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Jaune had to find Weiss. He knew something was wrong but he had ignored it, making the mistake of thinking it was just stress finally getting to her. She had been moody lately lashing out at people randomly, traded out myrtenaster for the greatsword that her arma gigas used, hell she had nearly torn the head off that one merchant that had been rude to her after she saved him… actually no that was pretty in character for Ice Queen he had to admit. No the most damning bit of evidence that something was wrong with Weiss was that she had actually been nice to him lately.

Weiss hated Jaune and he couldn't bring himself to blame her in the least, it had been his fault for picking up that stupid trinket at the markets as a gift to her that brought them to Eorzea, his dumb bull headed insistence to not take a hint about how much she just did not like him, and now most recently it was his stupid decision to let her wander off into the Brume by herself the other night after that stupid argument. He should have just said sorry and left to get out of her hair instead of forcing her to leave. These sins were why he had joined the gladiator guild when they popped up in Ul'dah to earn money to support her, it was why when they learned Limsa Lominsa was home to the arcanist guild which specialized in both summoning and high magical theory he had picked up everything they had and moved the two of them to Limsa joining the adventuring guild to continue supporting the heiress through her studies and research, and when the traveling troupe of dancers came through town and he found out how much money they made he made the decision to apprentice to them. He wasn't particularly a fan of the breezy and slightly revealing uniform but the money was more than worth it, even when he had to put up with a particularly insistent audience. His work with the troupe is what had brought them to Ishgard in the first place, the end of a long tour spanning the entirety of Eorzea. Weiss wasn't a fan of having to leave her studies behind and hadn't been a fan of his dancing or dance partner either and it had all boiled over on their second night there. She had called him worthless, a creep, and a pervert that enjoyed the attention he received on stage. He should have just stayed quiet and let it wash over him, it was right for her to be mad at him but in his neverending stupidity he finally bit back calling her out on every single thing she had done that had even mildly annoyed him for the past three years of their stay in Eorzea, and in response she walked out the door and headed into the Brume to clear her head.

For a while it had seemed that the argument had actually done them some good. Weiss was more focused, more even keeled than she had been since they had gotten here, she even seemed happier. After the tour ended they returned to Limsa so Weiss could continue her research to get them home and he had continued splitting his time between adventuring jobs for the guild and performing for the high rollers in Ul'dah and the Golden Saucer. Then one day shortly after returning Weiss had elected to come on a mission with him, simple levequests and clearing the monsters from an old mine so they could open back up for business. As time went on she chose to spend less time on her research and more completing quests with him. That should have been the first clue something was off but for how much Weiss despised Jaune he loved her in turn or at least he thought he did. He had a massive crush on her before all this happened and now he had been devoting everything he had to her for the last three years of his life, that had to mean something he felt was real didn't it? Then after the argument, after finally losing his temper she had become kinder to him, almost tender. So what if her tongue became more biting towards everyone else, so what if she started to lack the patience for long hours of research, who cared if she became more aggressive during combat almost to the edge of vindictiveness? The monster tried to kill them first anyway and if she decided to trade out her trusty rapier for something beefier then who was he to judge, after all he had put crocea mors into storage for his chakrams as well.

Now though it might be too late, Weiss had gone off the reservation in a big way. There was news of her fighting someone in the arena underneath the arcanist guild and it was apparently turning brutal. Jaune cursed to himself as he poured on every bit of speed he could, a peloton to lighten his feet and quicken his step. He cloaked himself in aether while reinforcing himself with aura to chain en avants back to back becoming a white and gold streak across Limsa as he rushed to the arcanist guild.

He arrived to a scene of chaos, Maelstrom and Yellowjacket infantry alike strewed the floor. None dead but all heavily bruised and seemingly unwilling or unable to get up. He made his way downstairs taking them two and three at a time before finding Weiss in the practice arena usually devoted to new arcanists training and bonding with their carbuncles. She was breathing heavily, her snow white greatsword gripped in both hands as she faced off against …..herself? Her opponent looked like Weiss but inverted almost, crimson eyes and black hair set in that same angel face with that same scar over her eye but dressed in heavier armor than Jaune had ever remembered Weiss wearing. All black and grey and red with blades and spikes and wielding a greatsword of her own not with the smooth clean lines of Weiss' Gigas Blade but a hooked and spiked affair made to cause pain and punish enemies. Taking this all in Jaune leapt into the fray calling out to his friend, "WEISS!"

They both stopped and turned at that and to Jaune's extreme confusion the black haired Weiss turned and smiled a million watt grin at seeing him.

"Jaune, Jaune, Jaune, Jaune, Jaune, JAUNE!" She cheered as she ran up before tackle hugging him in her, as Jaune found out, VERY sharp armor.

Jaune, rightly confused by this turn of events, could only stare confused at the affectionate doppelganger of his companion as she stared up at him happily.

"Oh get off of him you hussy!" Weiss growled as she marched forward. "I will not have you making such displays towards that idiot while wearing my face!"

"Phbbbt," the black haired Weiss (Bleiss?) blew a raspberry in response. "You're just mad because I'm actually honest with myself." She turned her face back up towards Jaune's again with another look of adoration that quickly turned sultry. "Don't worry honey, I can be your snow angel from now on."

