A crossover with Harry Potter and Kamen Rider Kiva. Voldemort's forces are rising back but magic won't be enough to stop them, an ancient warrior will return to help protect Hogwarts and the wizarding world and it's name is Kiva!

I don't own Toei, Harry Potter, Kamen Rider or any of their characters so don't sue me for copyright. I do these for entertainment purposes so I do hope you enjoy!

It had been a year since the battle of Hogwarts and it was peaceful for everyone but at a faraway graveyard, a dark figure was mixing a cauldron which was full with an unknown bubbly brown liquid. The liquid exploded and landed everywhere, the figure watched in surprise as the scattered liquid was moving towards a certain gravestone.


The Golden Trio went back to start their seventh year since their year involved finding Horcruxes and fighting Voldemort. Ron and Hermione were engaged but Harry and Ginny had broken up: Harry noticed that Ginny was using his fame just to be popular, Harry couldn't accept what Ginny was doing. And thanks to Hermione, Harry found out while Voldemort had some his blood, Harry had some of Voldemort's blood flowing through his veins which terrified him.

On the way to the common room, Harry thought he could hear the sound of flapping wings behind him and when he turned around, there was nothing there but what he didn't know was that a visitor was inside his cloak pocket.

Common room:

Harry arrived in the common room at the worst time because he saw Ginny kissing Dean Thomas, he didn't care so he walked past them and towards the boys chambers and laid down on his bed. Harry then heard the flapping wings again and this time when he looked, he saw a gold bat with red eyes and black and silver wings. The bat flew closer and hung upside down on Harry's bed, Harry didn't look scared because he had dealt with worse before.

"Who are you? Why have you been following me?" Asked Harry, the bat smiled then flew closer to Harry.

"The name is Kivat the Third. Pleasure to meet you, Harry James Potter." Smiled Kivat, Harry smiled and nodded at Kivat.

"Why are you following me?" Questioned Harry, Kivat flew closer to Harry and pointed at his chest.

"I'm here to help you control the Dark Lord's power inside you." Educated Kivat, Harry looked down then his head rose up thanks to Kivat. "Plus I can help you by using the dark power inside you to help protect both you and the ones close to you." Harry looked puzzled until Kivat bit his hand which caused some black veins to show up on Harry's hands and face. A series of chains wrapped around his wrist and changed into a belt. Kivat flew towards the belt and attached upside down and Harry's body started to change. His body was still a human body but with yellow eyes visors that seemed to look like bat wings with a red chest with black markings, silver shoulder pads with chains on and his right leg had chains wrapped around.

"What is this? I feel different!" Exclaimed Harry, Kivat laughed as he detached and flew up to Harry's eye level.

"This is Kiva. With this power, you can say a spell and it work without using a wand." Inside his helmet, Harry smiled. The Kiva armour faded away and the chains turned into dust, Harry looked at his hands and the black veins had gone. "Also, you'll be able to take down anything that threatens you or your friends."

"I think I should keep this a secret. If anyone found out, they would use me like how Ginny did." Said Harry as he went back to being sad, Kivat flew and sat down on Harry's shoulder.

"I like your thinking, Harry." Agreed Kivat. Harry turned and smiled at his new friend. "Besides, it would be better we do that if there's a mole in the school linked up to him." Kivat added and Harry nodded.

"Does this mean we can be friends, Kivat?" Asked Harry, Kivat laughed and nodded.

"Of course, Harry." Smiled Kivat. From that day on, Harry and Kivat were now best of friends.

Next day:

Harry was walking past the Shrieking Shack when he saw a group of Sixth years bullying a few second year students. Harry watched them then remembered that he used to be bullied so he decided to do something and at that moment, Kivat flew towards Harry.

"Kivat, can we give our new power a go?" Asked Harry, Kivat looked over the hedge and saw why Harry was asking. Kivat nodded then flew towards Harry's hand and bit it then attached himself to the belt, turning Harry into Kiva.


