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The intro goes as normal until the left side of the screen shows the eye of a tanuki and the right side showing the eye of a reptilian creature. They blink and both creatures' eye were replaced with the left a tanuki girl's eye being turquoise and pink while the right side shows a lizard boy's eye being gold and emerald. That is when the title BNA appears the a plus sigh and G made of DNA helices slides from the titles right describing it as Brand New Animal plus Gods.


Right when Shiro starts running turn into his wolfman form both tanuki and lizard were running behind him. They glance each other the lizard smiles giving her a thumbs up and both of them continue in full sprint. The camera looking down their legs the tanuki's legs turn into the legs of a horse while the legs of the lizard looks similar of a velociraptor gain more speed than before.


The dark alley that was seen by the trio's run turned bright blue in the middle of the screen shows silhouette of a wolf running on all fours to the right a silhouette of a girl with wings for arms and to the left is silhouette of a three headed dragon who's body is a hybrid of a Eastern and Western dragon zooming to the white light a neck breaking speed. Then it cuts to all the three of them standing back to back. The wolf on the left, tanuki in the middle and lizard in the left showing their shadows of teal, pink, and green.

Ch one: Runaway Racoon Meet Handmade God

At a secret lab there are scientists pushing buttons and monitoring the amount of chemicals, blood pressure, and brainwaves through machines attached to a glass tube full of odd liquids but clear enough to see a silhouette of a person inside the tube. While one of the scientists is writing the current status of the subject until a shadow creeped up behind him.

After turning around the doctor jumped in surprise but immediately calmed down knowing who it is. "Hello sir, you gave me a scare for a moment," said the scientist.

The figure looked at the doctor warily and turned his gaze toward the tube. "How goes the project doctor," asked the figure.

"Good in matter of fact it is ahead of schedule. I do not know what is inside your blood sir, but it made this project a success. Through this project cancer can be cured, birth defects can be fixed, and with mild readjustments it can solve many of the world's current problems. Also, who knows maybe with project Genesis humanity and beastmen can finally walk side by side," said the doctor with glee.

After taking a few steps closer to the doctor and the glowing tube reveals who the mysterious figure to be Alan Sylvasta owner and CEO of Sylvasta Pharmaceuticals.

"Indeed, even though the previous five projects are far slower than genesis but that is a subject for another time. I have a question for doctor Darwin do you like beastmen," asked Sylvasta.

After the was said the doctor jumped in surprise and responded with his face turning slightly red, "Well a little, unlike every other humans. I have a fascination for them, and I sometimes wonder what it is like to walk a mile their shoes."

After those words were said Sylvasta turns around and walked away while saying, "Everyone has their own fantasy. You make sure to update me on anything else is happening to Genesis." Once Sylvasta is out of the room the doctor turns their head to the keyboard and types in the necessary codes to keep the project alive.

"By all appearances you look ready to learn. Let's start with learning basic Japanese and English, World History then possibly current events so you can know what is going around in today's world, and with enough time math as well without you being a chicken without a head," said the doctor inserting a CD of learn to speak and write Japanese and English writing.

Just one moment after the computer downloaded the program to the learning system for Genesis the computer flashed saying knowledge obtained which almost causes the doctor to lose his balance from shock. "Well, well, well, you are quite thirsty for knowledge aren't you. My boy you will be the greatest gift I have made for this world's future. Also, who probably knows maybe you bring both races together with you as the bridge," said the doctor with a smile of a proud father.

"You know when I got to Animacity I read the tale of the silver wolf while in essence this tale gave them hope but with you my child you give the future for all. Not just for the beastmen but for humanity as well. Now let's go with-," continued the doctor before he was interrupted by the phone ringing on his desk and answer it.


"Ah Dr. Darwin you answered. This is Sylvasta I almost forgot to hand you the necessary program so are subject does not go rogue it should be at your door right now," said the CEO when the doctor hears the knocking at his door.

"I think it is here sir. I will have it done," Dr. Darwin.

"Excellent, see you later," said Sylvasta the hanging up.

After getting the flash drive from one of the employees Dr. Darwin gains a bad feeling like something is missing inside this flash drive so he pulls out his phone and pretend that he has a text message that needs him to email something to a friend inland. He pulls out his own personal laptop and walks to the only place in the room that is a blind spot from the cameras.

