It was the day that Kurt and Diane were taking their girls to Disney World. They had been to Disneyland Paris, but this was different. In fact, all of the parks were different.

"Girls, wake up," Diane said at four in the morning.

"Why?" Charlotte whined.

"We have to get ready to leave," Diane told her daughters

"It's so early. The sun isn't even up," Josephine said.

"Well we have to catch our plane," Diane smiled.

"What plane?" Charlotte asked.

"The one taking us to Disney World," Diane finished.

"What?!" the girls bolted up in bed. Diane handed her girls shirts that she and Kurt had made for their trip. They had already packed the girls' things and loaded up the car. They gave Charlotte a Rapunzel magic band and Josephine a Merida one. Diane let Kurt pick the resort and he picked the French Quarter.

"You made a great choice Mr. McVeigh," Diane said when they arrived at the resort.

"Too bad we just have the one room," Kurt grinned.

The family went to Disney Springs on their arrival day.

"Look, look," Charlotte said pointing to the life-size lego figures.

"That's so cool!" Josie said.

The family took several pictures and went to go look at the Christmas trees that were decorated to represent different Disney films.

"Diane, look," Kurt pointed at a car on water.

"Oh, we have to do that," Diane told her husband. Of course, they did go out on the lake in the boat.

The family ate at Ragland Road that night for dinner. They all absolutely loved all the music and Irish dancers. The girls told all the cast members about how they went to Ireland. After dinner, they returned to their room to rest up for the next big day.

Their first full day they went to the Magic Kingdom, "I can't believe we're here!" Charlotte squealed as she and Josie jumped up and down. The girls were wearing buttons that said it was their first visit. The concierge gave them the buttons when they checked in. Along with some Mardi Gras beads. When the girls saw the castle, they froze.

"Wow!" They both said together.

The four took pictures in front of the castle, "did you know that Disney World is the only Disney park to have Cinderella's Castle?" Josie asked her parents as they ate lunch at Columbia Harbor House.

"Really?" Diane asked acting surprised. They had taken their older children to Disney when they were younger. They already knew that, but knew the girls would love it if they had taught their parents something.

"Yeah, all the other Disney Parks have the castle from Sleeping Beauty. The castle at the Shanghai park was designed to represent all of the princess castles," Charlotte added.

"You two are really smart," Kurt said.

"Dad, it's called the internet," Josie said in a deadpan way causing Diane to laugh.

That night they ate at the Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner. They had been at the park since it opened and had already done everything. That was good because the park closed earlier that night for a party. There were two rides they decided to skip and those were Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion. The pool was still open when they returned to their resort, so everyone changed and went to hang out there.

Once the pool closed the family went back to their room and got ready for bed. The girls were out instantly.

The next day they hit up Epcot. They decided that day they would snack their way through the world showcase. Their first stop, though, was Spaceship Earth.

"This is so cool!" Josie remarked while on the ride.

Next, they rode Test Track. Diane and Kurt designed their own vehicle while the girls designed theirs. The girls' car performed better in the end.

"Look at mama's hair!" Charlotte said.

"Yeah, I probably shouldn't have worked on it as long as I did. I knew we were riding this," Diane laughed as she smoothed her hair down. They rode the Nemo and Imagination of Figment rides as well. Before heading over to the World Showcase. They started in Canada and worked their way around.

"These countries look a lot like the real ones," Charlotte said as they ate their nachos and Churros in Mexico.

"We could have just come here," Kurt said.

"But then we wouldn't have gone to Disneyland Paris," Josie remarked.

"True," Kurt agreed.

"I'd like to go to Morocco one day," Josie said.

"Me too!" Charlotte agreed.

"China and Japan too!" Josie added and her sister agreed. "China has two Disneyland parks and Japan has one."

Once they finished, the family made their way to the bus stop to return to their room.

On the third day, they hung out at the resort during the day before returning to the Magic Kingdom for the Christmas Party. They had shirts made for the party that said: "Christmas At The Castle." They had sparkly snowflakes and a sparkly castle on them. Diane even talked Kurt into having his sparkle. They even had mouse ears to match.

"You are such a good father," Diane said when she saw her husband.

"I better get credit for this for the rest of my life," Kurt said.

"You won't"

"I know," Kurt laughed.

That night, the family did all the special meet and greets they could, ate at Pecos Bills, and watched the Christmas Parade. They watched the fireworks and then left at about midnight for their bus.

The next day the family slept in and then went mini-golfing at Fantasia Fairways before heading back to Disney Springs. Josie won at mini-golf that day. They returned to their resort for lunch before taking a bus to Disney Springs. They made some purchases and had them sent to their room. That night they ate at Planet Hollywood. Diane and Kurt showed the girls all of the memorabilia and explained the films to them.

The following day they went to Animal Kingdom. The girls had on shirts with Timone in a hula skirt that said "are ya achin' for some bacon." They were mesmerized by the Tree of Life. They saw every show, met every character, and rode every ride including Expedition Everest and the River Rapids.

"I can't believe I agreed to go on this," Diane said as they got off of the rapids ride.

"It was fun," Kurt said.

"Of course it was fun for you. You hardly got wet," Diane laughed.

The girls danced whenever street musicians played and even did the hula with Timone. The family ate baked mac 'n' cheese for lunch that day and had dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe.

