"Sonny I don't think Trudy would agree to this hell man does she even know that you are seeing Carlo? "

Tubbs asked his partner as they stepped off the elevator and headed to the heavily guarded hospital room where Carlo was. Trudy and Isabella were being discharged in a few hours Gina was with them at the hospital a few miles away.

"I just want to see this bitch I just wanna know why man."

They flashed thier badges and walked in the room. He was cuffed by both arms to the guard rails on the bed, and his leg was totally out of commission.

"Hey fucker I heard my wife blew your whole knee to shits. Total knee replacement huh? "

He smacked Carlo right on his newly mended knee! Carlo was startled awake by the searing pain.

"Oh where you sleeping? Let me repeat myself.. Hey fucker I heard my wife blew your whole knee to shits. Total knee replacement huh? she is a beast at the shooting range."

He smacked his knee again as he walked up towards his face. I just wanted to come look you in your dirty little eyes to tell you my wife and Isabella will be giving testimony against your demented ass and lucky for you pal you kidnapped, beat, raped, and attempted to kill a police Detective. So you sir will never see a day a freedom again. Hey you might even luck up and get the death penalty.

"Come on Sonny don't give this piece of shit another second of your time." Rico spoke

"Yea your right I have a beautiful wife to get back to."

"You still want her? After all of the fun nasty things I did to her? Trudy is a nasty little slut. Cop or no cop I know the real Trudy she showed me in that cabin. The way she cried when I fucked her over and over, the way she squirmed when I strapped her down, the way she let me abuse that pretty ebony body. You will never be able to get me out of her head . I will always be your competition. She kept begging me to not hurt Bella but I think she didn't want to share."

He let put a sick little laugh. Sonny stomach turned at hearing what he did to his wife he and Rico turned to face Carlo. He walked over to his bedside, Rico was right behind him prepared to intervene if Sonny snapped and tried to really hurt Carlo.

"Sonny man think before you react don't do anything that would cost us the case."

"Carlo you know what is stronger than anything physical that you could do to her body? Her heart her soul and her mind. You see I will make sure to shower her with so much love and support that her mind will heal as well as her body and her heart. You will be a distant bad memory because she has a family and a team who will always be there to help her forget you. You will not win my wife will beat you buddy. "

As he turned to leave again he took out his gun and wacked him one good time in his new 24hour old knee.

Carlo couldn't make a sound the pain was so intense. He howled and cried silently. Sonny and Rico left and went to get the girls.


Trudy was getting her final examination before being discharged. She was so tired of being poked and prodded. If it wasn't the nightmares, it was the doctors, or her own thoughts getting the best of her. She was so glad that Gina and Sonny were always there. She was moving around slowly taking small steps around the room and to the bathroom on her own. She welcomed the freedom despite the pain she was in. She still didn't have the courage to look at herself in the mirror. Or to let Sonny see the damage that clothes hid. Sonny gave her ample respect with privacy which was great.

The doctor gave her a healthy stack of instructions, information for a rape counselor that wasn't including the department shrink that was a whole separate issue by itself, physical therapy for her neck muscles that where badly strained from the assault. Finally how to care for the bruises and face wounds.

Isabella had a much shorter list of discharge papers. counseling referrals just like Trudy, and social worker resources in and around Miami for jobs and shelters since the girls where pretty much homeless. The women where talking amongst themselves while Gina helped Trudy change into the clothes that Sonny dropped off earlier. Trudy and Isabella only spent 2 days in the hospital, but to Trudy it felt like a lifetime she was eager for some normalcy.

" Gina and I where talking and she and I want you girls to stay with her in her spare rooms until you get on your feet here in Miami."

Isabella and Nya where floored by the offer. Bella started to cry as she fumbled with her overnight bag.

"You guys don't know the 1st thing about us and yet you would open your home and life to us.

No no Bella shook her head through the tears.

I owe you so much already Trudy your body your marriage you put so much on the line for me and you don't know anything about us.

"Now I beg to differ with that last part."

The women turned to see Sonny standing in the doorway.

"Isabella Peterson age 19 Nya Jacobs age 19 aged out of the Reading Pa foster system. Both worked at the Burger Barn at the mall after school and on the weekends. Saved up enough money for plane tickets to Miami to start over. Clean records no suspension or expulsions from school both on the honor roll. We are the best Detectives in Miami Dade young lady. Now if my sister and my wife say your staying with us , that's all to it.

He walked over to the young girls and took Bellas hand. "You brought Trudy back to me I will forever be in your debt."

He kissed her on her forehead.

