Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Mend1cant Bias back with a brand new story, one with two series I never thought of combining. That is until I read a very intriguing story that goes by the name, World Eater by Wacko12, who has created a number of awesome stories, I recommend checking them out; also Kudos to Wacko12's flowing detail in world building. There was more to his story that brought this idea to my attention, after a good amount of online research, Overlord's Yggdrasil fantasy game has a lot of rather EXTREME game tools. From it's wide array of skills, to its game breaking world items, good lord! Having the ability to call in a favor sounds OP, buuuuuuuuut that's just the tip of the iceberg. I have watched both anime, though I need to find a way to watch season 4. This story will contain elements of other series, a list of the elements will be provided at the end. Thank you and let's begin the story!

Chapter 1: Prologue…

"The universe has many horrors yet to throw at us. This is not the end of our struggle. This is just the beginning of our crusade to save Humanity. Be faithful! Be strong! Be vigilant!" -Emperor of Mankind, Collected Visions (P.367)

YGGDRASIL, a very popular DMMO-RPG game praised for its advanced gameplay and character building mechanics. A game that brought about different play styles and character builds that had their strengths and weaknesses, having combat mechanics based around melee, ranged and magic. Each race had their own specialty when it came to abilities and features, the more beast-like races offered the option of racial levels that came with unique abilities not found in humanoid species. A pure human class did have the option to solely focus all level ups into the job classes of their choosing, serving as a well balanced out race with the potential of mastering one or more skill paths. This became the perfect race for Nicholas "Nicky" Santiago and a couple of other beta testers, who formed three seperate guilds. The following were known as The Son, The Father and The Holy Spirit, all three started recruiting fellow players who chose the Human race. After reaching maximum occupancy, the guilds banded together to form The Trinity, a united alliance guild with a little over three hundred members, all working to support their growing mega faction with supplies and valuable loot.

Nicholas or rather Araqiel when in-game, was the top player in the guild when it came to organizing the focused use of loot and currency, scheduling group meetings for future raids and new in-game updates; making him the somewhat de facto-leader. Araqiel was older than a majority of the guild who were in their early or mid-twenties, while he was in his mid-thirties. He did share his power with the original leaders of both The Son and The Holy Spirit, with both still seeing him as their higher up in the guild. Araqiel focused his build on increased defense and magic, with no level limit during the beta testing, he was already level 100 through intense mob farming and dungeon grinding.

Through the painstaking experience of farming continuous amounts of Prismatic ores, vast teams of guild members went out to complete quests ranging from easy to higher difficulties, earning gold and materials; as well as experience. All this would later be useful, after two years from launch, the developers implemented a system of downloading and purchasing blueprints; custom and mod-made abilities could not be created though. All three higher ups of the guild, decided to take inspiration in the human and technological elements of their favorite sources. Together with some votes within each of the allied guilds, came up with the idea of using Warhammer 40k, Star Wars, CthulhuTech, Fallout,Titanfall and Halo. The guild had a field day customizing the needed blueprints from each of the desired series, Araqiel prioritized the importance of building their three new bases.

The first to be built (and 2nd most expensive) was the Ark Majesty, coming in at a whopping 25 kilometers, armed to the teeth in weaponry and shielding, enough forges, manufactorums, laboratories, refineries and power plants for the guild's number of blacksmiths and weaponsmiths, who've taken it upon themselves to customize themselves in various Adept Mechanicus (rank in the guild varies) and Imperial engineer character models. Bill Hendricks, also known as OneTrueMechanic1337, is the co-leader and previous head of The Holy Spirit. The ship has been entrusted under his command, along with the active duties of forging all weapons, armor and vehicles for the guild. The project of the ship itself costed two-thirds of the united guild's treasury. This also served as the temporary main guild base for four months, until the second base was constructed.