They spent another full day at Epcot the next day. They rode all of the rides again but spent more time enjoying the World Showcase and shopping. Diane and Kurt don't know how, but they were managing to make purchases for the girls without their knowledge. They purchased artwork for their rooms that the girls had spotted in the store but never asked for. That day they ate lunch at Tangerine Cafe and Dinner at Garden Grill.

"This is awesome! The restaurant moves," Charlie said. Every time a character came around, the girls were beyond excited. Chip flirted with Diane, and Kurt joked around with him. It was the first character dining experience for the girls and they had the best time.

They hit up the last park, Hollywood Studios the next day. The only things they didn't do were the Tower of Terror and the Rock 'n' Rollercoaster. No one had the desire to ride those. They ate lunch at The Brown Derby and dinner at Sci-Fi. The girls were mesmerized by the Beauty and the Beast show and of course, Fantasmic. When Fantasmic ended, Diane and Kurt looked over to see their girls in awe of what they just saw.

"That-was-awesome!" they both said.

"Did you see the water on fire? I mean the water was on fire!" Charlotte said excitedly.

"The video clips on the water! Just like that show we saw at Animal Kingdom," Josie said.

"Mickey defeating all of the villains, including Maleficent as a dragon!" Charlotte continued.

"And the parade of characters on the water at the end!" Josie added.

"Best show ever!" They said together.

On their last day, they spent the day at the Magic Kingdom. They did all of their favorite attractions. They ate a waffle sandwich from Sleepy Hollow and Dole Whip. They had already had the other famous Disney snacks the other days. They took the girls to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique to get made up like their favorite princesses. After they went back to visit Rapunzel and Merida to show off their new looks. They finished up with a reservation at Be Our Guest. Luckily they were seated in the ballroom.

"This looks exactly like the move!" Charlotte said.

"Look at the windows! There's snow coming down," Josie added.

"The tree has Angelique on top!" Charlotte pointed out.

Once they finished their meals it was dessert time. The girls of course chose the grey stuff and loved it. They explored the rest of the restaurant before leaving to go back to the hotel. That night they took a carriage ride around their resort before turning in. Diane and Kurt had shipped the souvenirs home. They had asked that the things they bought without the girls' knowledge would be shipped in a separate box. They all had personalized mouse ears made. In the end, they were all sad to leave. It was honestly the best vacation they had ever had, and both parents couldn't wait to take the girls back. Kurt even said that now they would have to go to every park all over the world. Diane just stared at him before laughing.

Diane and Kurt had paid extra to get their souvenirs home by Christmas.

"Holy crap!" the girls said as they walked in to find the most presents they had ever seen around their tree.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Diane asked. She had turned on her phone to record the girls opening their gifts. The twins were stunned to find things that they had found in Europe, Disneyland Paris, and Disney World that they loved but didn't ask for. They ran to hug their parents when they were done. All in all, it was the best Christmas any of them had ever had.

Kurt and Diane had decided to take the girls on a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas after Christmas. It was a way for everyone to get something they wanted. Diane did take anti-nausea patches her doctor gave her just in case. They took a five-day cruise that included one day at Nassau, two days at Castaway Cay, and two days at sea.

At Nassau, the family went to Blue Lagoon Island to swim with Dolphins and visit with Sea Lions. Once they returned to Nassau, they did a little shopping before having to head back to the ship. They saw three shows on the ship including Tangled the Musical. Charlotte was mesmerized and never moved or made a peep through the whole show. The family went on the water coaster on the boat, did the water slides, and swam in the pool. At night the girls would go to the kids club while their parents went to the adult ones. At Castaway Cay they went snorkeling, took water vehicles out on the ocean, the girls went to the kids club there while Diane and Kurt had a couples massage on the beach. Of course, there was shopping on the island and ship that the family did.

"Alright girls, parks or cruise?" Diane asked.

"Both!" the girls answered.

"They're both so different. I don't think I can choose," Charlotte said.

"Yeah, I like both in different ways," Josie added.

"I have to agree with the girls," Kurt said. "They are two totally different experiences."

"I know, but they have more cruise options than parks," Diane laughed, "I was hoping parks would be the favorite, but I guess we'll just go broke for them."

"Thanks!" the girls said causing their parents to laugh.

Diane returned to work the Monday after Todd and Alex's wedding. She had dealt with the physical, mental, and emotional effects of that awful night. Rachelle was being charged with two instances of making a false report, one count of murder one, and one count of attempted murder. She may have not pulled the trigger but she made the report in the hopes that would happen. She would remain imprisoned throughout her trial. Diane and Liz did have to go before the disciplinary board, but the US attorney's office made a plea for leniency on their behalf. Liz had left the group when this started to get out of hand, and they figured Diane had already suffered enough. The other women made deals that would see them out of prison the month after Rachelle's trial in exchange for their testimony and help to locate her. They all upheld one half of their deal already, and now they awaited her trial as well.

Diane didn't like it when one of the partners made a snarky remark to her on her first day back. When Adrian asked if there was anything else before ending the meeting, Diane raised her hand.

"I just want to thank everyone for being so understanding while I was off. It was a traumatic experience for everyone in my home including my then seven-year-old daughters. Also, I don't know what name partner bonus you are referring to, but my husband and I spent the money we already had to travel. If anyone has a problem with that, then come find me and I'll show you the receipts." Diane finished and walked out of the partner meeting.