Sonny grabbed Trudy bags while the nurse helped her to the wheelchair. Gina and the girls headed out as well. Trudy and Sonny made thier way to thier home he took the scenic route to give Trudy a relaxing ride in the Miami sun she sat back and took deep cleansing breaths.

"You went didn't you?" She broke the silence between them.

"Yea I did I just had to see him and tell him he did not win the way he thought he did. Rico was there the whole time. You blew his whole knee out and he was fresh out of surgery from getting a new one. So I uhhh checked its durability with the butt of my baretta 92. He better be glad thats all I did."

She let out a slow deep sigh as she looked at the beautiful pastel buildings they seemed to float by. She was lost in the peaceful moment. Silently grateful for the oversized shades from Gina. They hid her embarrassing blemishes, shielded her from the bright sun, the Dr. advised that the bright sunlight would hurt her bad eye, and they hid her emotions.

"Are you hungry baby?"

Sonny asked her while she daydreamed out the window. She didn't respond, if it wasn't for the fact that she was bouncing her leg he would have swore she was asleep. They where stopped at a red light, so Sonny turned to his right and reached for her hand.

"Baby did you hear me? are you hungry earth to my girl, he placed his hand on hers and called her name."

Trudy immediately started to plead her case and apologies.

'I am sorry Carlo please I didn't mean it I just wanted to do a good job please I promise I was paying attention."

She sobbed as she inched away from Sonny's hand. He immediately pulled out of traffic and pulled over right by a empty stretch of beach. He hopped out of the car and ran around to her door.

"Trudy look at me baby look at me."

He pleaded as he opened up her door and squatted down to her level. She was trembling in fear. He took her seat belt off, and carefully took off her glasses.

"Look at me baby look Trudy it is me Sonny. I won't hurt you Trudy. Carlo is gone baby look at the pretty water remember jumping off of our boat into the warm water on pretty days like this?

He was trying anything he could think of to help her.

"Remember our honeymoon we jumped off the boat and snorkled at Half Moon Cay. You fed all the little tropical fish."

He touched her hands and pleaded for her to look at him.

"I just don't want to get into anymore trouble for not paying attention. If I don't answer right away it happens over and over, I didn't mean to not answer you."

He could feel the rage inside but he had to lock it away and put her first. She will always be first.

"Look at me Trudy. Carlo is gone he will never touch you again ok? I pray that everyday your thoughts of him get a little bit smaller. I don't want that fucker to occupy any space in this beautiful brain of yours. I know it will take time. You have to believe me I promise to never ever rush you or push you."

"Sonny I didn't mean to. I am so sorry."

He knew exactly what she was talking about. He wasn't sure if he was ready for this, but If she was ready so was he.

"Come with me baby."

He helped out of the car and grabbed a blanket from the trunk and one of her beach hats. He put her glasses back on took her hand and walked out onto the warm white sand. She adjusted her hat as he fanned out the blanket. He helped her sit down.

"Now please tell me why you feel as though you owe me an apology darlin?"

She sighed and dug her toes into the sand.

"I" she paused as if to find the words that suddenly left her mind.

"I disrespected you. He took what was only meant for you."

He took off his Ray-Bans and looked off into the blue waves. figured I could use my thoughts of you and of us to get me through his sadistic after diner routine, but the first time I tried it I failed miserably. He was talking to me while I was whipping him on his post. I blanked out I had so many questions in my head. Where was I, was I in Florida, how much time had went by, was I even still in the US. He was super anal about training me to be his wife. I was never allowed to hesitate when he asked me a question he was calling my name and I didn't respond immediately. So my punishment was me unlocking him and he locking me in and..."

"Trudy stop.. please don't tell me this because you think you have to. Baby if you rather wait and tell the shrink I am ok with that."

"Sonny in all of our 15 years knowing each other, being partners, friends, lovers, and now husband and wife have we ever kept secrets from each other?"

"No we haven't"

he answered honestly

"but this is.."

She cut him off

"This is me not letting him win. I can't let him push you out. if I do, then thats him trying to be my husband like he said, at least in my mind. He took my body, but I feel like if I shut you out and push you away then thats him taking my mind and heart from you too. I can't let him take those things too!

"Baby I know you're not to blame for what he put you through. Now what we need to do is work on you knowing and believing it. You did not disrespect me. That mother fucker disrespected you"

He got up and positioned himself so that he was sitting directly behind her.

"Trudy can I hold you?"

She nodded slowly as she took off her glasses to wipe her freely falling tears.
He opened his legs and gently wrapped her in his arms she broke down and sobbed as he rocked and soothed her.

They both knew this would be the first of many breakdowns for them especially her.