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The Miami Dade dayshift crew were celebrating at the favorite bar and restaurant, Diamond in the Ruff. They had closed a case where the drug smuggler got desperate and sloppy when his plans didn't pan out and resorted to murder.

They were all at one table chatting and laughing away the stress of the case. The only person who wasn't here was Natalia. She volunteered to buy the next round of drinks, and she was also talking with the bartender while she waited.

Back at their table outside, Horatio leaned on the table and couldn't help but stare at her. Since she was hired to work at the lab, he slowly developed a crush on the beautiful brunette. While she was cleared of her ex-husband's murder, being there to support her during such a traumatizing situation did his feelings for her grow.

While everyone on their team was laughing at Walter's failed attempt at getting a girl's number Calleigh, however, tuned out the laughter when she saw Horatio zoning out. She followed his gaze and figured out what his sky blue eyes were unabashedly looking at; it was one lovely brunette in particular. She excused herself and walked spoke up, "H, are you okay?"

Horatio looked over at Calleigh. He felt foolish for getting caught.

Calleigh inquired, "Horatio, let me ask you this you haven't felt this way about someone since Marisol correct?"

Horatio couldn't get a word out and nod ashamedly. Calleigh asked, "What is your gut feeling right now?"

Horatio answered, "I do want to be the one who is there for Natalia. At the same time, I feel like I am stepping out on Marisol."

Calleigh knew it was H's strong sense of loyalty that was speaking for him at the moment. Calleigh added, "Come on H, we know, you have on a crush on Natalia. We have all seen the way you look at her, not to mention all have seen the dirty looks you give when she talks to a new or different guy. Go for it H, what have you got to lose?"

Horatio knew deep down this love was a different kind of deep that he had for Marisol, and he would never stop loving her. Calleigh's right as he added to that thought, what have I got to lose? As liquid courage, he finished his drink in one gulp. He walked over to Natalia and tapped her on the shoulder. The bartender saw the man was on a mission, and he got back to work. He didn't want to earn the ire of a police lieutenant.

Natalia was miffed. The conversation was going so well, and the bartender was about to ask her out. She turned around and asked, "What's up, H?"

Placing his rough hands on her delicate face and pulled her in for a sweet and tender kiss in which he channeled as much passion as he could into the kiss. Natalia's eyes bugged out a second. Her annoyance melted away and responded as the kiss grew intensity. This was a dream come true. For some time, she has had a crush on him but was guarded because of her past. Forgetting about the bartender, Natalia held him close by wrapping her arms around his shoulder and threading her fingers through his red hair. The time and surroundings came to a stand-still as they kissed as they were in their own little world.

The whole crew began to wonder where their drinks were. Nonetheless, when they saw what was going on at the bar, they couldn't be happier that their friends finally confronted their feelings and got together.

Eric leaned in whispered in a low voice, "How about we gang upon them?"

Frank grinned and said, "Good idea."

The crew all headed that way, and then Walter wolf-whistled, and Ryan called out, "Get a room, you two!"

That got the love birds to come back to reality and parted lips. While they weren't ashamed of finally revealing their feelings to each other, they were a little embarrassed at the fact they had carried on a public place.

Horatio looked into Natalia's expressive eyes and asked, "Are you ready to explore our new lives together?"

To which Natalia replied, "I would love to handsome. I love you!"

Calleigh, Frank, Tom, Walter, Ryan, and Eric all cheered and clapped when they heard Natalia's reply. Horatio grinned. Finally, his impulsiveness got him what he wanted. Now he would all that he could to keep Natalia in his life forever.

Pulling out a few big bills and giving it to the bartender for the next few rounds for the team, Horatio and Natalia gathered their items. They headed out of the bar and into their future together.

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