Once the scientist looks what is inside the flash drive, he found a command that requires Genesis to actually kill the silver wolf as in the real silver wolf. This caught the scientist off guard by an extreme surprise not just that the legend of the silver wolf is real, but Alan wants to kill them. This will not do so out of good conscience and taking a risk, Darwin starts to hack the program to not kill the silver wolf on the bright side this program needs the combination of both the sight of the silver wolf and extreme amounts of anger and stress to trigger it. Then he came up of a permanent shut off program that needs genesis to protect someone and possibly have Genesis fall in love to make it work at full capacity.

This form of trickery will most likely either have him at best case fired and worst case have himself killed. He does not want his creation to be a tool for chaos but a symbol to fight on, to grow, adapt, and overall evolve. After finishing downloading the altered program he has these possibly few words for Genesis and they might as well be the last words he will give to his creation.

"No matter what you and your siblings will do in the later future. I will always be proud of you…My son," said the doctor as the lights turned off.

Two Years Later…

In the same dark room where Genesis is being held a green light flicker at the control panel next to Genesis's tube reading Awaking procedure completed. Then it changed into opening container in which the tube lifts up and reveal a body of a teenage boy curled in a fetal position. The moment he wakes up his vision is blurry, and his mouth feels like it is coated in mucus saliva.

After trying to stand up shakily he starts try walking and lost balance and fell face forward. Even by their slip up he did not start crying but got back up with a face of determination. By all appearances of the boy he is standing at a height of five feet and nine inches, his skin is very pale due to lack of sunlight with both eyes and hair being grass green but look close enough to his eyes when he gets up his eyes color changed from green to yellow and turned back once he is standing.

Once the boy got his balance back his spoke his first words. "Where am I?" He blinks a couple of time but at his third blink he starts to see the dark room as if the lights were turned on. In all actuality his pupils turned into that of a lizard and gain a strong form a night vision.

The boy walks to the wall to provide him support to walk further without falling and once he found the panel that scans the palm of his hand. The moment the makes contact with the screen a high pitch sound of the scanner hurts the man-made human's ears which causes him to cover them with his hands. Luckily for him the scanner scanned enough for him to get out of the room. Once the man-made teen stuck his head out of the door looking both sides of the hall to see if anyone around which turns out no one is there.

After walking what felt like hours to him, he starts walking like an actual person albeit a slowly, but he found another room full of lockers. Out of curiosity he picks a locker at random and to him he opens it without ease but in reality, it is locked. Inside the locker is a pair of blue jeans, a green Dragonballs t-shirt with the wish making dragon on the front, and a black leather jack hanging on a hook.

After putting on the clothes he feels like they fit perfectly almost like they meant to be together with him and the jack feels amazing to him. Once he found a set of stairs, he gone up the stairs where it leads to an ally inside of a city he cannot recognize.

"I do not know where I am," said the teen.

The teen walks up to a sidewalk and in doing so he ran into someone and the moment he bumped into the person cause an odd shift to his body. After shaking off the feeling of being dazed he looks at his hands being covered in green scales and felt something moved behind him to find out that he also has a tail. Then the feel of curiosity left him the moment he hears a girl's voice.

"I'm sorry you just came out of nowhere," said the girl.

The teen lizard boy looks up at the paw like hand given to him and what he saw is both the cutest and most beautiful girl he has ever seen. She looks like a racoon with both her tail and hair being blue with the most pretty turquoise and pink eyes he ever saw. He wants to say something to her, but the words cannot come out.

The racoon girl losing patients grabbed the boy's hand and the moment both of their hands made contact the lizard boy's scaly skin turned from green to pink which causes the racoon girl to laugh thinking of other reasons.

"A little flustered are we," asked the racoon girl.

Confused the lizard boy looked at his hands and they are pink which made him embarrassed in turn which his skin turns sunburned red. This causes her to laugh even more but when she had enough, she helps her newly met acquaintance.

"Hey, it's all right and I shouldn't laugh at the first beastman I meet in the city. My name is Michiru what is yours," said the now named Michiru.

After that was said the got the lizard teen to get back to reality and speak. "Oh, uh hi there my name is Gen at least that is what I last I remember. I think," said the teen lizard doing a thinker pose.

This caught the racoon girl by surprise and now she asks, "What?! You cannot remember? Do you have amnesia or something like that?"

"Well something similar. I mean I remember my education with a little bit of current events but both my current location and my own past I cannot figure out. But I am happy to meet someone friendly out here," Said Gen embarrassingly but end with grin.

