Let's see what happens next in this chapter of Harry Potter and Kamen Rider Kiva.

Hospital wing:

Luna was sat in the hospital wing next to Hermione; her condition hadn't improved which worried everyone. Harry hadn't been to visit her as he wouldn't return until he had the power to beat Ron, Luna looked at Hermione and noticed that she hadn't moved at all.

"Come on, Hermione," Luna encouraged her as she held Hermione's hand. "You got to wake up for Harry, he needs you!" Luna told Hermione but there was no sign of movement still.

Castle Doran:

Harry was searching all over the castle for something that could help him but could find nothing, it was as if there was nothing that could help him become stronger. Harry collapsed against a wall and looked at the ceiling, he was about to give up when he heard footsteps coming towards him: it was Garulu in his human form.

"You're seeking power to become stronger?" Garulu asked, Harry nodded as he wiped his eyes clear of tears. "Why do you want more power?" Garulu asked as he sat down next to Harry, he wanted to know why the young Kiva wanted to be stronger and powerful.

"Some part of me wants to say to get revenge on Ron," Harry started to explain but then he looked at his hands and started thinking about Hermione. "But I really want the power to protect the ones close to me." Harry explained which made Garulu smile, he got up and offered Harry a hand up.

"Come with me," Garulu told Harry then the two walked off and headed upstairs until they reached a door covered in gold chains. "In that room lies a power that can make you stronger." Garulu told Harry with Kivat floating over his shoulder, the pair walked into the room as it was glowing gold and the door closed behind them.


Ron was wandering around in his torn clothes, he was trying to control his monster form as she wanted to see Hermione and make things right. Ron was about to walk towards the castle when he heard three sets of footsteps coming towards him, he looked behind to see two men in suits and a boy dressed in some kind of school uniform.

"Who are you three? Are you teachers?" Ron asked, the one in the middle chuckled then they walked out of the shadows to reveal the human forms of Garulu, Bashaa and Dogga.

"We're here because you hurt our master," Bashaa explained as he pointed as Ron, Garulu and Dogga nodded then the three changed into their monster forms. "We want to stop you from doing more harm!" The three monsters ran and attacked Ron, who had quickly transformed into his monster form of Dark Kiva.

"You three are no match for me!" Ron shouted as he shot a green shockwave and sent the three monsters flying through several trees. "Why do you obey him? You can serve a more powerful master like me!" Ron shouted, Garulu jumped back to his feet and charged towards Ron, with Bashaa and Dogga following close behind.

"Harry doesn't fight for power, he fights to protect people!" Garulu shouted, Ron laughed as he threw Garulu down a small hill just as Dogga ran in and punched Ron hard in the stomach.

"We don't serve Harry; we live with Harry as he doesn't judge us!" Dogga held Ron still as Bashaa shot several explosive bubbles out of his mouth and they hit Ron. "Harry has given us a life and we will do whatever it takes to protect him!" Bashaa jumped just Dogga threw Ron into the sky and Bashha kicked Ron in the head.

"Harry has taught us the importance of protecting lives; no matter if they're human or creatures!" Bashaa shouted as he kicked Ron in the stomach just as Garulu and Dogga ran over and stood by his side then together, the trio jumped and kicked Ron in the chest.

"I will return and destroy you three!" Ron cried out as he disappeared in a cloud of black mist, the three monsters looked in every direction but could see no trace of Ron so then they reverted back to their human forms.

Hospital Wing:

Hermione was on her own in the hospital bed, she was still in a coma and still showed no sign of improvement. A loud sound of wings flapping was coming from the open window, a dark shadow appeared to reveal the bat figure of Kivat the Second; he looked the unconscious body of Hermione Granger then he remembered how Kiva reacted to what Ron did to her.

"Kiva's feelings for this woman were so strong," Kivat the Second flew closer then sniffed Hermione then he had an idea: he flew close to Hermione's neck and bit into her neck, causing the dark red veins to appear and cover her body. "This will work." Kivat the Second flew high and hung upside down to watch Hermione's condition. Inside Hermione's body, the cells in her body started to slowly change and evolve.


Harry and Kivat were trying to look around the bright gold room but couldn't see anything until they could just see a gold object moving towards them. It didn't take long until they could clearly see that the gold object was a small gold and red dragon with black accents on the wings and small silver horns on the head along with small green eyes.