The second vessel to be built was the Divine Right, an Emperor Class Battleship that has become the player home for all combat-orientated members. Coming in at a length of 8 kilometers, vastly smaller than The Holy Spirit's ship, it makes up for being able to deliver combat teams in fast response scenarios. Attack craft and land vehicles litter the vehicle bay and decks, armories line up along certain sections of the ship, shooting ranges offered challenges that rewarded small to miniscule amounts of experience and ammunition or gold depending on the difficulty, simulators offered similar rewards with the difference being in actual combat procedures. All players skilled in combat utilized player models and armor from the Imperial Guard, Stormtroopers and Clone troopers, Brotherhood of Steel and IMC infantry. Mark Adams, known in-game as HopperMine31, also co-leader and previous leader of The Son, took up the player model of Horus Lupercal; Primarch of the Lunar Wolves legion. He, along with close friends that became close associates (and soon friends) with Nicholas and Bill, customized themselves as the existing Primarchs from Warhammer 40k (with the exception of Rogal Dorn, Magnus, Corvus Corax, Leman Russ and Vulkan, all of them being made NPC quest givers and heads of their respective Legion NPC groups). Higher ranking members decorate themselves in the armor of one of the Primarch's chapters of space marines. The cost wasn't as bad as the Ark Majesty, but it did set back the Guild for another five months with the main priority of establishing additional needs on the ship.

Each ship was given a right to upgrade it as they saw fit, any NPCs and spawners placed, and all manner of recruitment testing was encouraged. As long as the respectable group of the ship contributed from their own treasury in the process of the in-game mercenary. Special NPCs were also created from the combination effort of all three co-leaders, especially when reconstructing the Council of The Highlords of Terra. Araqiel, OneTrueMechanic1337 and HopperMine31, contributed to the creation of this system. These NPCs would be the managing heads for other NPC fodder and characters, as well as assigning unique and custom quests for certain ranked player groups; offering high experience and valuable loot gear.

Today was the final day of all YGGDRASIL servers, after the server shutdown countdown, all online support for the game will be closed off. We currently find Araqiel on the observation deck, gazing from the very top of the Bucephelus, the 50 kilometer base ship of The Father; with Araqiel leading all operations on-board. Araqiel's guild members modeled themselves after the Adeptus Custodes, others of lower level choosing to be Tempestus Scions or Imperial Death Troopers. Araqiel himself customized his model to take the appearance of a younger Emperor of Mankind, an imposing 10-foot tall figure, strong jawline, long and luscious black hair, and dark purple eyes. The ship itself was based on the Emperor's own personal flagship, adorned with a coat of gold, a monument of his player model stood erect on top of the ship, weapon platforms and batteries of armaments mounted across its length. This was the final and most expensive ship to be completed, all ships complete in the span of a year and three months. With all three ships complete, this attracted the attention of other guilds, some wanting to join and others looking at an opportunity to attack. All attempts at an aerial assault were met with high resistance, while all groups looking to join were absolved into the guild, changing their guild names to The Followers of Trinity.

With the numbers and firepower, a good amount of level 100 players and three ships to lead the charge, all players set out on the hunt for the Devourer of the Nine Worlds, a mighty dragon that tied in with the lore on the world tree, a beast that sought to devourer its precious leaves and creating the world items in the aftermath. After initial contact, all ships unleashed their salvo on the Great Devourer, causing significant piercing damage to its defenses. The next course of action resulted in an air fight between players piloting mass numbers of gunships and other fighter craft, and the recovered dragon that swatted any unfortunate player. Dozens upon dozens fell, until the might of all three leaders assisted in the assault on the World Enemy, OneTrueMechanic1337 and HopperMine31 pinning the bosses wings, with Araqiel driving his weapon, The Emperor's Sword, into its head; completing the event. All ships received scarring damage that required manageable repair costs and materials, over a hundred members and aircraft were lost in the ensuing battle; along with what was in their inventory.

The guild would soon face off with other World Enemies in the years to come, Araqiel switched to level up some of his other characters, a simple swordsman and a monk class. With the defeat of the Eight Dragons and Ten Archangels of Sephira, through months of continual farming and dungeon grind, both achieved the same level as his first-made class. With The Trinity's reputation and achievements, the company in charge, offered a granted wish to each of the three leaders of The Trinity. HopperMine31 and OneTrueMechanic1337 both wished for a large sum of materials and in-game currency, triple the amount received from the Devourer of the Nine Worlds boss event. Araqiel requested a special class, one that only he can attain with its own skill set, one that matched the description of the Emperor of Mankind. This was accepted with the company, though it required the sacrifice of both his side characters; of all their experience and inventory. The experience would be transfered over to his main account, leveling it to level 1000, his job class was replaced with the title of Emperor with a skill set in the new psyker system.