Michiru smiled due to being glad for finding a friendly companion. "Thanks for the compliment but your lack of memory worries me. How about you follow me I am heading to the city square to find if there is anyone else around the city. Does that sound good? Oh, almost forgot this is Animacity," said Michiru's offer in which Gen accept.

Now the two acquainted beastmen walk down the streets seeing the everything being deathly silent. This causes Michiru to become worried and Gen notices that so to try a way to reassure her, so he patted her on the back gently which helped just a little. Then he comes up an idea to her get distracted for the foreboding surrounding.

"Hey, uh, Michiru. I am kind a new to the city due to my lack of memory and I was wonder are you new to or a local," asked Gen.

This cause Michiru to tell about her story of running away from inland to Animacity with holding out the detail of her being human turned beastman. Gen was at first angry at the humans trying to hurt her his skin turn fire red and hisses like a Komodo dragon which scared her and Gen apologies for that but the moment of anger was replaced with ease when she talk about a weasel girl saving her and bringing her to the city.

"Why would those guys even do that? To be honest people like them is just dumb road blocks for achieving a better future," Stated Gen with a face of digust.

"Believe me I asked that question myself," replied Michiru.

Once they reach the main square it is quiet like the road, they had entered which made Michiru to ask, "What is going on? It is too quiet here."

"Maybe everyone is asleep," said Gen on his attempt in humor but that did not work which made him feel defeated.

Then Michiru notices something on top the buildings and see a glowing wolf. She tells Gen to look up at what she saw but a howl was sounded in front of the two teens. That is when they see glowing eyes between the pillars of the big screen ahead of them. This causes Michiru to worry and for Gen lifting up his fists getting ready for a fight. Many of these howling shadow creatures walk forward Gen felt any instinct to protect his newly met friend and unconsciously coiled his tail around her protectively which confuses her if her mind is not preoccupied on what is going to happen next.

Now both Michiru and Gen are surrounded one being frightened while the other willing to rip flesh but all that changed when the lights were turned on and the shadow creature were other beastmen cheering. This surprised both of them, but Gen became more confused than surprised when fireworks were fired, and music is playing.

"Uuuhm, what is happening," asked Gen tilting his head in confusion.

Michiru at first has a face of awe then smiled saying, "It's a festival."

Then the big screen turns of showing a naked mole rat wear a robe and some say that this mole rat is the mayor with others saying the same thing.

"Animacity is established ten years ago. However, the division between beastmen and humans still remains. Nevertheless, this land is to continue to serve as a place where beastmen can exist in peace. So, with that said let commemorate the last ten years as well as the next ten year and our future. By celebrating our anniversary," said Mayor Rose's speech causes everyone to cheer loudly and it even got Gen to smile as well.

Michiru smiles seeing all these beastmen jumping around making her really happy and she takes off her coat saying, "I don't have to hide who I am anymore." That statement cause Gen to be confused.

"Wait what did you just say?"

The racoon did not answer his question instead grabs his hand and drags him to see the preforming dancing dog men and a giant skeleton wolf puppet which by look it something about it look familiar to him but he could not figure it out. They continued their fun talking to some people, eating candy apples, and have a good time they both laugh while running until they bumped into someone.

The teen beastmen looked at who they bumped into and the person is a wolf beastman. Who is crying?

"What an incredibly smell," stated the wolf which both teens do not understand. "It is the joy of beastmen filled with happiness. Enjoy it. We have been waiting for this festival for a thousand year," he them clarify but the just confuses the lizard boy even further.

"Hey uh wolf guy? I don't understand a single word you just said," spoken Gen.

"There are strange people in this world," stated Michiru with her candy apple close to her mouth. "Why is he crying? Weirdo."

Hearing that Gen looks at her and shrugs. When they both look back to see the wolf was there, but he vanished. That is when a flash of memories hit him, and they were of pop cultural movies and comics with one superhero in particular.

"Uh did we by chance see Batman as a werewolf," asked Gen. Michiru is just as confused as her lizard friend.

"Beats me. Where did he go?"

The two teens shrugged it off and continued their fun play some festival games. Once feeling tired and thirsty they head to a stand selling many beverages. One beverage caught their attention which is labeled fire bull. The drink tasted good and Gen drank it in three gulps.

"Man, this stuff is strong," state Michiru.

