Sometimes we have the opportunity to go back to the past and reflect and give thanks for everything we have had and for how grateful we have been throughout our lives.

This fanfic tells the story of Natasha, an FBI agent who has lived her life intensely and is turning her thoughts to all the opportunities she has had in both career and love.

- Luca! Come with grandma! I prepared your snack. - The four year old boy was playing with his lego on the living room floor and there were signs of his presence all over the house.

Tasha's oldest grandson. The little boy was clever and smart. It was a perfect mix of his parents, his skin as clear as his mother's, his eyes as brown as his father's, his smile was confused between mother and father. His curly black hair mixed with his parents'. The little boy had a strong genius and Tasha knew very well what he wanted, that reminded Tasha his son Miguel as a child, Tasha's heritage for sure.

Seeing him get up smiling and coming towards her made her think of Reade the day they met. It had been over thirty years ...

May 2011. On a rainy morning, the girl took the subway towards the FBI building. Natasha wasn't sure if jeans, long-sleeved blouse, leather jacket and heeled boots were a good choice. She had been in Quantico for a few months and had previously worked for the NY Police for five years, which helped her to grow as a person and as a professional. The reasons for leaving the NYPD varied from personal to professional. Some painful events in her time in the police led to very serious attitudes from which she was still trying to recover.

There was Natasha climbing the elevators towards what could be her new job. Could this be the path she would take for a long time from now? Well, better to wait to pass the test before drawing conclusions.

She, along with several Quantic recruits, were introduced to Mayfair and Fisher who would be the ones to do their assessments.

- Welcome to the New York office, to the Federal Investigation Department. - Said Fisher calling everyone's attention. - The course you have chosen will not be easy and by this time next year approximately half of you will have already given up and gone on to something less demanding. Now choose a workplace and become familiar with it.

Tasha went looking for a computer table and sat down. There was a glass of tea on the table that she removed.

- You are in my seat. - A male voice spoke behind her.

- Ah! And who are you? - Tasha asked turning around.

- I'm Edgar Reade. - The boy spoke. - And who are you?

- Natasha Zapata. - She replied and felt that he could be very irritating and that their relationship could be unbearable.

- Is it coffee? - Natasha asked seeing the cup beside him.

- No, tea. That has all the benefits of coffee, but without that unpleasant burning taste and without the side effects of stirring. - Reade explained.

- So agitation is a problem for you? - The girl teased him. - I'll make sure Fisher knows that when he's dividing the agents.

- You might think this is funny. But two missions in Afghanistan and my time in the Quantico say that I will be fine. - He said trying to take advantage. - Is that you? What did you do before that?

- NYPD, the best in my station. - Tasha said with little humility.

- Good for your police station. - He scoffed.

- Somebody kill me, please! - Natasha asked.

- So, how are we adapting? - Fisher spoke from behind the two.

- I heard comments that there could be a vacancy in Special Agent Weller's task force. - Natasha spoke very direct, because she wanted to be free of that annoying boy. - I wanted to know what I need to do to apply for the job.

- You two are two birds of a feather. - Fisher replied. - Your colleague, Agent Reade asked me the same thing earlier today. - The two newly recruited looked a little embarrassed. - You are not the only ambitious ones here, but you need to be patient. If you think you are more than you really are, especially you, Agent Reade. - The older man pointed to Reade. - If you want to be taken seriously here, you shouldn't dress like you're cleaning the garage. - Reade studied his simple clothes and saw that Zapata struggled to contain his laughter. - And you two need to learn more about respect. I'll take you to the right place. Come on.

Fisher led them toward a room.

- Welcome to the mountain of archived cases. - He showed several stacks of files. - Your job is to forward all these files so that they are registered in your departments.

- All of it? - Reade asked discouraged.

- Welcome to the New York office!

After examining and separating several cases they were already tired of dealing with it.

- I really feel like I'm being useful. - Reade complained.

- Look, I don't know about you, but I need this job. So let's keep working. - Natasha said rummaging through the documents.

- Wait. I am finding this case here a little strange. It speaks of a body found in the Hudson River, but part of the file is missing.

They decided to investigate the case and went to the lab for help. It was their first contact with Patterson, the blonde nerdy scientist. With the information collected by the blonde, they located a woman who could be involved in the manufacture of bombs made from harmful gases that in the end were the same found in the body found in the Hudson. The two decided to call a woman named in the file for a conversation.

- What are you doing? Fisher caught them in the interrogation room talking to the woman. - Interrogating a woman who is not even a suspect is not acceptable here!