Araqiel watched with satisfaction as he sat on his gold throne from the observation deck, The Emperor's Sword rested behind him on the wall for display, with the Imperium Aquila holding the blade within its talons. Two Adeptus Custodes NPCs stood by either side of him, as still as suits of armor, hands gripped on their prized guardian spears. Along with the Custodes, were lines of Tempestus Scions, adorned in high-quality carapace armor and armed with Hotshot Volley guns. The sound of fireworks can be heard and merry bands of players partying, guild members firing off gunshots in synchronized cacophony, video recordings from different players showing the events of each boss battle the guild partook in with an assortment of angles. Both co-leaders logged off halfway into the party, turning in their respective gear and loot into their ships inventory vaults; both left a farewell message and hoped to see Araqiel when a sequel came out. Seeing as Araqiel started this from the very beginning, it only made sense that he saw through to the very end of this once grand game. The sounds of celebration died down as guild members began to log off, one by one, sending farewell messages to one another; Araqiel must have received over a hundred messages broadcasting player's thanks and farewells and hopes of meeting in other DMMO-RPGs.

'It was great while it lasted, got to meet interesting people from other states and countries, *sigh* I just wished it would have lasted longer. After the countdown, all the guild's progress, our hard worked creations and loot, all the hours spent together on these ships….. All of it will disappear, Damn it!' Araqiel thought, glumly mulling over the disappointing reality. 'There goes the last member, just me now, I could just override the controls of the ships and crash into the world tree'

The countdown was already in its final stages, not giving Araqiel enough time to make the final decision. With a somewhat silent acceptance, Araqiel closed his eyes for the countdown, the display never truly leaving his sight.






'Might as well get ready for work tomorrow, hopefully those reports on acid rain showers are false'



The sound of a low humming sound could be heard amongst the ship's ambience, gradually growing larger.


'That must be the server beginning to shut down, here it comes!'




VRRRRRRM, the sound of the humming excelled in volume while being followed by a bright, stinging flash that blinded Araqiel in the process. This brought Araqiel off his throne ass he kneeled, rubbing his eyes and waiting for his eyes and ears to readjust. a voice could be heard, shouting in firm orders while receiving affirmative replies, one voice gave off a worried tone that indicated to his direction. With his eyes and ears regaining their senses, he realized the person in question was one of the two Custodians, a steel grip on his guardian spear remained. The sounds of klaxon alarms echoing throughout the vessel, wide range Vox-receivers ordering crews to man their stations and establishing pilots for void patrols. Araqiel could feel actual bodily senses, the movements of his limbs and the slight irritation of his eyes and ears stinging from the flash. He can feel his own presence reaching beyond his body, sensing beyond the ship and more! The power was intense beyond comprehension, rejuvenating his body and mind.

"My Emperor! Are you alright, warp drives seem to have displaced us, the Bucephelus, Ark Majesty, and Divine Right appear to have been relocated from our current position, crewmen and navigators are scrambling to find the cause and the exact location we are in, what are your orders my lord?" spoke the concerned Custodian, the other one finally taking notice upon Araqiel's condition.

'No fucking way! These guys are just NPCs and they're actually talking directly to me! What the hell is going on!?' Araqiel thought, though the state of urgency brought him back on track, 'will worry about that later, *sigh* gotta stay calm and take some deep breaths and let it flow.'

"Gather the lords of Terra, have them meet at the Council room for an emergency meeting. Figure out our current situation and establish communication with the other ships! Maintain order upon the fleet and check for any wounded. I will be making my way to meet with my High Lords. With your leave, Custodians."

"Yes, my Emperor!" both Custodians spoke, rushing out of the room to relay their orders. Turning his head, two squads of Tempestus Scions and Cadian Kasrkin approached, both squads kneeled before their lord.

"My lord, allow us to escort your presence to the Council room, we would be honored in keeping you safe." Spoke the captain of the Scion squad, wearing a beret to distinguish himself from the others.

"Yes, it is preferable to allow us to grant you safe passage, my Emperor." spoke the other captain of the Kasrkin squad.

"Very well, let us be on our way, I would be happy in knowing humanity's best are at my sides!" spoke Araqiel, his natural boost of charisma invigorating the moral of both squads, surprising them and motivating their devotion towards the Master of Mankind.

