Chapter Seven

She heard his boots on the stairs before he got to the top. He had his key in his hand, but he didn't need to use it, as she opened the door for him. Not waiting to go inside, he pulled her to him on the landing and held her. And held her. And held her. She wore nothing but her robe. She smelled of lavender.

"I missed you so much."

"It hasn't been that long. If you're going to be my girl, there will be longer times."

"Maybe I won't be your girl then."

And he backed her inside the door, closed and locked it behind him, and kissed her. He kissed her deeply and she responded.

"What can I do to make you be my girl?"

"Make love to me."

"That's it?"


"I was going to do that anyway."

"Then why don't you get after it?"

And he pulled her into him and she felt him already hard against her, even after riding for two days, he wanted her more than he wanted rest.

"You look kinda rough, Cowboy. You need a shave."

"I'll try to keep my face off of you and touch you with my other parts."

"God, how I want you, Matt," she said softly.

Silently, he carried her to the bed. He took off his gunbelt and hung it on the poster, ever ready in case he needed to protect her. He took off his shirt and his boots. He climbed on top of her and just waited. They laid that way for a long time. Finally he spoke.

"Are you OK with having a dirty, trail weary Marshal on you?"

"Only if he'll make love to me."

He sat up, slid his pants off onto the floor. He opened her robe, and there in front of him was what he had thought about all the way back from Hays City.

And true to his word, he touched her.