"I know it tastes great," Gen returned the sentiment.

"Oh, looks you bought something to eat? So, you are hiding some money from me," said a sly feminine voice.

"Ah, where did you come from," panicked Gen looking at his right seeing a weasel girl next to Michiru.

"Hey you're that weasel."

"I'm not a weasel I'm a mink," clarified the mink. Then she rambled with the species difference between Mink and Weasel which Gen slowly lost interest with.

"I thought you gave me all the money you had. Kids these days," stated the mink now up close to Michiru's face and Gen not liking her attitude.

"Why do I got to give you more money? You said we are strangers once we were off the ship," said Michiru which causes a conversation that Gen becomes invested in until he notices something behind Michiru.

"Hey," shouted Gen but it was too late the monkey beastman stole the racoon girl's wallet running like a mad man.

"Hey that's mine," stated Michiru.

"Oh, poor little thing. You have to be more careful in Animacity everyone will take advantage of you," said the mink smugly.

Ignoring what Michiru said Gen glares to the mink and growls as an alligator. "Better run the thief is getting away," continued the mink with her know at all smile.

"This isn't over," stated Gen following Michiru.

Both teens chase the monkey Michiru shouts asking if anyone to help get her wallet back, but nobody helped. They followed the monkey under the big screen but once they got there, they cannot find the thief anywhere.

"Oh, come on where can they be," asked Gen

Michiru looks around her surrounding and could not find the thief but instead finds a dog man doing maintenance on the pillars. Ignoring him they do one last look around and there is no sign of him. Now angry for losing her wallet she punched the pillar next them and out of where an explosion occurred behind them and the screen begins to tip over.

"Oooh no," said Gen with worry.

When both Michiru and Gen were about to run they notice an old goat man moving too slow to get out of the way. So out of instinct both teens ran for the old goat to help him get out of danger. Looking behind they see the screen getting closer to them and was going to get both teens.

"I don't want to DIE," shout Gen while Michiru constantly saying this is bad.

Then out of nowhere something grabbed all three of them out of danger and when both teens open their eyes the see the crying wolf from earlier with an angry look and tears still streaming down his face. In one split the wolf guy grabs both teens by their jackets glaring at them, "Is it you two? Are you the ones ruining the festival?"

Offended by that statement both teens glared at him stating their innocents.

"No, it wasn't us I slightly bump one of the pillars with my fist"

"I vouch for her statement," commented Gen.

"But that does not explain how it explode though," stated the wolf.

"No duh Sherlock bones," stated Gen arrogantly.

"Last I told you it wasn't me," Michiru agreeing with Gen she remembered that guy under the screen with them that left seconds before the explosion.

"There was that guy he was sneaking around next to the pillar before," said Michiru recollecting.

"Who is that guy," said the wolf man letting them go falling to the ground. He takes a few steps away from then teens closing his eyes and taking a sniff in the air.

Not knowing what is happening Gen leans over to Michiru to ask, "What is that guy doing?"

"Beats me," said the racoon girl shrugging her shoulders.

"I misstood the situation. I apologize," said the wolf guy before running at top speed leaving dust clouds behind him.

"Wow, that guy can move," said Gen in amazement.

"What the heck was all that about," asked Michiru to nobody dusting herself off. That is when she remembers her missing wallet.

"That's right that thief."

"Oh my gosh I almost forgot about him," said Gen in remembrance and now both teens are following the wolfman to finding the pick pocket.

On their search they could not find that pick pocket so far. "Dang it where could that jerk have gone to," shouted the lizard teen. Before Michiru says something both teens hear a big explosion.

"That doesn't look good," worryingly said Gen.

"What the," said Michiru being worried as well. Looking at each other they both nodded in silent agreement and head towards the commotion.

Once both teens getting to the alley where the explosion happened, they hear gun fire in the distance which causes Gen a level of worry for not just Michiru's safety but his as well. Once both teens gotten to their destination, they see the dog man that caused the explosion kicked in front of them.

"You beastmen who sold their souls to the humans. You disgust me," said the wolfman with fire blazing behind him making him look demonic to the eyes of Gen. "You don't deserve it. To be torn apart with my claws. You will die by my fists!"

Once the wolf said that something triggered in his head and pieces of memories came pouring inside his head and collapse on the ground in which distracts Michiru from the fight between a lion and deer man against the wolfman.