"Yes, Sir!"

Araqiel and his retinue of troops marched towards the grav-elevators, passing through the wide, expansive hallway lined with two rows of custodians. A mix of pictures and data screens covered the walls, a couple of statues of golden, heavenly angels with flaming swords stood on each side of the hall. Upon reaching the row of grav-elevators, with their being three in total, wide enough to carry three space marines. Araqiel boarded the middle elevator with two soldiers, one from both groups while the rest took the other elevators. Upon reaching the desired level, the elite soldiers formed up on both sides of their Emperor, the interior could only be described as a mix of advanced technology and noble-class living. Red carpets lined the walkways, in the middle of the level was a large holographic display table, at the far end of the level was a grand set of doors made from mahogany trees of old. Continuing on their destination, the group encountered numbers of tech priests and Imperial engineers, all bowed when nearing Araqiel's presence. Buzzing aerial squads of viper droids and servo-skulls zoomed in multiple directions, going through maintenance vents to perform any needed mechanical services for the ship's machine spirit. After a while the klaxon alarms deactivated and ceased their blaring.

Upon reaching the doors, Araqiel ordered his escorts to stand guard outside, establishing perimeters to let no one inside gain entry. Opening the great set of doors, Araqiel was greeted with the Council of Terra, the NPCs who served as the leading body for different NPC groups in the guild. All chosen NPCs were picked for their likeability and contributing aspects they are known for, this group consisted of Ciaphas Cain, Lord Macharius, Wilhuff Tarkin, Admiral Spire, Kelbor-Hal, Constantin Valdor, Owyn Lyons, Judge Dredd, Saint Celestine and Malcador the Sigillite; all sat at a grand oak table with their respective entourage. Walking towards the grand center throne situated in between Constantin Valdor and Malcador the Sigillite, Araqiel paid heed to each individual.

Starting from Araqiel's left side on the table, to the far end, sat Ciaphas Cain. A walking icon and military celebrity for the countless guardsmen who served or have heard of him, standing a little over 6 feet and wearing full Commissar attire; with a rather handsome face and sideburns to match. Known as one of the few, if not only, commissar who have not threatened his men with a bolter round to the face or act upon suicidal charging runs. By his side was a chainsword propped up on his chair, an ornate Takara Palatine Compact laspistol was kept holstered. Cain's acting entourage was none other than Ferik Jurgen, a rough looking Valhallan guardsmen who was also an active psychic blank; as well as Cain's deadly butler. Ciaphas Cain was chosen as Lord Commander Militant of the Astra Militarum, the desk job he's been always asking for.

Next to Cain, was Lord Macharius, wearing gold eccentric armor with a helmet to match; a noble-like face to compliment. A living legend for the Imperium, having secured hundreds of worlds for Mankind, winning wars across multiple systems. Armed with a power sword at his side and a Crozius Arcanum, taking the form of a staff with a head on top, in his hand; making him a fierce melee opponent. Macharius serves the Imperium under the title of Lord Commander, working side by side with Ciaphas Cain in maintaining the Astra Militarum.

Wilhuff Tarkin was next, a rather old, cold and calculative man with a narrow face, he donned an Empire's admiral suit with military boots and belt to complete the outfit. He carried with him a DE-10 blaster pistol, foregoing the scope in exchange for a modified power pack and tibanna cartridges for powerful shots. He takes the place in the Imperium as Master of the Adeptus Administratum.

Admiral Spire, a rather young man with minor augmentations maring parts of his head and a bionic eye, sporting in the Imperium version of Admiral garb, armed with a Mars Pattern Mark 2 Scourge bolter pistol and a power sword; both decorated with bright blue engravings of the Aquila. Spire takes position as Lord High Admiral amongst the Imperium.

Right next to Araqiel's left side, sat Constantin Valdor, acting Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes. Donned in Custodian armour and the Iron Halo, armed with his famous Guardian spear, The Apollonian Spear, as well as a Misericordia, Arae-Shrike counter-systems, digital lasers, plasma and krak grenades. Constantin has the appearance of a middle aged man with mohawk style hair, his face scarred with damages from battle; a scar crossing across his right eye. His melee skills are on par with any of the Primarchs, making him the most dangerous foe on the battlefield.

