The First Time

Author's Note

This is the story of young Matt and Kitty's first time bonding as physical lovers. This was far too meaningful to the characters to include a backstory. This story is intended for mature readers. Suggested music while you read: Dr. John, THE BAND, "Such a Night." If I don't do it, somebody else will! Sincere thanks to SingerMe for teaching me how to get around in this site, and for being so kind as to say my story was worth publishing. You will always be in my heart!

Chapter One

It was a gorgeous Fall day. Kitty had been looking forward to this particular day for the entire week since Matt asked her to picnic with him at Spring Creek. She had been hoping against hope that it would be nice. Fall can be fickle in Kansas. But not this day. It was everything she could have wished for. That's probably why she was up so much earlier than usual on this morning. Gave her even more time to reflect on the Marshal, and anticipate. Hmmm. Anticipate. She decided on a long, warm bath and some reflection.

She'd been in Dodge for eight months now. It was exactly eight months because that partially used stage ticket to San Francisco was still laying on her vanity. She looked at it often enough to have the date memorized. She'd left Abilene two days before, not able to stand one more day in the employ of Joe Valance. Dodge hadn't exactly looked like paradise. It was a nasty, rainy, cold day. She walked into Delmonico's to grab some food before the rest of the trip. But then everything changed. Her reflection began with the big man who walked in and sat across the room from her. She remembered staring at him. It was actually a stare. There was nothing discrete or polite about it, it was a stare. He was just such a striking man! The biggest, best looking man she'd ever seen! And she remembered how he looked up and caught her staring, and how her stare softened into a slight smile when their eyes met. He caught her staring! "How did he do that? I had no idea his job was to sense that sort of thing," she thought, halfway out loud.

So today, what she anticipated was that they might get to spend a whole, honest to goodness, uninterrupted afternoon by themselves. She felt certain there was attraction between them. She knew he enjoyed their long talks in the Long Branch as much as she did, because he kept coming back and finding that corner table with her.

Matt Dillon knew that Kitty was different from the other girls in the Long Branch. His job was to notice. He noticed almost immediately that she never entertained a man at a table, and certainly never took a customer upstairs as some of the other girls did. She worked behind the bar and served drinks on the floor, and when Bill had plenty of help there, she dealt cards at the big table up front. She smiled to herself, remembering the day Matt asked her about it. She was all too glad to explain why she had this arrangement with Bill after her disastrous job in Abilene. Funny, she thought, Bill never questioned her sitting with the Marshal at the back table. After all, he was the Marshal. Different deal. And she learned a bit about his past, too, in those long talks. Slowly but surely, the friendship and respect grew.

But the reflection of reflections was her very first Ford County Sociable, when Matt asked her to go with him. She smiled, remembering how he looked that day in his dress jacket and tie. Even more handsome than in his work clothes. His boots were shined, his dark curly hair groomed to perfection. And he had that new Stetson on. He could have had any girl in the county go with him, but he chose her! She remembered the dozens of people who came up to their table and greeted Matt. Everyone in the county seemed to know him and respect him and have a good word for him! She reflected on the dancing, -a lot of it fast and furious, but then the last slow dance at the end of the evening. She remembered him wrapping his big arms around her and moving just so slowly in a sort of waltz step in the corner of the room. An excuse to hold her close, an excuse to feel her body on his, while the music played in a crowded room. She wondered if others noticed or if they would think anything. Of course they did! My goodness, they had to. He was the Marshal. He was their Marshal!

Warm bath notwithstanding, her breathing quickened as her mind replayed that walk home. How could home be the Long Branch? But it was, and he didn't seem to mind at all. His arm was around her the whole way, and he walked much more slowly than a man of his size ever would. He walked up the back stairs with her, both of them now bathed in moonlight at the door to the building. "Kitty, I had the time of my life tonight. Thank you for being my girl!", he said. "My girl." Really? "My girl?" It just all seemed to fit together too well for any of this to be a coincidence. He had to be feeling the connection she was feeling. And then he drew her to him with both arms, ever so gently, and kissed her softly on the cheek. Was she wrong to offer her lips to him so quickly right then? It was her fault. But he had responded! The kiss was long, it was hungry from him, it was deep. With each quick breath his hold tightened around her. She was reliving it now in a damned bathtub! She could almost feel his lips move to her neck, on her ears, in her hair, and back to her hungry mouth once again. And then he hardened against her. No mistake. He released his hold slowly, seemingly reluctantly, took a deep breath, and looked her in the eyes. "Good night, Kitty," was all he could muster as he opened the door for her. He seemed searching for some explanation, but none ever came. "Good night, Matt. Be careful out there tonight." And just that quickly, the escalation of passion was over, leaving her with a dull ache in her gut. But there was no mistake. No misunderstanding. Words could sometimes be misunderstood. The feeling of a person's body could not. She had only been with two other men before this captivating Matt Dillon. She had never felt anything close to what she felt that night in his arms, and quite honestly she didn't have any idea what she should or would do about it.

Stepping out of the tub to dry, her breathing still would not slow. Would she get another kiss like that this afternoon? Was she afraid to get another kiss like that from this big man, out by the side of a creek, with no one anywhere around? Would he want to pull her close to him again, and would she do everything right in her response? Anticipation! How to plan? What to anticipate? How could another kiss possibly be better than that first one? Why did she want everything to go so perfectly with this man?

There just hadn't been other good opportunities before this date for the picnic. His job was horrid. He was out of town so much, and when he wasn't out of town he was busy until closing time dealing with troublemakers. It had been two months. She had settled for his knee against hers under that back table, or his soft touch on her thigh. She kept explaining away the missed opportunities. She wanted this afternoon. They both deserved this afternoon!