"Gen are alright," said the racoon girl worried about her newest friend.

Inside Gen's head all he sees is static then he see people dress in white with medical mask, green fluid pouring in a glass tube, and that leads to a blurred image of a man came to view wearing a fancy suit with their head being nothing but static.

"*static* Gen-*static* you- *static* for *static* kill *static* Silver *static*," said the static man before everything went black and Gen starting to hear Michiru's voice calling to him.

"Gen, Gen, wake up," Said Michiru shaking Gen.

Once Gen got back to earth, he and Michiru got to see the wolfman take down the lion man in one punch surprising both teens. That moment of shock was enough of a distraction of Michiru to become the dog guy's hostage with a knife close to her neck.

Now caught in a tight situation Gen could not figure out what to do that in turn infuriates him to hiss like a Komodo dragon. Unbeknownst to the whole group but underneath his jacket some of Gens skin starts to dimly glow and Gen feel a certain form of energy building inside him that he cannot put his claw on it.

Gen was about to attack the dog guy but the wolfman beat him to it. The wolf punches the dog man similar to a kid dribbling a basketball. Seeing this changes Gen's anger into disgust by seeing that brutal display of violence which dims down the energy inside.

"What was that," said Gen to himself.

"Okay that is enough," said Michiru try to the settle down the already solved situation.

"Stop it," she continued but it was said to deaf ear when the wolfman kicks his beaten foe.

Once the wolf slowly walks towards the downed enemies, Gen notice Michiru's face was fill with many emotions which were fear and sadness. Seeing that on her face made Gen angry at the wolfman making a young lady cry.

"That is enough isn't? Do you have to kill them," asked the racoon girl with a trickling tear on her eye.

Not looking at her the wolfman answers her, "Don't you see the festival was ruined because of them."

"That sound like poor excuse to kill someone," Growled Gen with look a similar to alligator ready to chomp on his prey.

"Yeah but they are beastmen just like you. How could you," said Michiru which cause Gen to be even more disgusted by this wolf.

"These three were working for the humans. They are not worthy for being called beastmen" said the wolfman with no emotion on his face. "They deserve this punishment."

"Please stop it," ordered the racoon girl but the wolfman does not listen. Before she said anything else she felt a change in air movement and a loud boom in front of her. That is when Michiru see Gen standing in front of the wolf man and by the looks of it Gen delivered a strong punch just by seeing wolf's head tilted left.

"SHE SAID ENOUGH!" said Gen now his body glow to both Michiru and the wolf they believe it was the reflection of light bouncing off his scales.

Recovered from that punch the wolf stairs down at the reptile with glare that could kill an elephant, but Gen did not faulter. The wolf raising his fist to deliver punishment to this brat.

"I SAID STOP IT," shouted Michiru and out of nowhere a blue light appeared. Something pushes the wolf away but wraps around Gen and the three unconscious criminals.

To Gen what ever wrapped around him feels soft and that feel help him calm down just a little. Once he was unwrapped, he now figured out that fluffy wrap was the fur of Michiru's tail and that immediately changed his previous attitude to shock and amazement.

"How did you do that," asked Gen.

Michiru did not answer Gen's question instead she looks at the wolfman and said, "You don't have to do this. Why are beastmen fighting each other anyway. I thought this city was a paradise for our kind." Gen looking at her now and the once scared and sad racoon girl now looks angry and determined which made Gen happy.

"Yeah, are we not an evolved species with sentience and free will. You killing them without a trial just makes you no good as them," said Gen with confidence in his voice.

"That is exactly why I am fighting. Human are the enemies of our city and that mean any beastman who works for the humans are the enemy as well," said the wolfman standing up.

"I thought we were out of the dark ages. What you just said is stupid," said Gen irritated.

"Not all humans are that like that you know." "I agree."

"Every human is exactly the same," said the wolfman looking like he has the high ground.

"No," said both racoon and lizard.

"There not. I know because I'm a human too," she said, and that caught Gen be complete surprise.

"Wait. WHAT!?"

"That's right. I'm a human. At least I used to be," that statement she just said made Gen completely perplexed.

"Then why do you look like that," asked the wolf. At first after her statement Gen has the same question to but by looking at her and remembering the time they spend together tonight while granted has its difficulties. They stay together, she helped him where no one else did so he is indebted to her and whatever caused her to be as she is then he will do whatever he can to help her.

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