Coming over to Araqiel's far right, sits Judge Dredd, mirroring Tarkin's calculative gaze with professional stoicism, black hair and stone hard eyes; appearing into his mid 30's and wearing the classic attire of the Street Judges. The law master himself holds the proper title of Grand Provost Marshal of the Adeptus Arbites, the judge, jury and executioners of the Emperor's sacred law. Araqiel found it appropriate to use a well-versed man of the law.

Following up the next seat, sits Owyn Lyons, an aging old man of 75 with an apparent baldness and light gray beard, sporting light blue robes establishing his rank as Elder. Lyons sports his signature, modified laser pistol, Smuggler's End; keeping spare packs of energy cells in his robes. Owyn Lyons maintains the position of Chancellor of the Estate Imperium, maintaining guild records and acting as de-facto leader of the Brotherhood of Steel. He gave of the aura of a kind grandfather, maintaining a rather small smile on his face.

Kelbor-Hal, the greatest mind before the Age of Heresy, before Horus seduced him to the powers of Chaos and the thirsting gods that reside in the warp. Kelbor-Hal, a highly devoted Mechanicus member, 7 feet tall and covered head to toe in augmentations, bionics, and wriggling mechadendrites; sensors giving off a glowing green light. A walking amalgam of high-tech weaponry and electronics, make up for his lack of psyker powers, numbers of ballistic mechadendrites attached across various places, the highly lethal eradication ray attached to his shoulder, and a Sollex-Aegis Energy Blade sheathed in a special energy container. He was currently caressing rather passionately, a pair of assistant Servo-skulls.

Saint Celestine, a ravenette beauty amongst women, despite being an immortal like the council, she maintained the image of being in her late 20's. Donning the gold armour of Saint Katherine and a glorious pair of shining angelic wings, she emits a heavenly aura of divine justice and purity. Armed only with The Ardent Blade and her faith, Celestine operates as acting Abbess Sanctorum. Currently sporting a rather small blush in his general direction.

Lastly amongst the Lords, sat Malcador the Sigillite, a rather powerful figure amongst the council besides Araqiel or any of the higher guild members. Wearing simple priest robes with some augmentations, preferring a rather simple appearance, wielding a staff with a gold Aquila on top surrounded in flames. The Sigillite himself being a high ranking psyker amongst the guild, powers bordering near the aspect of the Emperor or the Primarchs. He fills in the many other positions within the Imperium, such as Imperial Regent, Representative of the Inquisition, Master of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Grand Master of the Officio Assassinorum and Paternoval Envoy of the Navigators. He remains as one of most prized individuals in the guild that wasn't a player.

Malcador was the first to bring him out of his quiet gaze, "my Lord, it is great to see you in perfect health. Though our current situation is quite troubling, somewhat confusing.", tapping a couple buttons and swiping on a screen, a holographic image was brought up of a solar system.

"Not to alarm you all, but with our current scans and psychic precognition from yours truly and a small group of my most trusted psykers. We appear to be in our very own Sol System, specifically in the quite distant past before the Imperium existed."

And with that, the dam broke. Shouts of disbelief were made as the council seeked answers for the events that could have led to this rather troubling news.

"An age before the Great Crusades! All that progress in establishing Mankind's position in the galaxy! Just gone…"

"What about Holy Mars!? What do the reports say about the Holy Manufactorums that grace the surface! 01001101 01100001 01111001 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01001111 01101101 01101110 01101001 01110011 01110011 01101001 01100001 01101000 00101100 00100000 01110000 01110010 01101111 01110100 01100101 01100011 01110100 00100000 01110101 01110011 00100001 00100000"

"This is rather disturbing…"

"Enough! I shall have order amongst this council!" bellowed Araqiel, pulses of his psyker aura fluctuating. All Lords bowed their heads to their liege, allowing a modicum of peace to reign in. This however did not last quite long, following the rather thunderous steps of what sounded like power armor. Shouts of protest could be heard from beyond the council room's doorway, slowly being followed by what could only be the sounds of violent strangulation and jolly laughter. The doors were pushed open with great force, as five rather large figures came rushing through the door, each one giving off a strong presence. The figures in the following order were none other than Vulkan, Corvus Corax, Rogal Dorn, Magnus and Leman Russ.