- This is not an interrogation is just a conversation. - Tasha tried to explain.

- You are excused and I apologize for this situation. - Fisher dismissed her.

- And you two are going to have to explain yourself to Assistant Director Mayfair.

The two young men tried to explain themselves, but it was in vain. They went to talk to Mayfair who decided to give them a second chance. Tasha and Reade returned to check the case reports and Reade looked a little discouraged.

- I think I better give up. - He spoke a little sad. - I don't know where I was with my head thinking the FBI was a good idea.

- Hey! Listen me! - Natasha warned him. - You won't give up like that!

- Perhaps it is wiser for me to return to my family.

- Reade. - Natasha put her hand over his and spoke in an attempt to convince him. - I won't allow you to give up!

- Then that's it? - Reade looked at her. - Will you dictate the orders here?

- I will! And I will not allow you to give up on your first day.

- Okay. I stay!

Natasha was happy that he decided to give himself a chance. She knew what Fisher was doing. Many instructors and supervisors did this to test recruits and see how far they can go.

- Look Tasha, the case of the bomb isn't out of my head.

- Not even mine. - Tasha was thrilled to know that just like her he also wanted to continue the investigation.

- Let's try to solve this. - Reade spoke.

The two spent much of the afternoon investigating the case. With the help of some people, they discovered the location where the bombs would be stored. They decided to speak with Agent Weller.

- If what you two are telling me makes sense, I will put some agents in it. - Agent Weller said.

- Let us go too. - Natasha asked.

- Yes. We work on it the whole day. - Reade confirmed.

- Look. The Bravo team is in need of an agent. I think it could be one of you two. - Weller proposed.

- Take Zapata! She worked hard on that investigation. - Natasha did not understand why Reade was indicating it being that he wanted it too.

- No. Take Reade. I'm sure he has potential and has a lot to offer. - Natasha didn't want him to give up on the FBI and decided to give it a little push.

- Okay. I'll take you both. - Weller said. – Let's move!

Both were very happy to be accepted into Kurt Weller's task force and they prepared to go to the field.

- Of course we would have the back door. - Natasha complained while the two waited outside the warehouse.

- In my time in Afghanistan I was usually the first to go through the door, so ...

- Can we stop this? - The brunette asked.

- Stop with what? - Reade made a fuss.

- You keep mentioning your past as a military because you feel threatened by my time in the police. - She explained. - I understand that most guys feel threatened by this. Almost as bad as my boyfriend.

- Oh really? What's his problem? - Reade wanted to know.

- He just wants me to get a safer job and he wouldn't be happy with it on my first day.

- Maybe he is not the right guy for you.

Natasha heard those words and reflected on that for a moment. Until the two heard a gunfight inside the warehouse and were called in to help contain the bandits. In the end Tasha shot a guy who was pointing the gun at Reade and saving his. The knowing smile they exchanged seemed only the beginning of a long partnership.

Each left for their home, both full of plans for their professional life.

The next day they met in the elevator and Edgar Reade was wearing a suit and carrying a leather suitcase.

- Wow! You really took Fisher's fashion advice seriously! - Tasha joked.

- Do you think I'm exaggerating a little? - The boy wanted to know.

- No way.

- I won't apologize for looking good. - Reade justified. - Then another day at work. Do you think you will overcome yesterday?

- Yes, I'm willing to try.

- How did your boyfriend react about you going to the field yesterday? - The truth is that the boy was a little curious about it.

- That guy is not my boyfriend anymore. - Reade was a little impressed. - I think I am tired of relationships. They tend not to agree with what we do.

- Don't tell me that. I know! - Edgar Reade knew how she felt.

- So, I was thinking of going to the bar down the street today after work. Watch the game, drink one or two beer. Let's go? - She called him.

- Play? Beer? I'm in. - He agreed smiling.

The two got out of the elevator and he called to her.

- Hey, Zapata! Thank you for saving my life yesterday. - He thanks. – I'm in debt with you.

- If you want to know! You owe me a beer. - The girl punched him in the arm and the two were smiling at the jobs.

That day marked their life. Natasha didn't expect that a beautiful friendship would emerge where both would save each other's lives for so many times that it was barely possible to count. Today looking at that day she just had to be thankful for having lived with this wonderful person who was part of such special moments in her life. And there, watching her grandson play, she said a little prayer in thanks for having had the opportunity to meet and live with that wonderful human being.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will join me for this trip.