Jaune was sweating bullets now, confronted with a very affectionate woman almost identical to his lady love and she was getting quite handsy. It was time to take charge, establish boundaries, and figure out what the hell was going on here! "Umm, uh, uh w-what?" A very bastion of mental fortitude and quick wit he was.

"Oh is Snow Angel not your thing anymore? I can be your Ice Queen and you could be my White Knight. If you want I could even dye my hair white and pretend to be one of those syndicate hags you dance for, would you be willing to come up with a special dance just for me?" Leaning closer and pulling his head down towards her she whispered into his ear, "If you ask nicely I'd be willing to come up with a special dance just for you too. I'll need a long hard pole for this dance though, would you be willing to supply one for m- OW OW OW that's my hair you bitch!"

Weiss had lunged forward as Bleiss began promising things that Jaune had no idea what to think of before grabbing hold of her black hair and pulling Bleiss away from him.

"I don't care, don't say things like that to him while wearing my face!"

"You're just mad because I'm actually willing to nut up enough to go for what we want!"

"What do you mean what we want? I don't want anything to do with that limp noodle!"

"I'm your fucking subconscious dumbass I know everything, and the fuck you mean limp noodle between the gladiator guild and training with that catslut dancer we could grate cheese on those abs! Hell with a washboard like that I might just use him to scrub my panties!"

"Ok first off ew you slut, second I'm Weiss Schnee I can't be gallivanting around fraternizing with someone like him."

"Who gives a fuck? Weiss Schnee is no one here. Even more than that, what do you mean someone like him? Grandpa would've loved him and how hard he works for us, the Schnees were salt of the earth in the beginning. Grandpa dug alongside his miners, fought alongside his guards, and hated wearing suits so much he even wrote in his will not to be buried in a suit. The only one who goes for that prim and proper Schnee bullshit is that fuckwad Jacque. If you wanna beg for that asshole's approval on another fucking planet be my guest, I found myself a new daddy." Bleiss smirked back as she finished.

"Oh you, you trollop! How dare you!? I do not want his approval!"

"My gods you even curse like a granny and you so do, or at least think you do. If you didn't we wouldn't even be having this conversation right now because you wouldn't give enough of a shit about Jacque Not-A-Schnee to bother with any of this bullshit anymore and you'd be showing that tall drink of whiskey a good time, or he'd be showing you a better one." Bleiss waggled her eyebrows suggestively.

"You tramp!"



"Frigid bitch!"


"Daddy's Girl!"


"Only for Jaune!"

"WHAT'S GOING ON!?" Jaune shouted chest heaving as he looked between the two as they seemed ready to come to blows again.

Weiss merely huffed to herself as she turned her nose up and away from him while the palette swapped clone answered him. "I'm the real Weiss, everything that one feels but isn't willing to be honest about whether it's to herself or others. She had me locked away for a long time but this new soul crystal gave me a way out. A way to either be myself separately or as the one in charge of the body this time, I'm not picky. Although if we could stay apart that could be a Weiss on each of your arms at the same time. How do you feel about that gorgeous?"

"I said back off of him you skank," Weiss growled at Bleiss before sighing, "Look Jaune after our argument back in Ishgard, for which I do owe you an apology, when I left I ran into an injured knight on the verge of death. I had thought I was able to heal him and he granted me a soul crystal containing the skills of a dark knight in exchange. Apparently what actually happened was that he passed and the soul crystal may have interacted with my aura and some possibly slightly repressed feelings to give shape to the skank before you who is now trying to run roughshod over all my efforts to get us back home."

"Bullshit you don't even want to go home anymore, not really. You like the lack of expectations here, you like having Jaune all to yourself."

"...Maybe," Weiss turned and for the first time addressed her twin calmly. "But I also want to see my sister again and my team and Jaune's team and Jaune deserves to see his family again. Just because our homelife was subpar doesn't mean his was. So I'm going to make you a deal, if you go back inside where you belong I will endeavor to relax more. Both for my sake and Jaune's, and I will try to be more honest both to him and myself about any possible feelings I may or may not have. Is that acceptable?"

Bleiss looked taken aback for a moment by Weiss' willingness to actually compromise before smirking. "Yeah that'll work, one last thing before I go though," with that Bleiss grabbed hold of Jaune by the hair dragging him down before mashing her lips against his and sticking her tongue as far down his throat as she could manage. "Now I'm ready to go."

"Ugh, slut."

"Only as much as you want to be Ice Queen." And with that Bleiss walked back towards Weiss going hazy and smoky at the edges before stepping into her. For a moment the two overlapped each other, Bleiss' ebony hair and confident smirk clashing with Weiss' annoyed scowl and ivory hair.

Jaune could only stare, still processing everything that had just happened and the revelations that had been dropped on him back to back. After managing to gather himself Jaune could only ask Weiss one burning question, "So does this mean you don't actually hate me after all?"

Weiss' face slammed down into her palm.

Author's Note:

So yeah that was a thing lol. Just a fun one shot to work as a palate cleanser for my other fic. You can look at this as a teaser for an actual ongoing crossover to come later that will focus on the White Knight ship/ character dynamic only thing is that one probably won't have Weiss get the Dark Knight soul crystal or feature Bleiss lol.

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