playing the role of pimp. Especially with the car he owned he fit the bill perfectly. Actually everyone on his team had their gift and talent. His was making the drug deal playing the big time drug kingpin was his niche, Gina's was more compassionate connecting with the victim or the kid or the relatives that are left behind from the tragedies in the streets of Miami she could very easily cross over into social work she just had the heart for it. Of course Stan was always all things tech that was his life.

"We are going to hit this from every angle. I already talked to a professor of Asian studies who specializes in ancient customs and traditions from the University of Miami. He's willing to help us historically with the case."

Castillo spoke to the group who sat still waiting for their assignments to be given out.

"Stan I want you to contact every major international law enforcement agency starting with the interpol and see if they have any crimes that fit the description of what we're looking at. I want to see if we can connect his dots. Gina and Sonny I want you two to research the victims lives, any other jobs or agencies that they worked for, educational background, childhood, and family."

"Rico and Trudy I want you on the street. I want you working the corners hard. Rico I want you to lean on her hard publicly, let it be known that you own her. I want you to really overemphasize the public display of being her John because I have a feeling he may think he's rescuing these girls and then punishing them."

Sonny sat back and his chair deep in thought trying to not scowl and furrow his brow. He knew this was part of the job he knew his wife was in good hands he knew that they would come out on top but it still didn't help the fact that he didn't like it at all. Even before they started their romantic relationship he always was overprotective of the women on his team, especially Trudy.

Everyone gathered their files and belongings as they prepared to leave the room.

" So how was everyone's Memorial day weekend? I hope you all enjoyed it because it's no telling when we will see another weekend off with this demented fucker on the loose"

Stan tried to break through the tension with his one of a kind wit. Everyone smiled and nodded in agreement. As they headed out of the room.

" I fucking knew it man I should have played a fucking lottery ticket because my hunch was spot on. Didn't I say this case was gonna be crazy Trudy?"

Sonny flopped at his desk while Trudy nodded her head in agreement from her desk.

"Hey Trudy you are going to have really step up your wardrobe game since you are gonna be hitting the stroll pretty much non stop. If you need and extra stuff you know you can raid my WhoreDrobe."

Gina always kept her hooker wardrobe in a spare closet in her guest bedroom; the bff's often traded outfits depending on the case and the role either were playing at that moment.

"Thanks hon but I think this case calls for a step up in the wardrobe department."

" That is a good idea Trudy let's hit the stores on our lunch break"

Gina suggested as she started her search that Castillo asked for.

Lunch came around quickly, Trudy stopped by Sonny's desk to give him a quick kiss before she and Gina left to do damage to their favorite sleeze boutique.

"Trudy and Sonny can I see both of you for a second before you head out to lunch?"

Castillo called out from his doorway.

"Yes Lt"

They answered in unison as they walked into his office.

"Sonny, you know first hand what this job can do to a marriage. That is one of the reasons why I didn't make one of you transfer, because you both have the understanding of what this job entails and you know what strains it can have on your outside lives. Being in a relationship with someone who is not in law enforcement is a challenge within itself. Then to add the stress of the job, not being able to express yourself completely and have your mate lack the ability to relate is stressful. Which is why most marriages to a non law enforcement person fail. You and Sonny are doing great with being married and working in the same unit. I do not want the depths of this case to disrupt that you both understand me."

"Yes Marty we understand."

Sonny spoke up

"Thank you sir for the vote of confidence and advice."

Trudy spoke softly

Castillo nodded his head in response as they left his office.

The girls hurried off to shop while Tubbs and Crocket ate at their desks and bounced theories off of each other.