"Sorry Father, Vulkan accidentally knocked out the guardsmen outside while trying to greet them with a hug. Possibly the closest thing to being almost killed in a rather jovial and non-threatening way. By the way, I wrote you this poem while on my way here with the rest of my brothers." spoke The Raven-Lord, having a raven familiar drop it infront of Araqiel.

Vulkan took this opportunity to rush Araqiel and encompass him with a hug, a hug that a mortal would compare with the crushing power stronger than that of a compactor. Araqiel was no regular mortal, he was now the goddamn Emperor of Mankind! Even though he could feel the force behind the hug, it was the genuine jovial emotion conveyed that outweighed the strength. "It is very good to see you father! We got worried about your condition when the navigator informed us of the situation, is there any news on our current whereabouts?" spoke the Primarch of the Salamanders.

"The great, big, jolly green giant is right father, from what the navigator has told us, the Astronomicon is nonexistent; we're practically in the blind, ass end of the galaxy!" says the Wolf King of Fenris, his voice gruff and deep. Before Leman can further the conversation, Rogal butted in.

"Perhaps the current images on the holo-display are the answer, brothers."

"Exactly right, Rogal, the current image you are seeing is of the Sol system. I am hoping to enlist members from the Mechanicus to set up some exploratory groups. With this we can see how far we have gone back, as well as set up some settlements on some planets." Araqiel explained, mapping out Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn for colonization.

"This is quite the news, father. Perhaps we should also begin an exploration on ancient Terra as well? Think of all the knowledge to be gained!" spoke the Crimson King of Prospero.

"I agree with my cyclopean nerd of a brother, though without all that bookworm stuff. We could figure out what the era is like with humanity." Leman interrupted, throwing a teasing smile at the glaring red giant.

"Leman, leave your brother alone. Now my special, little Magny-Magic, what do you have in mind?" Araqiel in turn, received a small glare coming his way, one that promised him an earful; this brought a couple chuckles or looks of amusement from the super sized children of the Emperor.

"Simple. Let Rogal, Vulkan, and the council deal with the construction and logistical work. While Leman, Corvus and I join you with some escort, we'll record any data we can get from the natives of the era and by doing so, find out what era it is. Due to our size and armaments though, it would be highly advisable to keep all contact at a distance."

"Very well, it holds appropriate reasoning."

After much planning, the meeting was adjourned and the lords departed to their stations, Araqiel stayed with his now very much real gene-sons. Ironing out projects to re-establish the strength of the Imperium and set a foothold on the system from potential threats. The Emperor of Mankind ordered a shuttle for preparation towards Earth, ready to get some answers on the current date. Araqiel looked out and watched the Ark Majesty drifting off towards Mars, the tech-priests and imperial engineers eager to begin construction on the red giant. Rogal and Vulkan were entrusted with plans to oversee construction on a special project given by Araqiel, only the Praetorian of Terra could succeed in this mission. The rest were to organize their ranks and prepare their own footholds in the system, Malcador was last seen heading to the moon of Titan with his own retinue of tech-priests and engineers; along with a retinue of psykers.

With the tech and power to establish his own empire, Araqiel was left to his thoughts, a galaxy for him to explore and control. 'Wonder what the future is going to hold, well! No point in pondering what will be and stick with what I'm going to make come true!'.

And that is a wrap on this chapter ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed this story's first released chapter, hope to see you in the future! I do recommend giving Wacko12 a look, his Doom crossover is amazing! Hopefully within the future I can get another chapter pumped out, that is if summer classes don't have me swamped. Also really supporting 343's effort in Halo Infinite, they're trying hard to appease the communities requests with going back to old designs, loved the new villain and that new assault rifle; the VK78 Commando. A non-bullpup rifle, a nice different weapon design.

I'm gonna continue the other stories, but Horde Effect i'm a little stuck on. I'm trying to capture the battles and flow of the story perfectly and not go in sloppy. Sorry folks for the further delay in that story, hope all of you are doing well during these quarantine times!

List of series used as elements:

-Warhammer 40k




-Star Wars

-Judge Dredd (just the character and his gun)

-I have a couple of side stories to do for this story, but those will be held until this story gets done.