"Come on, we're older than you Mudbloods so you'll do what we say!" Shouted the leader of the group but everyone stopped when they heard the rattling of chains, the sixth years looked everywhere but couldn't see anything until they were surprised by Kiva hanging upside down, in front of the leader.

"Who are you?" Shouted one of the members; she was a blonde haired girl from Slytherin. Kiva flicked the leader on the nose which knocked him on to the snowy ground.

"Kiva. The name's Kiva." Kiva introduced himself as he helped one of the second years off the ground and dusted the snow off him. "Are you okay?" The second year nodded and so did the other kids. The leader of the group got up and walked towards Kiva but thanks to Kivat, Kiva was able to spin around and trip the gang up into the snow. The second years laughed, Kiva stood up and walked towards the group, with the sound of chains rattling being muffled by his feet touching the pearl white snow. The sixth years learnt their lessons and ran away from the second years and Kiva, Kiva turned his head to check the second years until he stopped when he heard the sound of multiple hands clapping; the second years were clapping for Kiva!

"Thank you for saving us!" Cheered one of the young students. Kiva nodded at them then turned away to leave when a small brunette girl jumped in front of him.

"Who are you?" She asked with a confused expression on her face, Kiva turned to look at the other second years then looked back at the brunette.

"The name's Kiva." Kiva replied. At that moment, the sixth year Slytherins returned with Professor McGonagall and Hagrid. The two teachers stared at Kiva, who stared back at them. Hagrid took one step forward and at that exact time, Kiva jumped up high and over the fence and when the teachers and the sixth years looked over the fence: there was no trace of the unusual figure.

"Did he harm any of you lot?" Asked Hagrid, all the second years shook their heads then pointed at the sixth years. The same brunette girl stepped forward and spoke for her friends.

"Kiva protected us from those Slytherins!" She shouted, the Slytherins tried to protest but they didn't expect Kiva to come falling out of the sky. McGonagall pointed her wand at the figure but Kiva jumped and hung himself upside down from a tree branch.

"Who are you?" Bellowed Hagrid, Kiva jumped off the branch and landed by the second years.

"The second years already told you my name." Kiva noted, McGonagall and Hagrid looked at the unusual styled figure. Kiva snapped his fingers and from out of nowhere, a black and red motorbike rode out of the forest and parked up next to Kiva. It had a similar style to Kiva's body; Kiva climbed on to the bike and rode away into the forest, leaving the two teachers and a handful of students by the Shrieking Shack.

The next day, Harry was studying in the library quietly when Luna Lovegood skipped over towards him then came a sudden stop and sat down on the opposite side of him. Harry looked up to see Luna taking out her books and started to study, then he looked back down to continue his studying. It was quiet for a while until a newspaper was dropped on top of his work. He picked up the paper then read the headline: UNKNOWN FIGURE LURKS AROUND HOGWARTS! Harry looked up at Luna who was now standing next to him.

"Did you hear about this unknown figure who saved some second years? They say that he calls himself Kiva." Luna smiled as she held her hands together and held them close to her chest. "What an unusual creature. I would love to meet this Kiva!" Luna smiled which gave Harry an idea: he knew that Luna loved anything unusual so he decided to be nice to a friend.

"I believe Kiva would like to meet someone like you," Harry smiled as he looked at Luna. "Not many people believe Kiva is kind but he is as he helped those second years." Harry explained then Luna had an idea.

"To make people believe me, I should take some friends to meet Kiva," Luna suggested then Harry nodded. "Would you come too, Harry?" Luna asked but Harry shook his head.

"Sorry but Hagrid wants me to help him," Harry lied but then decided to give Luna some information. "Luna, Kiva normally hangs near the Black Lake." Harry told her as he packed up his books and left the library.

How was this? It's my first Harry Potter and Kamen Rider fanfic and I decided to use Kiva because I think this suits him. Harry Potter is Kiva! How will his friends react to finding out the truth? How will Luna and her friends feel about meeting Kiva at the Black Lake?

Find out next time, bye for now!