"Hello there, Harry Potter; I am Tatsulot!" Tatsulot announced as he flew around Harry then started floating in front of Kivat. "And you must be Kivat the Third, it's an honor to meet you!" Harry looked at Tatsulot and he was confused: was this small dragon meant to unlock new powers?

"Tatsulot," Harry called out, which got Tatsulot's attention. "How are you supposed to help me unlock a new power?" Tatuslot smiled then flew closer towards Harry, he was about to show Harry when they heard Castle Doran roar. "That's the danger roar!" Harry shouted and Kivat nodded then Tatsulot had an idea.

"Harry, why don't we test the new power on the enemy?" Tatsulot suggested, Harry nodded then Kivat nodded so the three bolted off to find out who was causing trouble.

Hogwarts' corridors:

Ron had arrived outside the hospital wing and was about to enter when Kivat the Second flew in and started attacking him which made Ron confused as to why he was doing this.

"I thought you were on my side!" Ron shouted as he mutated into his monster form, he was about to grab Kivat the second until he heard the sounds of running footsteps and when he turned around, Ron saw that it was Harry. "HARRY!" Ron screamed as he ran towards Harry who had quickly transformed into Kiva.

"Ron, we're going to end this!" Harry shouted and it was at that moment that Tatsulot flew in and broke the chains on Kiva's shoulder pads, causing them to open up to reveal huge gold bat wings and a swarm of golden bats flew out, then Tatsulot attached himself to Kiva's left forearm. Hell's Gate on Kiva right leg bursted open then both legs change into gold armor on them with silver feet, his chest changed red with gold accents and three green crystals on the chest, his shoulder pads had changed to gold with small spikes and his arms had become mainly gold. The helmet then changed with a gold crescent moon and a smaller green crystal and the yellow eyes had become red. And finally, a small trail of fire left Kiva's new gold collar then it transformed into a red cape reaching down to his waist.

"What is that form?" Ron shouted but Kiva didn't answer, instead he pushed Ron away and started rapidly kicking Ron in the stomach which made Ron cry out in pain. After kicking Ron several times, Kiva then started punching him in every area on Ron's body. "What is this new power of yours?" Ron cried out as he spat blood out of his mouth, Kiva looked at Hermione then looked back at Ron.

"This is the legendary power that would evolve Kiva into…" Harry paused as he picked Ron up by the neck then held up his fist. "Kiva Emperor!" Harry shouted as he punched Ron which sent him flying into a brick wall, the loud echo was powerful enough to wake Hermione back up. "Hermione?" Harry asked as he felt happy then walked over to her.

"Harry?" Hermione asked, Kiva nodded his head but then jumped over to the other side to block an attack from Ron. "Harry, what's going on?" Hermione asked, Harry kicked Ron away then looked back at Hermione.

"I'll tell you after I've dealt with this," Harry explained then he ran back towards Ron and the fighting continued with Hermione watching the entire thing: she couldn't believe that Harry's form had changed to something that made him look like a king. "I WILL NEVER LET HERMIONE BE HARMED AGAIN!" Harry shouted as he jumped and double kicked Ron in the face and landed by the front door to the hospital, he then used his right hand to pull Tatsulot's head and watched as something inside spun and stopped on an image of Kiva's emblem.

"WAKE UP FEVER!" A red aura appeared and engulfed Kiva Emperor, he slowly rose off the ground and the Kiva emblem appeared behind him then the Kiva wings appeared on the sides of both his legs. Kiva Emperor then flew and started rapidly kicking Ron in the chest until they had broken the window and were hovering in the sky, Kiva launched off Ron and landed back inside the hospital while Ron crash landed by the Entrance Gates.

"Harry?" Kiva turned around and looked at Hermione, he saw that she was trying to get out of bed so he ran over to her. "What is going on Ron?" Hermione asked, Kiva helped her back into bed then reverted back to Harry then began to explain to Hermione everything that had happened while she had been in a coma.


Ron was walking through the deepest part of the Forbidden Forest thinking about how powerful Harry had become with his new form, he didn't notice someone was watching him from afar with a cloak covering their face.

"He could help us in the upcoming fight." The figure mumbled before he walked off and disappeared into the darkness.

Chapter 6 and Kiva Emperor form has debuted, what did you think of it? Ron got the hell beaten out of him, Hermione is awake and Harry has a new power! What did Kivat the Second do to Hermione? Who was the mystery figure at the end?

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